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Mumbai Weather And Best Time To Visit Mumbai

Planning A Trip To Mumbai? Here's a snapshot of Mumbai weather and the best time to visit Mumbai

Mumbai the city of dreams, has a beautiful landscape fringed with the sea and tall mountain peaks. Mumbai is the gateway to most of the cities in Maharashtra and if you plan travelling to the city, you need a good season whether you are going sightseeing, indulging in adventure tourism or need a quiet peaceful holiday by the sea.


Mumbai has a tropical climate with a weather of hot summers and rainy monsoons. But the winters from October to March, are warm and mild and ideally a lovely time to visit Mumbai. 

Summer (April - July)

Summer (April - July):  Mumbai Weather And Best Time To Visit Mumbai
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Summer months are hot and humid, with a high day time temperature and cooler nights as breeze wafts in from the sea. Head off to the beaches in the evenings, indulge in water sports or drive to the hill stations on a holiday weekend getaway. On the brighter side of summer, is the sight of the city whose roadsides and gardens burst out into a riot of colourful blooms – Queen Crepe Myrtles, Powder Puff and Gulmohur make the cityscape so very attractive.

Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoon (July – September):  Mumbai Weather And Best Time To Visit Mumbai
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Heavy monsoon rains with thunderstorms mark the monsoon months of Mumbai. There are frequent traffic disruptions and water logging in low-lying areas and travelling through the city in cloudburst would be a tricky endeavour. Mumbai’s monsoon months are generally considered a less touristy period, though watching the wet, wild seaside with the white frothy waves, from Marine Drive over a cup of hot chai and channa masala does sound tempting.

Winter (October – March)

Winter (October – March):  Mumbai Weather And Best Time To Visit Mumbai
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October and November are considered post monsoon period, while December to March are winter months when the season is pleasantly cool at night, dry and warm during the day. Winter is the best time for travel and sightseeing. This is the ideal time for people to go on long treks or for bird fans to visit the wetlands at Thane creek and the Mumbai harbour to watch the migrating birds.

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