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York Weather And Best Time To Visit York

Planning A Trip To York? Here's a snapshot of York weather and the best time to visit York

Traveling through York City is like going back in time with its rich traditions from the Roman era, the flavor of the Viking life with the splendid Jorvik and the city’s magnificent primitive architecture. With its daunting York Minster, made of beautiful stained glass windows, the narrow alleys of The Shambles or a walk by the city walls, established by the Roman units, there are more than enough places to go and structures to see in York.


York has moderate weather with four different seasons. Thanks to its lowland setting, York is susceptible to cold winds, fog and frosts during winters, spring and early summer. York usually experiences snowfall from December through late April, but it melts down quickly. Sunshine’s at its optimum from May through July, with average sunshine of at least 6 hours every day. York’s weather is drier and warmer in comparison to the Yorkshire coast during summer, owing to its inland setting, with the temperature at 27°C or higher. The best time to visit York is early June through to late September.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May):  York Weather And Best Time To Visit York
Photograph by http://castlesandgardens.co.uk

The combined levels of temperature and humidity make spring in York moderately cold with high temperature oscillating between 18°C and 9.2°C, mostly during the later months. Rainfall’s a common occurrence with nearly 4-6 days of precipitation every month, making spring the second busiest time of the year from a tourism perspective and travellers looking forward to having a good time when in York.

Summer (June-August)

Summer (June-August):  York Weather And Best Time To Visit York
Photograph by https://www.marineinsight.com

The mid months of the year, June through August experience relatively cooler weather with comfortable high temperatures and rainfall of 6-8 days each month. Summers are the busiest for York and hence the most ideal time to visit, with lodging and other places to stay at costing more than usual.

Fall (September-November)

Fall (September-November):  York Weather And Best Time To Visit York
Photograph by https://freedomamerica.co.uk

September through November experience fluctuating temperatures of 19.3°C-7.8°C, which make fall chillier thanks to the wind and humidity levels. Rain or snowfall is significant during this period with 5-7 days of precipitation in a month, slowing down the tourist activity, making it an opportune time for travellers looking for great deals on accommodation.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  York Weather And Best Time To Visit York
Photograph by https://i.pinimg.com

Winters are really cold during December through February in York with an average high temperature of 9.2°C-6.3°C and snowfall of 5-7 days every month. Winters are rare for tourist traffic in York, making it accessible for lucrative travel deals. The quaint English countryside, the castles and moors, cobbled streets on slopes - all are blanketed in snow, bringing a different kind of fairytale to life.

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