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St Ives Weather And Best Time To Visit St Ives

Planning A Trip To St Ives? Here's a snapshot of St Ives weather and the best time to visit St Ives

The best time to visit St Ives, Cornwall is dependent ideally on factors like how busy it tends to be, is it open everywhere and of course the weather! While the first two factors can be handled easily, much like the rest of the UK, the Cornish weather’s unpredictable. The weather here is dependable basis the warmth that’s relative to the rest of the country, with day time temperature seldom dropping below 10°C with only a few frosty days. The best time of the year to visit St Ives is in early June through early October.


The average temperature in St Ives varies a bit and given the humidity levels, the temperature’s cold for nearly 6 months in a year with a possibility of rain or snowfall. The warmest time to visit St Ives is July through September with a high temperature of 18.9°C. St Ives is most crowded in July, followed by May and then September.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May):  St Ives Weather And Best Time To Visit St Ives
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Springtime in St Ives experiences warm weather with buzzing bees and chirpy birds, leaves on the trees and peace & tranquility all around. With the resplendent explosion of greenery, the season has some of the best waves in the year, attracting people to go walking, bike riding or heading for a surf. Temperatures range from 9.2°C to 15.9°C, and rainfall occurs 6-8 days in a month, making spring the second busiest time of the year to visit St Ives.

Summer (June-August)

Summer (June-August):  St Ives Weather And Best Time To Visit St Ives
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The months of June through August experience cool and comfortable weather with sharp high temperatures and a moderate rainfall occurrence of 7-9 days every month. Summer is the busiest tourist season in St Ives and quite pleasant. If you’re averse to crowded places, you can get away from all of the main resort town and beach area, and head for places like the Roseland or Lizard peninsulas or Bodmin Moor.

Fall (September-November)

Fall (September-November):  St Ives Weather And Best Time To Visit St Ives
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Beginning the mid of September, fall starts feeling like summer in terms of temperature and is also the best time to do things that you would have like to pursue in summer, with warm waters, lighter winds and large tides. With temperatures oscillating between 17.6°C-9.8°C, it gets chilly and rains or snows nearly 6-13 days in a month, slowing down tourism. So you can expect lucrative travel deals during this time of the year.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  St Ives Weather And Best Time To Visit St Ives
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Winter time is the best time of the year with a spectacular show put up by Mother Nature! Given its visible coastline, extending into the Atlantic, Cornwall bears the brunt of winter storms with nearly 50ft waves and winds at 70mph, in addition to a rugged seashore, making it one of the best places to witness a storm. An undeniably romantic time of the year, winters in Cornwall will have you looking forward to refreshing walks and then heading back to open fire.


Warm weather enthusiasts should avoid winters in St. Ives as the average high temperature is usually 10.1°C - 8.1°C and about 10-13 days of rain or snowfall each month, again a bane for incoming tourist traffic.

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