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Things To Do In St Ives

Planning A Trip To St Ives? Here's our list of top things to do in St Ives

St Ives is one way or another always in the limelight for being a seaside town on the West Coast of Cornwall, with Tate St Ives as its most popular haunt and an assortment of the best seafood, eateries, and talented local artists. To make it even more interesting you’ll find beaches that go into hiding when the tides hit, a variety of pubs to make your evenings lighter & merry! Not to forget the perfect lighting that’ll add a fuzzy glow to your pictures. So click away! Here’s a glimpse of things to do when you are in Cornwall’s St Ives.

Water Sports

Water Sports:  Things To Do In St Ives
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For water sports enthusiasts, the best place to embark on a surfing adventure is in the Porthmeor Beach in St Ives. Facing north-west, the beach is slightly concealed from the stronger winds and the large tides and located right at the heart of the town. Porthminster is the ideal place to learn Stand up Paddle Boarding in St Ives, located perfectly on the beach front right by the Godrevy Lighthouse and St Ives Harbor. One of the fastest growing watersports worldwide, SUP or Stand up paddle boarding is an outdoor activity in the realm of water sports, where you stand up on a large board and use a paddle to wade through the water.  


Sea Kayaking is also indulged in St Ives on a single or double kayak as you’d like. The entire activity involves leaving the Porthminister Beach and move at a leisurely pace by the rocky coastline of Cornwall, where you’ll have amazing sightings of sunfish, dolphins, cormorants, seals and gannets.

Sea Glass Hunting

Sea Glass Hunting:  Things To Do In St Ives
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A lovely & addictive activity, Sea Glass hunting is actually looking for broken tiny pieces of glass that’s churned up and wave-polished, deposited by the tides on the shore. It’s no less a treasure! You can find a variety of green, brown and white pieces of glass with a rare find of colored ones too, with different beaches churning up different colored glasses. The best places to go do sea glass hunting include Porthemor Beach and Harbor Beach. The best time to go sea glass hunting is right after a storm or a high tide. You can use your glass collection as crafty adornments, décor items and more!

Go Hiking on Trails

Go Hiking on Trails:  Things To Do In St Ives
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There are several trails that you can explore in the beautiful town of St Ives, however, there are 3 main trails you must travel with lovely coastal sights. Experience the scenic sites of the beautiful St Ives coastline and beyond with picturesque circular walks by the coastal paths towards the tiny village of Zennor and then turning inland at Hellesveor Cliff, before heading back to St Ive's.


Then there’s St Michael’s Way, a 12 mile path from Lelant to Marazion that was constructed in 1994. Based on extensive research that was conducted into potential ancient overland routes that were frequented by traders and pilgrims to avoid running into perilous seas, the way to St Michael’s way goes around a Neolithic fort, Trencom Hill and deviating from the hill.

Adrenaline Quarry-Cliff Jumping

Adrenaline Quarry-Cliff Jumping:  Things To Do In St Ives
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Experience zipping at the Adrenaline Quarry, one of UK’s craziest zip wires, long-high & fast! With dual wires crossing over the flooded depths of an old quarry and nothing but cliffs on both sides, the zip is the only site where you can surface and jump! Suspended over at the top, a giant swing hangs 50 ft off land and nearly 150 ft above sea, raised to 80° and then you plunge down 3 at a time over the lake and just when you think there’s nothing more to it, you get heaved up, experiencing zero gravity, doing it all over again, only backward this time!


Zorbing:  Things To Do In St Ives
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Sphering and Zorbing are popular outdoor activities in Cornwall. It is an adventure sport in which you’re secured in a large transparent inflated ball, which is then rolled down a hill or along the ground. This plastic ball’s double walled and you can be harnessed or not; and when the ball gets bounced around at a speed, you’re protected from the repeated impact of hitting the ground.

Sundowners & Sourdough Pizzas at West Beach Bakery

Sundowners & Sourdough Pizzas at West Beach Bakery:  Things To Do In St Ives
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At the bottom of the Porthmeor Hill is West Beach Bakery which offers an Alfresco Dining Event with an opportunity to witness the setting sun and catching the waves, sipping refreshing cocktails and relishing pizzas whilst enjoying the Cornish coastline. With an authentic beach vibe, a bar & café with locally roasted coffee, lip-smacking deli lunches and more, this is one outdoor experience you shouldn’t miss.

The Leach Pottery

The Leach Pottery:  Things To Do In St Ives
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Among the most revered and significant potteries in the world, Leach Pottery tops the list. Founded in 1902, it has shaped the realm of studio pottery in the UK and across the globe with innumerable potters, apprentices & students visiting here to train & create. As of this date, there’s an active group of potters onsite and an increasing number of activities as well as courses for people to be a part of. You can enjoy the various Have-a-Go activities in the museum space, conducted throughout the year.

Paradise Park & Jungle Barn

Paradise Park & Jungle Barn:  Things To Do In St Ives
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A wildlife sanctuary located at Hayle, Paradise Park has over 650 birds and animals and home of the World Parrot Trust. Enjoy viewing the Eagles of Paradise display in summer, a free-flying bird show that includes different species of parrots or penguin feeding and say hello to the red squirrels & red pandas, who are a part of the captive breeding & conservation breeding programs. The park also has a 230 m long and 15” gauge railway which goes around the house at the center of the park. The Jungle Barn is an indoor play center for families with scores of giant slides for challenging soft plays, a toddler’s zone with ball fountain, in addition to four differently jungle-themed rooms for a birthday or other special events!

Fishing & Camping at Nance Lakes

Fishing & Camping at Nance Lakes:  Things To Do In St Ives
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Located just 3 miles from St Ives in Trevarrack and about 7 miles from Penzance, experience an atmosphere of peace and calm on lush green grounds - camping & fishing at Nance Lakes. Open year-round from dawn to dusk, Nance Lakes has 3 private fishing lakes with varying water depth and islands that feature reeds, water lilies & wildflowers. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy catching a variety of fish that include Tench, Carp, Bream, Roach and more. You can also enjoy camping right next to the lakes with available facilities of showers in the main area and enjoy breathtaking views of the encompassing areas of Trink.

Train Rides

Train Rides:  Things To Do In St Ives
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One of the best scenic rides in Britain is the train journey in St Ives with glorious sights along the coastline & golden sand of Hayle Towans & Carbis Bay. You can continue the journey onward by heading for the beach, exploring the harbor or strutting by the shops & art galleries then. A short but magnificent train journey of fewer than 15 minutes, if you sit on the right side of the train then you can expect beautiful views of the sea. Along the Rail Ale trail, there are some amazing places to drink and dine with pubs that have flashy ceilings, plenty of local stories & flagstone floors. If you visit St Ives during September, then you can expect a 2-week festival to keep you engaged with beautiful walking trails, comedy events, theater-plays & poetries, lovely music & exhibitions too.

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