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Things To Do In Chester

Planning A Trip To Chester? Here's our list of top things to do in Chester

Rich with a past that’s steeped with decades of historic achievements, captivating landscapes, ancient monuments and a well-known cathedral, there’s enough and more to do in Chester. The Old City of Chester is one of the most usual connecting points that travelers pass through, and walking through the city is an experience that outdoes anything else, it’s like experiencing time travel invested in its picturesque outdoors, reveling it its ancient past and enjoying its various art forms. Here’s a run-down of things you can do when you are in Chester.

Walking Tour with a Roman Soldier

Walking Tour with a Roman Soldier:  Things To Do In Chester
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Unearth Chester’s Roman heritage with a fascinating tour of the city walls, Roman Gardens, amphitheater and more with a Roman Soldier-Guide and be introduced to some wondrous architectural finds in the area. Usually, an hour and 30 minutes long, the walking tour ends at the Roman Amphitheatre that explores the lives of all the soldiers who fought and died there. The tour typically includes about 25 people at a time and won’t disappoint you when it comes to details and value for money!

River Cruise

River Cruise:  Things To Do In Chester
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Take a ½ day’s tour on the River Dee, relaxing while enjoying beautiful sights of local wildlife, and popular landmarks along the course. A peaceful way of exploring the city and avoiding getting lost in a crowd, make the most of Chester’s attractions on this river cruise which will take you past the Grosvenor Park, the Meadows, Earl’s Eye and more. With a tour guide and interesting insight into Chester’s history, you can also enjoy refreshments on board.

Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour:  Things To Do In Chester
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The Hop On and Hop Off tour of Chester is a customized way of touring the popular attractions in the city. With options to book a 24 hour or 48-hour ticket, you can explore the city to your liking, aboard an open double-decker bus. You can choose to take a complete ride, hop on or off at any of the scheduled 15 stops to visit sites of your interest. Depending on your choice of tour, you can cover the scenic sights and enjoy learning about the ancient landmarks at your own pace. The tour includes the River Dee, Roman Amphitheatre, Chester Castle, Grosvenor Street Museum and the Cheshire Military Museum,

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo:  Things To Do In Chester
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Being the UK’s best charity zoo, the Chester Zoo is known to have about 21,000 animals with over 500 varied species that include some of the rarest kinds as well. With over 1.9 million visitors each year, the zoo is always busy and a popular haunt for most. A typical visit to zoo takes roughly 3-5hours and is open to visitors from Sunday to Saturday from 10.00 in the morning to 5.00 in the evening.


Spanning 400 acres, the Chester Zoo shares details of how to support hedgehogs, butterflies and bees, how to maintain the natural habitat for the intrusion of non-resident species and create a safe haven for the endangered wildlife. From an assortment of elephants, hoofed animals, apes & monkeys, big cats and other animals to nearly 1000 bird species, to over 50 reptiles, amphibians, and fish, visiting the zoo is an experience you’ll remember for a long while.


Storyhouse:  Things To Do In Chester
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A large cultural house meant for multiple events, the Storyhouse has been around since 2017 with a complex inclusive of cinema, restaurant, city library and a theatre. Resident in a remodeled Odeon Cinema from 1936 with a recently added extension that supports the auditorium, the Storyhouse offers a variety of stage shows (home-produced) that are nationally acclaimed, over 2000 activities for the minimal local groups that include sewing groups for emigrants, coloring sessions for the autistic and regular classes for the older and isolated groups. The organization also hosts a number of special festivals like the Blink for New Parents, the Great Get Together, Chester Literature Festival, Storyhouse language festival and more.

City Bicycle Tour

City Bicycle Tour:  Things To Do In Chester
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An exciting 2 hour tour on a cycle will take you through and outside of the popular city walls of Chester and discover ancient monuments, the oldest racecourse and the most snapped clock after Britain’s Big Ben, taking you places that our tours may not include and may not be possible to venture to on foot, commencing and ending at the little Roodee Car park by the River Dee.

Fun and Games

Fun and Games:  Things To Do In Chester
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Chester is filled with different fun activities that include escape room games, playgrounds, entertainment centers and comedy clubs to keep you engaged and in enjoyment. Outpost Paintball is a relatively new experience between Chester and Wrexham, which is set in an anti-aircraft arms installation from the cold war era that was built to protect Chester, Liverpool and Wirral from nuclear bombings. The site is built with complex game zones that include a post-apocalyptic ruins area, WW1 themed ditches and the graveyard, in addition to tournament fields for competitive paintball training and video games’ inspired situations.


There’s the Virtual Reality Escape that offers visitors a chance to experience one of the best virtual reality equipment in the world, the HTC Vive where you can enjoy climbing rocking mountains for spectacular scenic views, swim under the sea with whales or fly solo into the space to defeat the stormtroopers, aboard the latest star wars production.


With an amazing collection of experiences and games that suit all age groups, the Virtual Reality Escape is an interesting activity to explore. Some other activities include Shooting School, Boardroom Climbing, Mecca Bingo with its choicest gambling games, and visiting the Psychotel which an extreme horror experience and one of the first scare hotel in Europe, with over 7 hours of pure fear spanning 3 floors!

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