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Things To Do In Bath

Planning A Trip To Bath? Here's our list of top things to do in Bath

Bath has been the hub for fashion in England since the 18th century when its Old Orchard Street Theatre and other notable architectural marvels like the Royal Crescent, Lansdown Crescent and Pulteney Bridge were constructed. It's top 5 – Ustinov Studio, The Rondo Theatre, Theatre Royal, The Egg and the Mission Theatre attract globally renowned companies and directors. Amongst things to do in Bath, the city’s annual International Music Festival, the Mozartfest, annual Literature Festival, Digital Festival, Film Festival, Beer Festival and Chilli Festival are just a few popular events that invite visitors from far and wide. Most Bath festivals occur every 2 ½ years.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride:  Things To Do In Bath
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Enjoy the beautiful city of Bath with its rich Roman and Gregorian heritage, snuggled in a cozy valley, encompassed by seven wooded hills, aboard a hot air balloon ride that begins from the Royal Victoria Park and will take you around and atop many remarkable sights. Drifting slowly past the circus and the renowned Royal Crescent, you may end up flying directly over the city and witness the Roman Baths, The Pulteney Bridge of the Thermae Bath Spa, the Cotswolds, historic Kenner, The Mendips or the Avon Canal. The Hot Air Balloon Ride is roughly an hour long with a generous serving of chilled Champagne during the flight with an in-flight picture taking event that can be purchased later as a keepsake of this glorious adventure and a commemorative flight certificate signed off by the pilot as well!

Visit the Roman Bath

Visit the Roman Bath:  Things To Do In Bath
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Allow yourself the luxury of visiting the Roman Baths and witness their interactive exhibits, CGI reconstructs that bring the ancient site back to life in a unique way. Follow it up by enjoying the natural hot spring water at the Thermae Bath Spa, a one-of-a-kind complex that invites a spa into the 21st century with varied treatments, space for relaxation and a wondrous rooftop with a 360-degree view of the city.

Enjoy the Cultural Haven

Enjoy the Cultural Haven:  Things To Do In Bath
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With a treasure chest of art galleries and museums that are rather difficult to number, dive into the city’s cultural heritage at the Holburne Museum or relive the Gregorian era the Royal Crescent, or the Fashion Museum's style quotient and visit the Victoria Art Gallery for a perfect blend of contemporary and classical art in a spectacular Victorian setting.


With a full-house calendar of events, there are over 160 affairs spread out over a 2 week duration as part of the multi-arts Bath Festival which make it an opportune time to visit and stay longer in the city, with an assortment of classical, rock and world music with a wide array of global performers like ORA singers, Roger Eno, Dodge Brothers, Van Morrison, Penguin Café and more. For the book lovers, there’s a top-notch literature program led by some of the most distinguished writers & authors, along with with the popular Jane Austen Festival with charming masquerade balls, walking tours and staged talks. Then there’s the Bath Comedy Festival with over 3 weeks of events spread throughout the city with the likes of Barry Cryer, Paul Merton and a host of budding artists.

Skyline Walk

Skyline Walk:  Things To Do In Bath
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Just a little ahead of the city centre is a 6 mile route that takes you through its lush meadows, ancient woodlands and isolated valleys. The Bath Skyline Walk introduces you to some wide-angle vistas of the beautiful Bath along with its natural splendors.

Photo Tours

Photo Tours:  Things To Do In Bath
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Bath’s Photo Tours are led by a historian and photographer Simon Mark who’s been a Bath resident for over 30 years and has so designed these tours to help visitors become familiar with the city’s fascinating history, whilst capturing some outstanding pictures of this camera-friendly ancient city. With some unique angles and amazing perspectives, visitors are sure to have some breathtaking pictures from their visit to Bath at a pace of their liking and tour group of their choice!

Wellness Tour

Wellness Tour:  Things To Do In Bath
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Being at the core of wellness and well-being in the UK, the allure of natural hot springs has been a major crowd puller at Bath, because of which the city continues to be the hub for relaxation and rejuvenation. For a mesmerizing rejuvenating escape, The Gainsborough Bath Spa, Bath Priory Hotel, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa or the Combe Grove, No. 15 Great Pulteney are some of the best places to explore for some amazing spa retreats with an artistic twist.

Bath on Ice

Bath on Ice:  Things To Do In Bath
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Experience ice skating in the centre of Bath and mini golf sessions with a variety of food and drinks to indulge in. Located in Royal Victoria Park is a massive ice rink that provides skates, helmets and wrist guards to support anyone willing to enjoy the experience for about an hour. For those who just like to watch, there’s a food and drinks café area and a glass-paneled marquee for perfect viewing. Then, there’s the glow-in-the-dark mini golf for a nighttime sport.

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