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Things To Do In York

Planning A Trip To York? Here's our list of top things to do in York

The city of York in England is renowned for its historic attractions that include the city walls and the York Minster, in addition to an assortment of sporting and cultural activities which make it one of the most frequented tourist spots in the country. Whether it is taking a relaxing tour of the city on a bike, experiencing an adrenaline rush at the York Racecourse, winding down with golf or solving mysteries in York’s Escape rooms, York never disappoint. From scenic river cruises to brewery tours, visiting haunted houses to getting pampered with luxurious spas, there’s enough and more things to do to keep you engaged at York.

Nature Tours

Nature Tours:  Things To Do In York
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Uncover the glorious landscapes and stunning wildlife of the Yorkshire coast, Great Yorkshire forest, North York Moors National Park and Yorkshire Wolds with nature tours. Led by expert guides, these guided tours will help you become familiar with Yorkshire’s natural history. The Yorkshire Coast includes some of Britain’s most rocky and enchanting countryside that encompass majestic stretches of white sand and seaside resorts apt for families, fishing villages snug to rugged cliffs, barren abbeys and beautiful beaches.


Located on the southern slopes of the North York Moors, Dalby Forest spans over 8000 acres of sprawling woodlands to discover and enjoy, including abundant marked walking and cycling trails, play areas for kids and barbeques for families.

Ghost Walks

Ghost Walks:  Things To Do In York
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If you would like to experience a journey back in time and be a part of the tales that make for York’s supernatural rituals, across centuries, then you’d enjoy the ghost walks and tours in one of the most haunted cities in Europe! There are scores of folklore, urban legends and decades of history to venture through while taking a 90 minute tour along the narrow hallways and dim streets of York and explore the chilling stories of ghosts, apparitions and spirits, or board the Ghost Bus, while a creepy conductor shows you around aboard the classic Routemaster Bus from 1960s.


Theatre:  Things To Do In York
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York has some really thought-provoking and interesting productions and conventional drama in its series of live theater experiences. With an impressive array of auditoria that include the York Theatre Royal, the Grand Opera House, Joseph Rowntree Theatre or Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre, you can expect a rich ensemble of creative shows in York.


One of the largest arts and music centers in the city, York Barbican hosts some of the biggest roadshows in the country that include Russell Brand, Little Mix, UK Snooker Championships and Morrissey. The Scarborough Spa provides a selection of entertainment venues that include a 600 seating Victorian Theatre and Grand Hall for the Scarborough Spa Orchestra.

Sports Activities

Sports Activities:  Things To Do In York
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Whether it is trying your hand at Golf, cycling on an exploration of the city, swinging by on a driving range or witnessing one of the most popular racing events in the country, there’s a variety of activities to engage in for sports enthusiasts in York. Popular as one of UK’s most puzzling and visually appealing golf courses, Pocklington houses the best golf course in the Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club with an 18 hole championship course. The Fulford Golf Club is one of York’s finest courses, a mile outside the center of York making it a perfect place for visitors and social groups through the year. The Forest Park Golf Club is the only 27 Hole Golf complex in the city with a 9 Hole West Course and an 18 Hole Old Foss Course, encompassed by lush greens and tree laden fairways.


You can enjoy an amazing biking experience through the North York Moors with a ride around Sutton Bank with its stunning sights. Located at the Sutton Bank National Park Centre, the Sutton Bank Bikes or the Dalby Bike Barn in Thornton le Dale are two of the prominent cycle centers from where you can choose bikes for an outdoorsy day of off-road riding. Then, there’s the York Racecourse, with a world-class horse racing experience with over 17 race days from May through October. In addition to witnessing a glorious race by some of the best racehorse in the world, you can also enjoy fashion and family events and headline music concerts here.


The York MotorSports villages are best for driving and racing events with indoor facilities for both individuals and groups. The York City Football Club has an 8000 seating capacity stadium and is a professional football playing club with eateries spanning the ground, on-site bar, and merchandise in the club shop.

Mystery Games

Mystery Games:  Things To Do In York
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Experience the adrenaline rush as you race against time in York’s Escape Rooms with mystery games that can be played in groups of 2-24 people who compete in answering puzzles, cracking riddles and completing different challenging levels. With four escape rooms to choose from, you can go for each one at a time for their varied games and style.


Cycling:  Things To Do In York
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Enjoy being adventurous and active on a bicycle ride, as you ride leisurely around York through the countryside over moor and through the forests, making the most of the scenic views along the way! Take your rides on any of the city’s traffic-free routes for a lovely day out, or take a 2 hour guided tour of York on premium quality & comfortable bikes.

Luxurious Spa & Beauty Sessions

Luxurious Spa & Beauty Sessions:  Things To Do In York
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Take some time over a day, weekend or longer to indulge yourself in soothing and relaxing spa treatments to unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate. Soak in steam rooms or enjoy a whirlpool spa with some revitalizing cocktails. Some of the notable spa centres include the Parsonage Hotel & Spa, a premium countryside hotel spanning 6 acres of modelled gardens, 6 miles from York center; or Wellness at Alpamare Scarborough, where you can avail a complete spa package with some unique relaxation treatments and sauna sessions or the Middlethorpe Hall & Spa.

River Cruise

River Cruise:  Things To Do In York
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Enjoy a relaxing 45 minute Cruise on the River Ouse where you can get beautiful and scenic views of York from a different angle and enjoy an engaging and interesting live commentary by an expert guide on board, whilst sailing restfully up and down the stream. The usual cruise experience includes sailing upstream to Clifton Bridge on York city’s northern peripheries and then return back upstream to the landing stage. Become familiar with York’s history, its development & prosperity as an inland port, aboard a sailboat with restrooms, heater saloon, and a fully stocked bar.

Walking Expeditions

Walking Expeditions:  Things To Do In York
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Explore a maze of snickleways and age-old streets, discover a Roman citadel and the ruins of a convent within the premise of a Victorian Botanical Garden and wander through the original Diagon alley – the Shambles on a 90 minute walking tour that commences at the Bootham Bar, from where you can view the entire evolution of York’s architecture, culture and heritage from the Roman era till date.

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