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Durham Weather And Best Time To Visit Durham

Planning A Trip To Durham? Here's a snapshot of Durham weather and the best time to visit Durham

Durham City is situated in the North East part of England and is known for its popular attractions like the Durham Cathedral and the Durham Castle, which are titled world heritage sites by UNESCO. With a temperate oceanic climate, a typically warm summer and chilly to cold winters, Durham seldom experiences extreme weather conditions, in the sense that the city attracts tourists throughout the year. The weather in Durham is erratic only as is true for the rest of the country, which means that you can witness parts of all the four seasons in a day! Usually, the hottest month of the year is July, while the coldest month is January with an even rainfall spread through the year, with the wettest month being November. 


Which means there is no one best time to visit Durham but it depends on you mood and choice of activities.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May):  Durham Weather And Best Time To Visit Durham
Photograph by https://explorar.co.uk

The combined levels of temperature and humidity make spring relatively cold in Durham, with the high temperature oscillating between 8.2°C and 16.1°C, with the warmest temperature evident in the later months. Rainfall during this period is usually common with nearly 5-7 days of significant rainfall each month, making the spring season the second best time of the year to visit Durham.

Summer (June-August)

Summer (June-August):  Durham Weather And Best Time To Visit Durham
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The months of June through August experience comfortably warm weather, with a pleasant temperature. Rainfall occurs for 8-9 days in a month. Summers in Durham are the busiest and the best time to visit here, making lodging and other accommodations bear heavy on one’s pocket!

Fall (September-November)

Fall (September-November):  Durham Weather And Best Time To Visit Durham
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With an average temperature range of 17°C-8°C, the weather’s somewhat chilly with the combined levels of humidity and wind in Durham during September through November. With a significant rain or snowfall occurrence of 6-9 days, incoming tourist traffic is relatively slow during the fall season, giving budget travelers an opportunity to avail lucrative travel deals during this period.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Durham Weather And Best Time To Visit Durham
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Durham is very cold during December, all the way to February; and hence a bit uncomfortable for warm weather enthusiasts. With an average high temperature of 8.2°C to 5.2°C, it rains or snows at least 6-8 days in a month during winters, slowing down tourism significantly.

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