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England (United Kingdom) Weather And Best Time To Visit England (United Kingdom)

Planning A Trip To England (United Kingdom)? Here's a snapshot of England (United Kingdom) weather and the best time to visit England (United Kingdom)

England, literally meaning the land of the English, is a major part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that includes Scotland, Ireland and Wales too. England though, has its own unique charm and holds its own, with rolling meadows and cities made of stones as old as Magna Carta, the Thames river ribboning its way through its cities and shingle and pebble beaches kissing its shores. England experiences a very ‘English’ weather, that is to say unpredictable. Rain is omnipresent, just not timed, as it is popularly joked that when you are not carrying an umbrella, decides to shower. The best time to visit England though, even with rains hanging in the balance, is the summer. The quintessential ‘English’ summer.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  England (United Kingdom) Weather And Best Time To Visit England (United Kingdom)
Photograph by https://hub.theasap.org.uk

Spring in England is a great time to visit, almost tethering on the best if you don’t want too much tourist crowd and are happy with a little chill still in the air. Rainfall is common and even abounds, while sunshine is also present behind clouds. Easter is celebrated widely in April at this time and you can feel the mix of chill and warmth in the air. This is perhaps the best time to visit if you want to wear all your trendy trench coats and beanies and scarves while treading down English countryside, but not rattle your bones with cold. Temperature range is 9-15°C, with 15 being the peak in May.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  England (United Kingdom) Weather And Best Time To Visit England (United Kingdom)
Photograph by https://www.standard.co.uk

Summer is the most ideal holiday time in England, with temperature Nice and pleasant (18-30°C) between June and August. The cities open up to all day and all night fun as days are longer, rooftop bars go alfresco and shopping places like Oxford Street become a hub for milling shoppers in London. Music festivals take the place by storm, with cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol and London beating to the pulse. The tourists are too many too long here, making attractions and sight seeing spots crowded. Accommodation rates go up too. Sports fans will love this time as they can catch a game or two of the Wimbledon or FA soccer in May-June-July.


Autumn (September to November)

Autumn (September to November):  England (United Kingdom) Weather And Best Time To Visit England (United Kingdom)
Photograph by https://www.mediastorehouse.com

To see such a beautiful place transform into a fiery orange delight is beyond breathtaking. Autumn in England is again a great time, a shoulder season for tourists and budget travellers that want to save money but get the full force experience. The average temperature in these months is 12°C and Halloween festival spirit is in the air.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  England (United Kingdom) Weather And Best Time To Visit England (United Kingdom)
Photograph by http://christmasphotos.co

The real money-saver time, winter in England is dirt cheap (in comparison to other seasons). It rains and snows like the dog, sun sets by 3 or 4 pm in the afternoon and temperature goes below 0°C on occasion, with usual fluctuations of 2-7°C. The cities and hamlets though, start steeping themselves in the Christmas spirit right from November. Fairy-lights come up and shops and hotels start putting up their Christmas decorations, as do most homes. Oxford Street in London is a must-see if you want to see a mesmerising Christmas here.

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