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Tourist Places To Visit In Loleygaon

Planning A Trip To Loleygaon? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Loleygaon

Loleygaon is a Lepcha village located close to the Himalayan Ranges. It a small village known for its simplicity and the stunning view of the mountain ranges that it offers tourists. Tucked away high up in the mountains surrounded by towering trees with clear blue skies and blooming flowers, Loleygoan is the perfect getaway destination for the troubled souls. Let us take a look at the places to visit in and around Loleygaon

Canopy Walk

Canopy Walk:  Tourist Places To Visit In Loleygaon
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One of the most popular tourist spots in Loleygaon is the Canopy Walk. It is situated in a forest amidst the towering oak, fir and birch trees, about a kilometre from the bus stand. These are interconnected hanging bridges measuring 180 meters in length giving the tourists a fascinating view of the forests. The bridge sways continuously so those with the problem of dizziness should be cautious before climbing the bridge.

VIP Bungalow View Point

VIP Bungalow View Point:  Tourist Places To Visit In Loleygaon
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A trip to the mountains is incomplete without a visit to the viewpoints that offer the tourist a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. One such viewpoint in Loleygaon is the VIP Bungalow View Point. Cars reach a certain point from where you have a walk through a jungle and then a staircase to reach an elevated viewpoint. From here tourists are treated an amazing view of the Kunchenjungha Ranges on a clear day and one can also go to witness a beautiful sunrise.


Lava:  Tourist Places To Visit In Loleygaon
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Located about an hour's drive from Loleygaon is its twin hill town Lava. It is located at a higher altitude of 7200 ft and is one of the few places in West Bengal that receives snowfall in winter. This makes it a rather lucrative tourist destination for the people of the state and other parts of the country. Lava Loleygaon are visited together. There are a number of beautiful places to visit and explore in Lava.


Rishop:  Tourist Places To Visit In Loleygaon
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This is another stunning locale which can be reached after a 4 km uphill walk from Lava. This walk is one of the best you can take as you have to go through a deep forest of stunning Rhododendrons, pines and Orchids. What an amazing experience it is! From Rishop also tourists can catch a glimpse of the Kunchenjunga Ranges and the mountains of Sikkim and some of the passes like Jelap-La and Nathu-La.


Rimbik:  Tourist Places To Visit In Loleygaon
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Located in Darjeeling district in the Singalila National Park is a small town of Rimbik. This is a hub for the trekkers and an offbeat travel destination for tourists who look beyond the usual and traditional tourist destination. The town is located on a hill above Rammam River that flows from Sikkim to West Bengal. It lies close to the Nepal Sikkim border and gives you a glimpse into the local life. You can enjoy strolling through the town, stop at a cafe to eat local fare and mingle with the lovely residents.

Jhandidara Lo

Jhandidara Lo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Loleygaon
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This is another beautiful viewpoint in Loleygaon. It can be reached by a few kilometres trek or drive from the town offering a magnificent view of the surrounding ranges. Tourists can visit the spot early or in the evening to see sunrise or sunset both of which equally stunning. The tranquillity of the place stuns you, and it is best to keep your camera handy to capture the views for posterity.

Eco Park

Eco Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Loleygaon
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This is a park that is located close to Loleygaon bus stand. With mountains in the backdrop and some towering trees, the park is good for soothing nerves and taking leisurely strolls. The greenery all around is pleasant for the eyes, soul and body. You can come here to relax and bring a pack of picnic, eat, stroll, nap. 

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