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Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong

Planning A Trip To Kalimpong? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kalimpong

A small sleepy town tucked away in the northern part of the eastern state West Bengal, Kalimpong makes a lovely stopover for tourists travelling to Darjeeling and higher up. As a destination it has a number of places for sightseeing. The hills, the trees, the serenity and mesmerizing landscape are so blissful you will fall in love with the place. Let us take a quick look at some of the places tourists can visit.

Tharpa Choling Monastery

Tharpa Choling Monastery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong
Photograph by https://www.hellotravel.com

Buddhism is widely practiced in this part of the country and hence it is not uncommon to come across beautiful monasteries. One such spiritual place is Tharpa Choling Monastery founded in 1912 situated on a hilltop. It is adorned with vibrant colors and the prevailing tranquility helps to calm nerves.

Thongsa Gompa

Thongsa Gompa:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong
Photograph by https://www.trawell.in

Thongsa Gampa, also known as Bhutanese monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the area. Founded in 1678, the monastery was built in the 19th century. It is adorned with 220 beautiful prayer wheels. It is the perfect place to meditate.

Sherpa View Point

Sherpa View Point:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong
Photograph by https://nomadicweekends.com

This is a famous viewpoint in Kalimpong from where tourists are treated to great view of both the north and south. They can spot the Sikkim hills and Kanchenjungha range in the north and the stunning view of the valley, River Relli and hills of Samthar Plateau in the south. It is a mesmerizing landscape that surrounds Kalimpong. Close to this place is Lord Buddha statue in sitting position. You can get a quick photo of the statue before moving on to the viewpoint.

Deolo Hills

Deolo Hills:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong
Photograph by https://myjourneythroughindia.wordpress.com

Located in the eastern part of town, Deolo Hills is the highest point of Kalimpoing standing at an altitude of 5500 ft. the tourism department has maintained the place well. They have created an 8-acre park with flower gardens a number of viewpoints which will treat tourists to some mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountain peaks, valley, river and the Kalimpong town. The place has a GTA lodge with a multi-cuisine restaurant where people can rest and enjoy good food. Kids can play and have pony rides.

Mangal Dham

Mangal Dham:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong
Photograph by http://classictours.in

Spanning 2 acres, Mangal Dham is a popular tourist destination in Kalimmpong. It is a splendid temple built in the memory of Guruji Shir Mangaldasji Maharaj. It houses the Samadhi of Guruji and one of the most beautiful temples in the country. It has a huge prayer hall and is ideal for those in search of peace and calm.

Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong
Photograph by https://www.trawell.in

Located on Deoli Hills, this is the tallest statue of Hanumanji in northeast India. It is a quick stopover for tourists headed towards other tourist destinations in the area.

MacFarlane Memorial Church

MacFarlane Memorial Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kalimpong
Photograph by http://kalimpongonlinenews.blogspot.com

MacFarlane Memorial Church is another lovely building in Kalimpong that was built in the 1890s by Scottish missionaries. It is an architectural splendor situation on an elevated land. It belongs to the Gothic Revival School of architecture and is a stunner. It is strategically located so that it is visible from all parts of Kalimpong and is a visual treat.


Apart from these there are a number of beautiful nurseries, parks and viewpoints where tourists can hang out and soak in the tranquility that prevails here. It is therapeutic.

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