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Tourist Places To Visit In Mirik

Planning A Trip To Mirik? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Mirik

Mirik is a stunner and one of the most loved destinations of West Bengal. It is a small town in the district of Darjeeling but quite popular among visitors. It is blessed with a charming and tranquil surroundings, breathtaking landscapes and amazing view of the Himalayan ranges. An altitude of 5800 feet accounts for Mirik’s pleasant weather which has people visiting almost throughout the year. There are a number of tourist spots in and around the town that must be visited.

Mirik Lake

Mirik Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mirik
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This is perhaps the most popular tourist spot in the town. The calm and serene Sumendu Lake is extremely picturesque. It has a 80 foot bridge built over it to get a stunning view of the surroundings. Boating, pony rides are the popular activities people indulge in during their stay at the lake. A leisurely stroll along the banks can be a rejuvenating experience.


Bunkulung:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mirik
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The agricultural hub of Mirik, Bunglung is till now unexplored and quite elusive. It is inaccessible by foot and you have to go by car. It is a hillside village which lies at the edge of a valley surrounded by hills on all sides. It makes Bunglung extremely charming. The acres and acres of farm land or empty lands is a treat for the eyes and a relief from the brick and mortars of the cities.

Bokar Monastery

Bokar Monastery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mirik
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Like most of the hill stations and towns of North Bengal, Mirik too has a beautiful monastery. Belonging to the Kagyud ordere, the Bokar Monastery is a seat of Venerable Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche. Set amidst sprawling lawns, the monastery has strong Chinese architectural influence. It is located a little distance from Mirik Lake.

Mirik Tea Gardens

Mirik Tea Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mirik
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Another defining feature of this entire region of North Bengal is the stunning tea gardens. The region produces some of the best tea in the world and is extremely famous. Mirik too is no exception. A stroll through the luscious tea estates watching the tea workers working in the gardens, lucking leaves is an experience itself. The greenery all around is soothing for the eyes.

Rameetay Dhara

Rameetay Dhara:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mirik
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When in Mirik, you must make it a point to watch either the sunrise or sunset as it is quite amazing. Rameetay Dhara is a viewpoint that allows you to get a glimpse of the stunning sunrise and sunset. A view of the Kanchenjungha Ranges and the valley below is special indeed.

Tingling Viewpoint

Tingling Viewpoint:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mirik
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The Tingling Viewpoint is located about 9 km from Mirik, surrounded by three tea gardens making it one of the most sought after tourist spots in the town. From here the tourists can get a glimpse of the stunning Mirik Lake, the sprawling tea gardens and the Mirik Valley. It is also another viewpoint for watching the setting or rising sun.

Devi Stan

Devi Stan:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mirik
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Devi Stan is a revered temple in Mirik that houses deities Goddess Singla Devi, Hanuman, Kali and Lord Shiva. It is located close to the Mirik Lake and Bokar Monastery. One can easily combine the three tourist spots and cover them on the same day. The temple is a popular one and draws considerable number of tourists.

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