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Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur

Planning A Trip To Mukutmanipur? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Mukutmanipur

Mukutmanipur located around 250 km from the capital city of Kolkata, is a popular tourist weekend getaway. Most people prefer to drive down to this serene village located in the famous Bankura district of West Bengal. A long drive through the stunning locales of Bengal countryside is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. From Mukutmanipur, tourists make a quick trip to Bankura for sightseeing and are perfect for a two day visit to the area. Let us take a quick look at the main attractions in and around Mukutmanipur.

Kangsabati Dam

Kangsabati Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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The major attraction of Mukumanipur is the Kangsabati Dam. It is an 11 km long dam that was built to provide irrigation facilities to an agricultural land of 8000 This arable land covers areas of Bankura, Paschim Medinipur, Purulia, and parts of upper Hoogly. Also known as the Mukutmanipur Dam, it is the second-largest earthen dam in the country. It was constructed during the tenure of Chief Minister Bidhan Chandra Roy. It has now become a popular tourist spot for travelers. During the rainy season, the dam looks beautiful. The reservoir becomes full and Kangsabati looks mesmerizing.

Ambikanagar Temple

Ambikanagar Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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Ambikanagar Temple is located in Ambikanagar village about 5 km from Mukutmanipur. Here Maa Ambika, who is a reincarnation of Goddess Durga is worshipped. It is as old as 700 years. The village is situated at the confluence of Kanshai and Kumari Rivers and the temple is located on the banks. Ma Ambika is held in reverence by the locals and also attracts tourists from all over the region and the state. The Goddess is worshipped daily and people are treated to ‘Khichuri’ bhog each day. It is worth a visit as it is not too far from the main town.

Pareshnath Shiv Mandir

Pareshnath Shiv Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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Pareshnath Shiv Temple is the abode of Lord Shiva situated on a hillock, close to the Musafirana viewpoint. It is a very ancient temple. Every year in the month of January, a mela is organized near the temple site by the locals. The mela is very popular and attracts pilgrims as well as tourists who travel all the way to take part in the festivities. On the occasion of Makar Sankranti in the Bengali month of Poush, Tusu festival is celebrated by the tribals of Purulia and Bankura.

Bonpukuria Deer Park

Bonpukuria Deer Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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Located right in the middle of Mukutmanipur Dam is the Bonpukuria Deer Park. A boat ride takes tourists to the other side of the dam. From here they can take a motor rickshaw ride or walk the 2 km distance. There are as many as 40 deer in this park. Bird lovers can also take some time off to visit the park as there are a number of winged beauties spotted often. The boat ride, deer, birds and the greenery all around make Bonpukuria a perfect spot for a family outing. Binoculars and cameras are a must.

Talberia Lake

Talberia Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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This is a beautiful lake in Talberia located near Mukutmanipur. It is surrounded by lush greenery of a dense forest all around. The cool breeze is extremely refreshing and rejuvenating. The place is calm and serene and the prevailing silence and peace is extremely intoxicating. It is a great location for trekking and enthusiastic tourists often set out to explore the jungle and it can be a thrilling experience. There are monkeys found here swinging from the branches. It makes for a good outing.

Jhilimili and Sutan Forest

Jhilimili and Sutan Forest:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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This is another beautiful destination for nature lovers. Commonly known as ‘Baro Mile er Jungle’, the greenery on either side of the road increases as one enters the forest area of Jhilimili. There is a 3 viewpoint from where tourists are treated to a fascinating view of the rugged terrain and lush greenery. It is a beautiful place for bike riders as they are surrounded by dense forests on either side. Near Sutan is a village where one finds trees of sal, palash, shimul, mahua etc. The home of tribals, this is truly a stunning place surrounded by towering trees and palash and krishnachura flowers with their gorgeous colors weave magic here. Home to several species of migratory birds, it is a popular haunt for bird lovers and the peaceful ambiance makes it an ideal getaway from Mukutmanipur.


Joyrambati:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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Tourists visiting Mukutmanipur often venture out to explore adjoining areas of interest. One such destination is Joyrambati in Bankur district. It is a much revered place as the birthplace of Maa Sharada Devi, wife of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. She is worshipped as the Holy Mother. Joyrambati has become a pilgrimage site for followers of Sri Ramkrishna and Maa Sarada and has hundreds of people visiting the village every year to pay their respects. There is a temple known as Sri Matri Mandir which is dedicated to Maa Sharada and is built exactly at the site where Mother was born.


Bishnupur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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If tourists have time on their hands then after a quick tour of the main attractions of Mukutmanipur, they can pay a visit to Bishnupur, the land of terracotta temples. Boasting of a rich heritage and culture, Bishnupur is popular for its stunning terracotta architecture that continues to mesmerize people even today. The intricate works that cover the temple walls are mindblowing and say much about the skills of the artists. There are a number of temples that are visited including Jorbangla temple, Shyamrai Temple, Rasmancha temple etc. Tourists can also pick up the very famous Baluchari saree that is woven here.


Bankura:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mukutmanipur
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Located a mere 55 km from Mukumanipur is Bankura. Tourists can visit the town and areas adjoining it like Susunia Hill. The hill is covered with rich flora and fauna and is frequented by mountaineers and trekkers. During winter one can find trekkers making their way up the hill and camping there. There is the Gokul Chand Temple which is a deviation from the terracotta temples that are popularly found here. It is a temple made of stone and is a grand specimen of architecture. Biharinath Hill is popular for its beautiful surroundings and was an ancient center for Jainism.

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