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Things To Do In Loleygaon

Planning A Trip To Loleygaon? Here's our list of top things to do in Loleygaon

A small hill station in North Bengal, Loleygoan is the perfect weekend getaway for tourists. Far from the polluted and overcrowded cities, Loleygaon boasts of a serenity and calmness that is intoxicating, luring tourists from all over the country. It gives a fascinating view of the Kanchenjungha Ranges and the Himalayas, it has popular trekking trails for enthusiastic trekkers and some stunning tourist spots for the visitors. Let us take a look at the things you can do while in Loleygaon.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Loleygaon
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Trekking in Loleygaon is a thrilling experience. It allows trekkers to trek amidst nature and through some fascinating landscape. It not only offers a stunning view of the surroundings but also an opportunity to experience the way of life for the people residing in the countryside. Trekking enthusiasts can undertake a day’s trek to Samthar or Relly that lie in the lower Himalayas. Most of these are short treks and while in Loleygaon it is recommended that you undertake one to make your trip memorable.

Get a View of the Himalayan Ranges

Get a View of the Himalayan Ranges:  Things To Do In Loleygaon
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Loleygaon offers a fascinating view of the Himalayan snow-capped ranges and the stunningly beautiful Kanchenjungha ranges in the background. Tourists visit Loleygaon with the desire of catching a glimpse of the mighty Himalayas towering over the entire landscape. Mostly it is cloudy but if you are lucky then on a clear blue day you can set their eyes on the mesmerizing ranges. To see the sun rise over the snowcapped peaks from the viewpoint in Jhandidara can be the defining moment of the trip.

Rendezvous with Nature

Rendezvous with Nature:  Things To Do In Loleygaon
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For nature lovers and those seeking a rendezvous with nature, a walk on the hanging bridge in Canopy Walk can be an experience of a lifetime. This is located in a dense forest surrounded by the tall and towering birch, oak and fir trees. Standing on a hanging bridge right in the middle of a forest surrounded by nothing but greenery can help soothe the frayed nerves. It is an adventurous and thrilling experience.

Tour of Neighboring Tourist Destinations

Tour of Neighboring Tourist Destinations:  Things To Do In Loleygaon
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When in Loleygaon tourists must visit the neighboring places which are just as beautiful and mesmerizing as Loleygaon. There is Lava which is the twin hill town of Loleygaon, located at a higher altitude and one of the few places in the state that experiences snowfall in winter. There is Rishop which is a 4 km walk from Lava. The entire walk is through a forest of Rhododendrons, orchids, and pine which make it one of the best walks ever. Rishop also offers a great view of the Kanchenjunga Ranges. Another place you can visit is in Rimbik. This is the destination for trekkers.

Watch Sunrise or Sunset

Watch Sunrise or Sunset:  Things To Do In Loleygaon
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Watching a sunrise or sunset in a hill station is a celebrated affair. Having sun peeping behind the mountains and rising slowly spreading its warmth and Hue over the surroundings or seeing the evening sun slowly disappearing behind the mountain ranges and painting the sky golden is one of the high points of any trip. In Loleygaon there is the Jhandidara Lo and VIP Bunglow Viewpoints from where tourists can watch a sunrise or sunset and soak in the warmth.

Gorge on Loleygaon Cuisine

Gorge on Loleygaon Cuisine:  Things To Do In Loleygaon
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A visit to any new place must include a taste of the local delicacies and the dishes that it is famous for. Non-vegetarian dishes are most popular here. Steaming hot thukpas and momos dominate the local cuisine and they taste delicious on the cold wintry evenings. They help to warm up the soul. Chicken momos in the tea shop opposite the Loleygaon bus stand is among the very best. Though Bengali dishes are also available here, fish is not very commonly found. The cafeterias of Nature Resort of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation serve delicious meals and are prepared under hygienic conditions.

Shopping in Loleygaon

Shopping in Loleygaon:  Things To Do In Loleygaon
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A small sleepy hamlet nestled in the lap of the Himalayan Ranges, Loleygaon does not offer too many opportunities for shopping. Given the beauty of the place, shopping features last in the list of priorities. There are a few shops selling some souvenirs which interested tourists may want to pick up before leaving the town.

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