Jaldapara National Park
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Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park

Planning A Trip To Jaldapara National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Jaldapara National Park

Jaldapara National Park situated in the Jalpaiguri district of North Bengal is one of the major tourist attractions in the state. Flora, fauna, different types of forests, dense jungles, and wild animals like one-horned rhino, elephants, bison, deer and hundreds of different species of birds are all found in Jaldapara and in the areas surrounding the national park. A paradise for wild-life enthusiasts, photographers and bird lovers, there are loads of activities tourists can engage in during their stay in the park. Let us take a quick look at the things to do here.


Safari:  Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park
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The rich vegetation cover and dense jungle of Jaldapara National Park makes it the natural habitat of a number of wild animals. It is home to the largest population of Asian one-horned rhino, elephants, bison, spotted deer, sambar deer and many more. Venturing deep into the jungle is one of the first things to do for the tourists. Jeeps and elephants are the only ways to enter and explore the forest. Elephant safaris are preferred for they are able to enter deep into the jungle, areas which cannot be accessed by jeeps. It also gives a better view of the surrounding forests. They are organized early in the morning. Jeep safaris are available both in the morning and in the afternoon and both give a unique experience to visitors. The safaris are organized by the government lodges.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park
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Jaldapara and the surrounding areas are a paradise for bird lovers. Step out with a set of binoculars and set your eyes upon some of the most fascinating winged beauties you will come across anywhere. Jaldapara is known for its rich avifauna and thick varied vegetation which has made it the home to more than 240 species of birds. Green pigeons, parakeets, woodpeckers, barbets, hornbills, cuckoos, orioles, babblers can be found aplenty. There are winter visitors too like whistling teals, Brahminy ducks, Goosanders, etc. water birds like little cormorant, egrets, darter, Indian Shag, Spur Winged Lapwing, are popularly found here. Buxa Tiger Reserve near Jaldapara is also known for the varied species of birds that are found here. Spending hours watching the birds in action can be a fascinating experience.


Photography:  Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park
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Engaging in photography is the best thing to do while in Jaldapara. There is so much to capture in your lenses during your stay here. The world-famous one-horned rhino, the dense jungles, the stunning landscape, the beautiful colored varied species of birds, the sun setting into the horizon and casting its hues over the vegetation cover, the early morning sunrise and so much more. Jaldapara and its vicinity are a photographer’s paradise and one doesn’t even need much skill to get that perfect shot. for budding and professional photographers, Jaldapara is truly an experience.

Buxaduar Trekking

Buxaduar Trekking:  Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park
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Buxa Tiger Reserve is located in Alipurduar district and home to a fair number of animals like deer, gaur, Indian leopard, Bengal Tiger Asiatic elephants, etc. It is a beautiful reserve with as many as 8 different types of forests. It makes Buxa an extremely rich bio-diversity region in the area. There are many villages in the reserve and Jayanti is one of them. A picturesque little forest village, it is very popular among trekkers. There is a 13 km trekking trail from Jayanti to Buxaduar and it is frequented by trekkers because of the stunning view of the landscape it offers. The trekkers are treated to some captivating sights and are a memorable journey indeed. If you are up to it, give the trek a shot and it will be a memorable experience indeed.

Trip to Dooars Tea Estates

Trip to Dooars Tea Estates:  Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park
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A part of the Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands Ecoregion, Dooars are the alluvial floodplains that are found in north-eastern part of the country. A part of the Dooars is in West Bengal and another part in Assam. In Bengal, it covers Jalpaiguri district and Alipurduar district. Apart from the dense jungle and wildlife Dooars is also famous for the sprawling tea estates producing some of the finest tea in the world. A trip to these tea gardens is definitely worth a visit. It is a treat to watch the lush green gardens, learn about how tea is produced and indulge in some tea-testing sessions.

Trip to Leopard Rehabilitation Center, Khairbari

Trip to Leopard Rehabilitation Center, Khairbari:  Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park
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Located about 11 km from Jaldapara is a beautiful Nature Park which also houses a leopard rehabilitation center. Injured leopards and tigers released from circuses are brought here for rehabilitation. There are battery-driven cars that take tourists around the park which in itself is charming with River Boori Torsa flowing through it. There is a watchtower in the area from where tourists can catch a glimpse of these leopards who roam around the center. It is a good way to spend time during the stay in Jaldapara and quite enjoyable for kids too. 

Trip to Cooch Behar Rajbari

Trip to Cooch Behar Rajbari:  Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park
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If tourists have time on their hands they can plan a quick getaway to Cooch Behar, located only 60 km from Jaldapara. A princely state for years till India’s independence, the royal influence can be felt in different places in the district. The biggest attraction of Cooch Behar is the Rajbari or palace which is a sprawling architectural edifice. Resembling the Buckingham Palace of London, it is an architectural masterpiece that continues to enthrall visitors. Apart from the palace there are many temples dating back to 19th centuries where deities still reside and prayers are held regularly.

Jaldapara Cuisine

Jaldapara Cuisine:  Things To Do In Jaldapara National Park
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In the midst of wilderness surrounded by wild animals and birds, it is tough to come across any luxurious fine dining facilities in Jaldarapara. There isn’t a food culture that can be experienced or cherished. For food, tourists have to depend on their resorts and lodges as it would be difficult to find any other eateries in the wild. The lodges and resorts serve decent food and offer quite a variety. Given the beautiful ambiance, the food isn't exactly what plays on people's minds. 

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