Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve

Planning A Trip To Sundarbans Tiger Reserve? Here's our list of top things to do in Sundarbans Tiger Reserve

Sundarbans is one of the most fascinating destinations in India. Tourists will be treated to the unadulterated beauty of nature. The amazing mangrove forests, one of the largest in the world complete with man-eating tigers lurking around the corner, the ferocious crocodiles inhabiting the rivers, the beautiful Gangetic dolphins, variety of flora and fauna, flavorful local culture make Sundarbans an obvious choice for wildlife and nature lovers. Here is a snippet of things to do for those visiting the largest riverine delta region in the world.

Spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger

Spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger:  Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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For anyone visiting Sundarbans, going tiger spotting is the most obvious activity tourists will indulge in. These Royal Bengal Tigers are extremely famous and have several folklores surrounding them. Sundarbans gives an opportunity to catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures from close proximity. There are no jeep or elephant safaris and the only way you can hope to see them is by taking a boat ride down the rivers. If you are lucky you might just find them moving round the bush.

Visiting Bhagalpur Crocodile Project

Visiting Bhagalpur Crocodile Project:  Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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Rivers in Sundarbans is the natural habitat of crocodiles. You can find them basking on the banks of the rivers. Bhagalpur is the breeding center of saltwater crocodiles. It has a charming ambience surrounded by stunning natural beauty. You can plan a visit to crocodile project park to complete your wildlife trip.

Bird Watching at Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Bird Watching at Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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For bird lovers and watchers there is good news. There is a bird sanctuary in Sajnekhali where you can spot some amazing exotic birds. This is located in the northern part of Sundarbans reserve and boasts of a stunning natural landscape. Spotting these birds in action in such a beautiful setting is a dream come true for many. You can climb atop the watch tower here to try and spot some wild animals and birds. It is a fascinating activity. Herons, open billed stork, kingfishers, white bellied sea eagles are some of the few popular species you will come across here.

Go Clicking

Go Clicking:  Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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For photographers, Sundarbans is a paradise. It is a treasure trove that is waiting to be explored and its beauty to be captured for eternity. The delta region, the mangrove forests, flora and fauna, wild animals, birds - photographers are spoilt for choice. Keep your cameras ready to take back some beautiful shots of the area.

Visiting Ganga Sagar Mela in Sagar Island

Visiting Ganga Sagar Mela in Sagar Island:  Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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If you happen to be visiting Sundarbans during January, your trip might coincide with the famous gangar Sagar Mela that is annually celebrated in Sagar Island of Sundarbans. It is a religious fair that has pilgrims visiting from all over the country. They come here to take a dip in River Ganges to wash off their sins. After Kumbh Mela, it is the second largest fair in the country celebrated in different places across West Bengal on the banks of River Ganga.

Catching Sight of the Endangered Olive Ridley Turtles

Catching Sight of the Endangered Olive Ridley Turtles:  Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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Kanak Island in Sundarbans is the breeding area for the rare and endangered Olive Ridley Turtles. They come here to lay their eggs and you might just be in luck to catch these eggs hatching. You can help these hatchlings reach the sea as these turtles travel long distances from the sea to lay their eggs. The nesting period is between December and March and you can plan a trip anytime to catch the turtles and their hatchlings in action.

Touring the Local Villages

Touring the Local Villages:  Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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When you visit a place that is nestled in the lap of nature, it is interesting to study its people as their lives are so closely intertwined with nature. It is an opportunity to interact with the tribal people and the locals, to understand how their lives are impacted by nature, the threat of man-eating tigers, old stories of the region, their religious life etc. You can pay a visit to the temple of Bonbibi who is worshipped by the locals and held in high regard. You will learn about families who have had their family members eaten or attacked by tigers and these stories are amazing and thrilling.

Eating in Sundarbans

Eating in Sundarbans:  Things To Do In Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
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Dense forests, tigers and fine dining or signature cuisine do not go together. There are no posh restaurants or luxurious dining facilities here and eateries here are basic with strong local flavors. The Sundarban Tiger Camp is a great place to stay and enjoy some flavorful dishes, particularly some excellent dishes of fish. Sundar Chital Hotel has a restaurant that serves some delicious seafood dishes and local delicacies.

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