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Things To Do In Dooars

Planning A Trip To Dooars? Here's our list of top things to do in Dooars

Located at the foothills of Himalayas, Dooars is the gateway to Bhutan from India. It is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Sprawling luscious tea estates, acres of dense forests, meandering springs and brooks, Mountain Rivers, wildlife like tigers, elephants, Indian Bison make Dooars an extremely attractive tourist destination. There are a number of activities people can indulge in during their stay here in Dooars.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari:  Things To Do In Dooars
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Elephant safari in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is extremely popular and those are passionate about jungles and wildlife must undertake one during their stay. The scope of spotting wild animals during elephant safari compared to jeep safari is better. Elephants are a better way of exploring the woods as they take tourists to the deep interiors which jeeps can’t do. It is a great opportunity to see the animals up close. Those staying in tourist lodges maintained by West Bengal Development Corporation (WBDC) have a better opportunity of acquiring elephant safari tickets than those staying in private hotels or resorts.

Jeep Safari in Dooars

Jeep Safari in Dooars:  Things To Do In Dooars
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Jeep safaris are the popular modes of transportation inside the dense forests. There are daily two safaris arranged for tourists to explore the beautiful woods of Gorumara and Jaldapara. These are open ‘Gypsy’ vehicles that are operated by the forest department and help tourists to spot large number of wild animals, reptiles and birds. The jeep safaris also take tourists close to the varied flora and fauna that grows here.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting:  Things To Do In Dooars
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Rafting is an adventurous activity that the more strong-hearted indulge in. Rafting in River Teesta is very popular. Originating in the Himalayas, the river then flows through Sikkim and West Bengal. Melli is one of the well-known points for rafting on Teesta and is accessible from Dooars. There are different grades to choose from and different course lengths for novice and expert rafters respectively. December to June is the best time for rafting. July, August and September are the monsoon months when the river becomes extremely turbulent and rafting is not recommended.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Dooars
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Dooars boasts of rich flora and fauna which makes it a natural habitat of hundreds of species of birds like Himalayan and Lowland birds. It is a bird lover’s paradise and a coveted destination for bird photographers. Lots of tourists go birding or observing the activities of the birds. They can spend hours watching the birds or indulge in some brilliant photography. The best time for bird watching is between September and June.  


Trekking:  Things To Do In Dooars
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Dooars is blessed with an amazing natural landscape that offers some extremely picturesque routes for trekking. Bhutanghat is located about 45 km from Alipurduar near the Bhutan border. Many people trek to Bhutanghat during day time and return back to their base either in Alipurduar, Rajabhatkhawa or Jayanti. The famous Buxa Fort in Buxa Tiger Reserve is located at an altitude of 867 meters. It is an hour and a half trek to the top of the fort. It is one of the oldest forts of British East India Company. Lepchakha, a village near Buxa Tiger Reserve is surrounded by five peaks like Mahakal, Rovers Point and Chunabhatti and is great for trekking. It is also a popular excursion point for tourists.

Dooars Cuisine

Dooars Cuisine:  Things To Do In Dooars
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The tourist lodge restaurants here serve both South and North Indian food. While they are delicious, it is recommended to try the local dishes as they are flavorful and more authentic. Steaming hot momos, dry fish pickle, Chinese food and the extremely popular “dak Bunglow” chicken. Tourists will come across many roadside eateries where they can taste the mouth-watering local dishes. And don't forget the world famous tea that you will get here. A tea lover’s paradise is Dooars.

Shopping in Dooars

Shopping in Dooars:  Things To Do In Dooars
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Dense forests, tea garden and stunning rivers are what define Dooars. There are not too many markets for shopping. The one thing that tourists can pick up for themselves, as souvenirs and as gifts for friends are different varieties of tea. Dooars has sprawling tea estates that produce world’s finest tea. Make sure to pick up a few packets before leaving the area.

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