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Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur

Planning A Trip To Kanpur? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kanpur

Kanpur, the largest city in Uttar Pradesh is the 12th most populated city in India. The place has a lot of people residing in the region and also sees a lot of tourists entering and exiting every day. People from all over the country come to this city to explore and study more about the region, and of course enjoy the beautiful parks. There are many tourist places to visit in Kanpur; if you want to attain the blessings of the almighty you can go to the JK Temple or the ISCKON Temple to offer your prayers, you can even go to the Kanpur museum to gain more knowledge about the place. After a long day you can go relax in any of the beautiful gardens around the city for a perfect ending to your day. Below are some of the best places to visit on your trip to Kanpur.

Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur
Photograph by kanpurtourism.com

Located on Mall road in Kanpur is a vast public garden called Nana Rao Park. In 1857, this park was constructed and named after Nana Rao Peshwa, a hero in the War of Independence for India. The park is beautiful with its paths adorned with bright colored flowers. You can also find a range of different kinds of trees and other fauna, along with tall fountains, making the park look even prettier. The Nana Rao Park is one of the biggest in Kanpur and used to be known as Memorial Well Garden. This is a great place for nature lovers and tourists who want to relax for after sightseeing in the city.

JK Temple

JK Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur
Photograph by amarujala.com

The JK Temple, also known by the name of Juggilal Kamplapat exhibits architecture that is a combination of modern and ancient aesthetics. The temple was constructed in 1953 by the JK Trust, under the supervision of the Singhania Family. The temple is considered highly religious because of the sculpture of Radha and Krishna in the center of the temple; many devotees flock to this temple to see this deity. The exterior of the temple comprises of tiny lakes and patches of greenery, making the temple even more serene and peaceful. If you visit in the month of August, you can be a part of the Janmashthami celebrations that take place at the temple during that time.

Kanpur Zoo

Kanpur Zoo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur
Photograph by kanpurtaxiservices.in

The Kanpur Zoo is located at a distance of 7 km from the main city and also went by the name of Allen Forest Zoo. The Allen forest is manmade and when you visit, you will feel like you are in the natural habitat of the animals. The zoo consists of several different species of flora and fauna along with green meadows, beautiful lakes and a lovely landscape. In the zoo you can find several animals like zebras, sloths, hippopotamus, leopards, white tigers, grizzly bears and a variety of reptiles. The best time to visit these animals at the zoo is from October to March when the weather is pleasant and one can spend time with the animals and learn more about them. The zoo provides its visitors with a chance to explore more about the animals it houses and appeals to the nature lovers as well.

Massacre Ghat

Massacre Ghat:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur
Photograph by mapio.net

Marking the northern boundary of the city of Kanpur, the Massacre Ghat, also known as the Sati Chaura Ghat attracts a lot of tourists coming to the city. The place marks the struggle in the times of the Indian Independence and has a lot of historical and religious significance. Depicting an example of India’s religious culture and tradition back in the day, the Massacre Ghat is a place where the ritual of Sati would take place and several women’s lives were sacrificed along with their deceased husbands. The Massacre Ghat was also used as a maritime point between Allahabad and Kanpur in the past decade.

Kanpur Museum

Kanpur Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur
Photograph by kanpurcityblog.com

The Kanpur Sangrahalaya, also known as Kanpur Museum is the official museum of the city. The museum consists of artifacts from the bygone era exhibiting the journey of Kanpur, the Manchester of Asia. Located in the Phool Bagh Ground, the museum was built in honour of Edward VII, but later in 1999 it was renamed as Gandhi Bhawan. The museum houses a library that is accessible by people who visit there. The museum is best enjoyed by aspiring historians, archeologists and students, and consists of documents, manuscripts and artifacts giving knowledge about the region in the pre Independence days.

ISKCON Temple Kanpur

ISKCON Temple Kanpur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur
Photograph by knocksense.com

The ISKCON Temple in Kanpur is one of the most famous temples in the city. Dedicated to Lord Krisna and Radha, this temple is a beautiful structure with architecture that simple breathtaking. The structure is made of white marble and comprises of three deities that are forms of Shri Krishna; Sri Sri Radha Madhav, Sri Sri Nitai Gaursundar and Sri Sri Janakai Janaki Vallabha Laxman Hanuman. The temple also has a cowshed, where cows are housed and taken care of; the milk that these cows give is used as an offering to the Lord and later as prasad. Various prayers, festivals and courses are held inside the temple to enlighten people about Lord Krishna and his doings.

Mahatma Gandhi Park

Mahatma Gandhi Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur
Photograph by famousplacesinindia.in

Located in the cantonment area of Kanpur, The Mahatma Gandhi Park is a beautiful garden filled with greenery and is located far from the chaos of the city. The Park is well maintained and is one of the best places to relax in with your family or friends after a long day of sightseeing. Several parks and gardens have been made in Kanpur, but the Mahatma Gandhi Park is one of the oldest and the prettiest of them all and is quite popular amongst locals and tourists. It is open all day, so stop by at the park to spend a peaceful afternoon with nature. This is a good place to go to if you are travelling with children or old people.

Green Park Stadium

Green Park Stadium:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kanpur
Photograph by uttarpradesh.org

Want to have a look at pre independence cricket ground? Visit the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur, located along the banks of River Ganga. The stadium has a capacity of holding 32,000 people inside the stadium and the ground is spread over a huge area. The Green Park Stadium was initially called Modi Stadium and is under the control and administration of Uttar Pradesh’s Sports Department. It is the only stadium in the state where international cricket matches are played, but the floodlights in the stadium are hung low as a result of which not many games can be played in there.

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