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Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut

Planning A Trip To Meerut? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Meerut

Located very close to the capital city of New Delhi, Meerut is an ancient city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. The settlements that have been dug out of the region from previous eras are said to date back to the Indus Valley Civilization. From old temples that tell epic tales of Hindu mythology, to beautiful architecture of structures that were made with limited resources to villages close to Meerut city that depict the life and lifestyle of the region, this city in Uttar Pradesh has a lot of history. Owing to the fact that the city has so much history, there are several ancient attractions and tourist places to visit in Meerut, let’s have a look at some of them.

Digambar Jain Temple

Digambar Jain Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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If you are fascinated by the Jain traditions and want to dwell more into their culture, you must visit the Digambar Jian Temple in Meerut. This temple was built a very long time ago by people in the ancient era; although it is believed by the people that it was built by the Gods. This Jin temple houses two altars; one is the shrine of Tikal Waale Bala and the other is a shrine of Bhagwan Parshwanath. The shrine of Tikal Waale Bala is quite popular and devotees say that he is very generous and grants all wishes; while the other shrine of Bhagwan Parshwanath, which is seven feet tall, is the main shrine that is beautifully decorated with silk. Along with these shrines, there are five more shrines in this beautiful temple complex, giving the place a serene feel. You can also find a statue of Mahavir that is six feet tall and very intricate.

St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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One of the oldest churches in Meerut and in northern India, the St. John’s Church also happens to be one of the biggest churches in the vicinity, with a capacity to fit 3000 people inside the structure. Constructed and established between 1819 and 1821 by the East India Company, the church is made in a traditional style surrounded by lush meadows. The church has seen many phases of the people living in the region of Meerut; from the phase of freedom struggle to the church becoming a place of worship for people coming from all walks of life. The St. John’s church is quite an attraction amongst tourists due to its serene ambience and also it is located at the center of the city, making it easily accessible.


Shapir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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Shapir is a well known mausoleum, also known as Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah was built in 1628. The monument was built by Noor Jahan, an influential queen in the Mughal era. The mausoleum was built in order to honour a local Muslim by the name of Hazrat Shahpeer; he was the teacher of Emperor Jahangir and also an advisor to the queen. Shapir is surrounded by a beautiful garden and pillars that make this mausoleum a unique attraction in Meerut. Also, Shapir is built with red sandstone that makes it look absolutely amazing during sunrise or sunset. During Ramadan, the mausoleum complex is lit up and religious fairs are held in the interest of people who are visiting and want to take part.


Draupadi-ki-Rasoi:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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Situated on the banks of Buriganga River is the famous Draupadi-ki Rasoi, one of the famous structures to visit in the city of Meerut. Draupadi-ki-Rasoi meaning Draupadi’s kitchen is said to be the place where Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas would cook from all the five brothers as well as the entire family. While the Pandavas were sent away on exile to Hastinapur, it is said that Krishna once visited this kitchen, but Draupadi had no food to offer to him; it is then that Lord Krishna produced a vessel in front of her that would give her unlimited supply of food. People from all over the country visit this famous site in Draupadi-ki Rasoi to witness the spot where it all happened.

Augharnath Mandir

Augharnath Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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Meerut has a lot of historical sites, one of them being the Augharnath Mandir, one of the most ancient temples in the vicinity. This temple has a lot of history attached to it; this was the place where a group of freedom fighters planned their rebellion in the year 1857. The Augharnath Temple is one of the most important landmarks and is very popular amongst tourists who visit due to a certain belief. It is believed that a Shiv Ling self originated in this very temple, many years ago and is considered a miracle of God. The temple is significant historically as well as religiously as people from all over the country flock to this temple to see the miracle.

Vidur ka Tila

Vidur ka Tila:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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If you want to dwell into the history of Meerut, Vidur ka Tila is one place that you would want to visit. It is said to be the residence of Vidura who was considered the half brother of Dhritarashtra and Pandu and was also appointed as the intellectual minister of the Kauravas. Vidur ka Tila is now an archeological site which when visited gives tourists sound knowledge of the Mahabharata and our mythological past. The excavation site consists of many mounds that are 50-60 feet high and is also known as Ulta Khera. Vidur ka Tila is visited by many who are interested in archeology and history.


Hastinapur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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Situated close to the city of Meerut is another ancient town called Hastinapur; a famous attraction. This town is situated on the banks of River Ganga and is known as the town where the epic tale of Mahabharata was set up. Hastinapur is significant place of worship for the Jains as this is the place where three Jain Teerthankaras took birth. After the Pandavas won the Mahabharata, they took over the town of Hastinapur and from then onwards the place is known as the town of Mahabharata, keeping the spirit of mythology alive. If you are visiting Meerut, the town of Hastinapur is a must visit and a very interesting place to wander in as well.

Suraj Kund

Suraj Kund:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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If you are looking for a serene and peaceful place close to the city of Meerut, Suraj Kund is definitely a place you would want to visit. There are several temples in the vicinity like the Suraj Kund Temple, an old temple that was built by a businessman by the name of Lawar Jawaharlal in the early seventeenth century. The temple is situated in front of a water body that has several canals as well.  The main attraction near this temple is an earthen tank that was filled by Abu Nala at first, but now the source has been changed to River Ganga. There are several other temples in this are that people visit when they travel to Meerut.      

Shahid Smarak

Shahid Smarak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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The Shaid Smarak is a historical site in the city of Meerut that instills the feeling of patriotism and commemorates the freedom fighters from India’s Independence War in the year 1857. Situated in the cantonment area of Meerut, Shahi Smarak is one of the must visit attractions in Meerut. Along with Shahi Smarak being a historical site, it also comprises of a museum that exhibits artifacts and items from that era; it also has a collection of beautiful ancient paintings. Other than the museum, the place has a beautiful garden adorned with wild flowers and trees; you can sit there and have a lovely afternoon with your family and friends.

Mustafa Castle

Mustafa Castle:  Tourist Places To Visit In Meerut
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The Mustafa Castle is a famous landmark in Meerut that was built to commemorate and remember Nawab Mustafa Khan Shaifta, a famous critic and poet of his era. The structure was carefully designed and built by his son Nawab Moammad Ishak Khan in 1900. During the war of independence, Mustafa Castle became a safe haven for freedom fighters to plan and plot their next move and have stories of some of the most significant historical events in that era. The castle has a well distinguished style of architecture, consists of some of the finest furniture, painting and exhibits artifacts that were found at that time. The castle truly captures the essence of the Nawabi lifestyle and is easily one of the greatest structures that tell stories of India’s history.

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