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Things To Do In Meerut

Planning A Trip To Meerut? Here's our list of top things to do in Meerut

Meerut, one of the fastest growing cities in India is located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is known to be the largest producer of musical instruments and sports goods in the country. In the northern belt of the country, the city of Meerut is one of the major army cantonments and also a hub for several industries and factories. Just like the other cities in Uttar Pradesh, Meerut houses several temples and many people from all over the country visit the city to offer their prayers to the different gods in the temples. Other than visiting temples, there are several things to do in Meerut, let’s have a look at some of them.

Visit Fantasy World Water Park

Visit Fantasy World Water Park:  Things To Do In Meerut
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Once you are done visiting the temples in Meerut, you can plan a day trip to Fantasy World Water Park with your family. This amusement park in Meerut is one of the best in the city and is enjoyed by many who seek thrill. If adventure is what you are looking for, this water park is a must visit as it boasts of some of most thrilling water rides and slides; there are rides like turbo tunnel, big slash, dragon swing and so much more. This is the best place to be in during the hot summers, one can enjoy the pools in the park as well as the rain dance for some entertainment. The water park also consists of restaurants that have multi cuisines and multiple options.

Spend a Day at Bhole ki Jhaal

Spend a Day at Bhole ki Jhaal:  Things To Do In Meerut
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Bhole ki Jhaal is a dam in Meerut that provides electricity for most regions of the city and is also locally known as Salawa ki Jhaal. This place makes for a great rehabilitation area and is pretty famous amongst both locals as well as visitors coming from different cities. Bhole ki Jhaal is a popular spot for people to have picnics and is a ideal spot to hang out with family. The water from the dam is not too deep and you can easily swim and play in it. Visit this place in the morning to grab yourself a hot cup of tea and pakodas. You will see a lot of monkeys in the area as well that you can feed and before leaving you must visit the beautiful Shiva Temple close to the dam.

Visit Appu Ghar

Visit Appu Ghar:  Things To Do In Meerut
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Appu Ghar is a famous and popular amusement park in Meerut that is packed with entertainment, especially for children. This place is frequented both by locals as well as visitors from other places. Appu Ghar is the perfect place to spend the day with your family and one of the best places to take your children to in Meerut. The park offers a lot of recreational activities as well as rides and parks for children to play in. You will also find water slides in Appu Ghar that can be tried out during the summer months. So if you’re looking to spend a day with some fun and frolic along with some relaxation, Appu Ghar is a must visit.

Take a Stroll in Ecological Park

Take a Stroll in Ecological Park:  Things To Do In Meerut
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Situated very close to the Augharnath Temple is the Ecological Park in Meerut, which was built for rehabilitation purpose. This park is located in the cantonment area and consists of lush greenery which increases the beauty of place. The ideal thing to do is to go for a morning or evening walk in the park and afterwards relax on the green grass. There is a small manmade pond inside the park in which you can see some ducks swim by once in a while; also you can see beautiful and vibrant flowers in the park. The ecological park is looked after by the Indian army and is very well maintained and one of the most ideal places to spend a pleasant morning or take a stroll in the evening.

Relax at Gandhi Bagh

Relax at Gandhi Bagh:  Things To Do In Meerut
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A trip to the city of Meerut is not complete if you haven’t gone to the lovely gardens and parks in the region. One of the most popular gardens in Meerut is the Gandhi Bagh; it is located in the cantonment area and serves as a perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family. This leisure garden has a lot of lush greenery and an abundance of beautiful flowers and trees that make the garden even more beautiful in the eyes of anyone visiting. You can choose to walk and explore the garden or you can simply plan an afternoon picnic with your family. Amidst the garden is a small water body in which you can even go for a boat ride. The ideal time to visit the garden is early mornings or evenings.

Discover the tallest brick structure in Meerut

Discover the tallest brick structure in Meerut:  Things To Do In Meerut
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Located at a distance of 40 km from the main city of Meerut is the Ashtapad Teerth. It is one of the most popular religious places to go to around Meerut. Here lies a temple called Ashtapad which is 151 feet high and on the top are four statutes of Bhagwan Rishabadev ji that are facing all four directions and on each of the four side is a gate that one can enter to get to the prayer hall. This temple has a shrine that is dedicated to Bhagwan Shri Adinath Ji and was founded in the year 1996. This temple is said to be the tallest one in the vicinity and is highly revered by pilgrims visiting the site. The best time to visit this temple is during festivals, as it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

Explore the Fort of Parikhshitgarh

Explore the Fort of Parikhshitgarh:  Things To Do In Meerut
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One of the lesser visited sites in Meerut is the Parikhshitgarh Fort situated at a distance of 23 km from the center of Meerut city. Even though it is not that popular, many people who are interested in the history of Meerut will definitely want to visit the fort. The fort gets its name from King Parikshit who is the grandson of Arjun. The structure suffered some wear and tear over the years and had to go through a restoration process in the 18th century, where a lot of architectural modifications were done. The fort also hasa small pong in front of it that gives a serene feel to anyone visiting; it is open every day and there is no entry fee to enter the area.

Visit an Old Basilica

Visit an Old Basilica:  Things To Do In Meerut
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If you think there are too many temples in Meerut, you’d be excited to know that there is a beautiful Basilica right around the corner. Also known as the Church among the Churches, the Basilica of Our Lady of Graces is a famous place of worship and one of the oldest churches in Meerut. This church is dedicated to Virgin Mary and offers a serene atmosphere that people love. The structure has notable architecture with several statues inside the church as well. This structure as built by Begum Samru, a Muslim girl who married a European soldier and later converted to a Roman Catholic. The Basilica of Our Lady of Graces is one of the biggest churches in northern India.

Explore an Ancient Mosque

Explore an Ancient Mosque:  Things To Do In Meerut
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Interested in seeing and studying old structures? Then you must visit the Shahi Eid Gah, a six hundred year old Mosque. This mosque was built by King Iltutmish’s son who was a Mughal Emperor in the ancient era. The structure of the mosque is absolutely beautiful and is also huge in size; it can accommodate over a lakh of people inside the mosque. The architecture of the mosque is quite amazing and reflects the culture of the times and life in that era; also it represents the prosperity of Delhi Sultanate during the Mughal rule.

Go to an Ancient Ashram

Go to an Ancient Ashram:  Things To Do In Meerut
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Want to do something offbeat in the city of Meerut? Go visit the ancient ashram of Nishiaji, located at a distance of 1.5 km from the city center of Meerut. At this Ashram people who visit can see footprints of many Jain Tirthankaras that have been inscribed on marble stones, making it a very important religious site. Followers of Jainism from all over the world come to this temple to attain blessings and pray. The best time to visit this Ashram is during festivals like Holi, Karthik Purnima and many others when cultural programs are celebrated.

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