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Things To Do In Vrindavan

Planning A Trip To Vrindavan? Here's our list of top things to do in Vrindavan

Vrindavan, a major pilgrimage spot for Hindus, is also one of the oldest cities in India. The city is deeply associated with the birth and life of Sri Krishna and his connections with humans in that region. Temples built with pure devotion and a good sense of architecture is synonymous to the city. But, there is more to do in this beautiful little town; you can take a ride on a boat on the Yamuna River and observe the evening aarti at the ghats or even visit a nearby village and see the place where Lord Krishna grew up. Here are some of the things to do in Vrindavan that will make your trip even better.

Get a View of the City

Get a View of the City:  Things To Do In Vrindavan
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One of the major temples in Vrindavan, the Pagal Baba Temple is a magnificent structure situated on the Mathura- Vrindavan road. This temple was dedicated to Sri Krishna and was built by Sri Sheela Nand Ji Maharaj also known as Paagal Baba who had come to Vrindavan from Calcutta in search of spirituality. The temple is huge, having 11 floors and is made of white marble, making it look absolutely magnificent. From the top most floor of the temple, you can see the entire city of Vrindavan and on the ground floor you can see the exhibition of a puppet show. The temple is a good place to visit during Holi and Janmashthami, when it is decorated with beautiful flowers.

Visit the Ghats

Visit the Ghats:  Things To Do In Vrindavan
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One of the most famous ghats in Vrindavan, the Kesi Ghat by the river Yamuna has a mythological story and history attached to it. It is said that Lord Krishna’s maternal uncle, Kamsa had tried to kill Sri Krishna several times and this one time sent a horse like creature name Kesi to kill him. Lord Krishna was so strong, the horse was unable to fight him and was killed by the supreme power of Krishna. After this point, this place had come to be known as Kesi Ghat. You can also visit the ghat to attend the aarti.

Go to Nandgaon

Go to Nandgaon:  Things To Do In Vrindavan
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Located at a distance of almost 47 km from Vrindavan is the village of Nandgaon, which is named after Lord Krishna’s foster father Nand ji and mother Yashoda. During his youth, Sri Krishna lived in Nandgaon and spent his years there. Nandgaon is considered to be a sub-forest of Vrindavan and is a place that must be visited by every Krishna devotee. This village has a lot of places of religious significance as Lord Krishna would roam around with Radha and these places of pastime are worth visiting. Once in Nandgaon, there are several places to visit; mostly temples like the Nanda Bhavan (which was once Nanda’s residence), Nandisvara Temple, Pavana Sarovar situated at the bottom of the Nandisvara Hill and much more.

Enjoy a Boat Ride

Enjoy a Boat Ride:  Things To Do In Vrindavan
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The Yamuna River, flowing through Mathura and Vrindavan is one of the holiest rivers in India and when you visit Vrindavan, you are able to engage in a boat ride on this pious river. Once you reach Kesi Ghat in Vrindavan, you can take a boat ride that will take you on a joyous ride on this serene river. You can take this boat ride during the peak hours when the aarti ceremony is conducted; either early morning of evening is a great time to take this ride and enjoy the beauty of the Kesi Ghat. You can take the ride in the afternoon as well to enjoy a peaceful ride and sceneries that are absolutely breathtaking.

Relax at Seva Kund

Relax at Seva Kund:  Things To Do In Vrindavan
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After you have toured all the temples in Vrindavan, go relax at Seva Kund, a beautiful garden in Vrindavan. It is said that it was at this garden that Sri Krishna along with Radha and his sakhis would perform Raas Leela. This garden complex also has a temple which is visited by many devotees and the gates of the temple are closed after sunset, as it is said that until this day Lord Krishna still visits to perform Raas Leela. The walls surrounding this garden are made of marble tiles and the garden is filled with evergreen bushes, making the complex very beautiful in the eyes of everyone who visits. This place is mystical and must be visited if you are in Vrindavan.

See the Birthplace of Radha

See the Birthplace of Radha:  Things To Do In Vrindavan
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Located at a distance of almost 50 km from Vrindavan is another village named Barsana, which is known as the place where Shri Radharani spent her childhood with her parents and friends before meeting Shri Krishna. This is the place where Radha and her friends passed their time and is recognized as being spiritually important. But, other than that, Barsana is also known for its festivities and celebrations during the festivals of Holi and Janmashthami. Lathmar Holi is played in this region which depicts a style of celebrating Holi in a way it has been done from the ancient times, almost like a tradition and is thoroughly enjoyed by the locals of the region.

Visit Lord Krishna’s Childhood in Gokul

Visit Lord Krishna’s Childhood in Gokul:  Things To Do In Vrindavan
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Before moving to Nandgaon due to threats from demons sent by Lord Krishna’s maternal uncle, Sri Krishna and his foster parents first lived in Gokul. This village was the place where Sri Krishna actually grew up before moving to Nandgaon. The village of Gokul is situated close to Vrindavan and can be reached by taking a local bus going to the area. There are several places to go to in Gokul; you can visit the famous Thakurani Ghat, situated right by the Yamuna River. You can also visit Raman Reti, Brahmand Ghat, Gokulnath Temple and many more places in the village. Visit Gokul to get a feel of Sr Krishna’s childhood.

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