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Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi

Planning A Trip To Jhansi? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Jhansi

The importance of Jhansi, the city, stems from Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi whose valour is well known throughout the country. Rani Laxmibai was the queen of Jhansi who is credited with being one of those who started the Indian independence movement that had begun with the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. The British wanted possession of Jhansi and Laxmibai refused to let go of Jhansi. This resulted in a massive attack on Jhansi by the British army. Ultimately, Rani Laxmibai lost the battle and was martyred on 18 June 1858 after having ruled over Jhansi for precisely one year.


Today the historic city that lies on the banks of River Pahuj is the administrative headquarters of the Jhansi district and about 99 km to the south of Gwalior. It was adjudged for being among the top three cleanest cities in UP. It has also been selected for the smart city project by the Indian government. There are several tourist places to visit in Jhansi. These include the fort as well as palaces, religious shrines, museum and water bodies of great significance.   

Jhansi Fort

Jhansi Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi
Photograph by https://en.wikipedia.org/

A visit to Jhansi is incomplete without visiting Jhansi Fort. The fort, built over 15 acres of land, is located on top of a hill and showcases the legendary past of Jhansi. In its heydays Jhansi Fort was the residence of Rani Laxmi Bai, the queen of Jhansi who withstood the powerful British. She was successful for a considerable period of time because of the impregnable nature of the fort. It was only after being blasted by a number of cannons that the fort was ultimately breached.


Jhansi Fort is located in the heart of the city and 3 km from the railway station. It is also possible to reach Jhansi Fort via the Jhansi Museum bus stop. The walls of the fort are of 16-20 ft of granite. There are ten gates to the fort. A few of these gates are named Orchha Gate, Unnao Gate and Chand Gate. The important sites in the fort include the Ganesh and Shiva temples at the entrance and the cannon named Kadak Bijli that was used during the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857.

Rani Mahal

Rani Mahal:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi
Photograph by https://jhansi.nic.in/tourist-place/palace-of-rani-lakshmi-bai/

Raghu Nath II, from the Newalkar family, built this royal palace in Jhansi (1769-96). The palace subsequently became one of Laxmibai’s residences. The queen beautified the palace with several colourful paintings and art on its ceilings and wall. Today the palace has been acquired by the ASI and is a museum housing several sculptures from 9th and 12th centuries AD.

Parichha Dam

Parichha Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi
Photograph by youtube.com

Parichha Dam is a reservoir made by man some 27 km from Jhansi Junction. It is located near Parichha town on the Jhansi Kanpur NH in UP. Parichha Dam is among the top places for the visitor to experience tourism in Jhansi. Constructed during 1881-1886, Parichha Dam has a length of around 1175 m and a height of about 17 m. The main source of water for Jhansi, the dam has a thermal power station that generates power of about 1150 MW. The beautiful dam and its surroundings provide facilities for water sports as well as fishing. Visitors enjoy boating and picnic with their family and friends at this scenic dam.

Government Museum Jhansi

Government Museum Jhansi:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi
Photograph by uptourism.gov.in/post/jhansi-museum

The Government Museum is located in the centre of Jhansi. One of the most popular attractions for visitors to Jhansi, the museum has an excellent treasure of artefacts especially of the Chandela dynasty. The Chandelas who ruled over Jhansi during 10th-11th century contributed immensely to the architecture and art of India. The museum has made special efforts to treasure the invaluable contributions of the Chandela dynasty. In the four galleries of the museum one can find the artefacts and relics going back to 4th Century BC. There is a special gallery on Rani Laxmi Bai. Besides the art and artefacts you will also find statues, weapons and the dresses used during the reign of the Chandela kings. Among the exhibits are bronzes, coins and terracotta, paintings and manuscripts. Kindly note that the museum remains closed on the second Saturday of every month, and on all Mondays.

Herbal Garden

Herbal Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi
Photograph by tripadvisor.in

The Herbal Garden in Jhansi today boasts of around 20,000 herbal plants of diverse species that have been planted to help rejuvenate all. It is said that an hour’s walk in this garden acts like the elixir for all visitors, young and old. Please note that the garden is open between 0600am and 0900am and again between 4pm and 6pm. The garden is located on Cavalry Road Jhansi Cantonment.

Barua Sagar

Barua Sagar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi
Photograph by https://www.youtube.com/watch

Barua Sagar is a beautiful lake located 24 km from Jhansi. The temple of Maharshi Shringirishi is located adjacent to the lake. There are several temples, forts and monuments that adorn Barua Sagar bringing forth its historic past. The lake is artificially made by Raja Udit Singh of Orchha, 260 years ago. He also built the fort which is now in ruins. But, it commands a panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings. The place is well known for having been the area where the Marathas and the Bundelas fought the famous war in 1744 AD. The lake, fort and the temples are all worth a visit.

St Jude's Shrine

St Jude's Shrine:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi
Photograph by https://jhansi.nic.in/tourist-place/saint-judes-church/

St Jude’s Shrine, a part of the Roman Catholic Diocese, has its origins in 1946 and is located in Civil Lines in Jhansi. The shrine is very popular, mainly among the Catholics since the bones of St Jude are buried within its foundation. For this reason, devotees come here for a visit from all over the world, especially on 28th October, St Jude’s Feast Day. The fair on that day is attended by people from different religions.

Rani Laxmi Bai Park

Rani Laxmi Bai Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jhansi
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.in/

The Rani Laxmi Bai Park is located directly opposite the Government Museum in Jhansi. This is truly a very beautiful park which is maintained well and remains green throughout the year. As a matter of fact the park is so relaxing that tired and weary visitors are seen sleeping on the seats and benches in the park. There is a large-sized statue of the warrior queen astride her horse. Her hand with the sword is outstretched while her son is sitting behind and is seen holding on to her. It is a fine place to relax especially when the day is warm.

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