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Jhansi Weather And Best Time To Visit Jhansi

Planning A Trip To Jhansi? Here's a snapshot of Jhansi weather and the best time to visit Jhansi

Jhansi is a city that is rich in history, a history that is about the famous warrior queen, Rani Laxmibai. Because of this rich history, the visitor will get to see some of the most impressive architecture in terms of the fort and the Queen’s Palace or Rani Mahal. The weather in Jhansi is typically subtropical. The best time to visit Jhansi is during winter between November and March. This is when the weather is pleasant. It is very hot during summer and during the monsoon the rains make the roads difficult to navigate. February is perhaps the best time to visit Jhansi since that is when Jhansi has its Festival.

Summer (April to June)

Summer (April to June):  Jhansi Weather And Best Time To Visit Jhansi
Photograph by https://en.wikipedia.org/

Jhansi, being on top of a rocky plateau, experiences both very high and very low temperatures depending on the season. Summer in Jhansi commences in April and by May the temperature could be as high as 47°C. At that kind of temperature it is not advisable to step outdoors. Towards the end of June though, monsoon generally sets in, and things start to cool down.

Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon (July to September):  Jhansi Weather And Best Time To Visit Jhansi
Photograph by https://www.niwa.co.nz/natural-hazards/extreme-weather-heavy-rainfall

Monsoon tends to become weaker by September and ends during the fourth week of the month. The temperature during monsoon is around 36°C, with very high humidity. Jhansi receives around 900 mm rainfall each year. A couple of years ago Jhansi received 123 mm rainfall in one day in July. This was a record. The wettest July was when Jhansi received around 356 mm of rainfall. During the monsoon season it is very difficult to navigate in and around Jhansi.

Winter (October to March)

Winter (October to March):  Jhansi Weather And Best Time To Visit Jhansi
Photograph by jhansitimes.com

Winter in Jhansi begins early, around October, once the Southwest monsoon has retreated. You suddenly notice a faint nip in the year. The peak of winter occurs during mid-December. This is when the temperature could dip to 4°C Min and 21°C Max. Jhansi is beautiful then and it is great fun to be outside, clad in woollens of course. In 2011 the minimum temperature dipped to 0-1°C. That is rare though.

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