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Mathura Weather And Best Time To Visit Mathura

Planning A Trip To Mathura? Here's a snapshot of Mathura weather and the best time to visit Mathura

One of the most famous pilgrimage spots in India, Mathura is a pious city situated in Uttar Pradesh in the northern part of India. This city is dedicated to Lord Krishna as it is believed that it was once the place he grew up in. Weather in Mathura is like any other city in Uttar Pradesh, hot and humid during the summers and wet during the monsoons. The best time to visit Mathura is from October to March that is the winter season, when the climate is cool and absolutely great for sightseeing. Not sure when to visit this religious place for a pilgrimage? Below is a description of the seasons and best time to be in Mathura.

Summer (April-June)

Summer (April-June):  Mathura Weather And Best Time To Visit Mathura
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Summers in Mathura are hot and very humid. This season that lasts four months from April to June is hot like any other part of India and is not the best time to go. Temperatures during this time see a high of 45°C and the nights see a low of 30°C, giving some respite. It is not advised to go sightseeing in these harsh climatic conditions. If you are okay with heat and visiting during this time, make sure you carry appropriate clothing and shades to protect yourself from the heat.

Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon (July-September):  Mathura Weather And Best Time To Visit Mathura
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The rainy season in Mathura lasts from July to September and comes in with a good amount of rainfall. The cool monsoon brings in some relief for the region and its people with temperatures ranging from 32°C in the daytime to 25°C in the night, making it very pleasant and a little chilly because of the rains. The months of monsoon are a good time to go on a pilgrimage as the important festival of Krishna Janmashthami falls during that time. Since there is no scorching heat in this season, it is easier for people to move around and see the beautiful temples and take part in the celebrations that take place to pay respect to Lord Krishna.

Winter (October- March)

Winter (October- March):  Mathura Weather And Best Time To Visit Mathura
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One of the best times to visit Mathura is during the winters that last from October to March. The climate in the city during this time is cold and ideal to go see different sites, visit temples and do so much more. Temperatures during this time range from 28°C in the daytime to 5°C in the night time with cold winds at all times. This season makes it easier to go sightseeing during the day as it is not hot and the climate is apt to explore the city. The coldest months are January and February and one must carry warm clothes if visiting during that time.

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