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Things To Do In Kanpur

Planning A Trip To Kanpur? Here's our list of top things to do in Kanpur

The city of Kanpur is the main center for the growth of Industrial Revolution in India and is one of the largest and highly populated city in Uttar Pradesh. The city is located near the Ganga River that gves the city a holy touch as well. The city has seen the rise and fall of many leaders and kingdoms in its days and now it is an amalgamation of various influences that the place has seen. Relax at the Valmiki Ashram and learn more about our mythology and the story of our Gods, or relax at the Kamla retreat and soak up some sun at the beautiful pools in the retreat, either way, Kanpur is a great city to visit. Not sure what to do in this city yet? Glance through our take on the things to do in Kanpur.

Take a Walk in Gautam Buddha Park

Take a Walk in Gautam Buddha Park:  Things To Do In Kanpur
Photograph by kanpurtourism.com

The Gautam Buddha Park is one of the most prominent parks in Kanpur, located close to IIT Kanpur. In the middle of the park is a white colored dome that stands on four pillars, along with a statue of Gautam Buddha in the middle. The park has a lot of greenery and is perfect for a long evening stroll or a session of meditation early in the morning. The archaic construct of the park is made according to Lord Buddha’s ideologies of peace and tranquility. In the last few years the Gautam Buddha Park has been used for various public as well as political gatherings, attracting a lot more people towards it.

Enjoy the Beautiful Kamla Retreat

Enjoy the Beautiful Kamla Retreat:  Things To Do In Kanpur
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Located in Kamala Nehru Road of Kanpur, the Kamla Retreat is a beautiful place to relax. The estate is owned by an important Indian Business Family, the Singhania’s. You either need a membership to get in or you can pay the guest charges at the reception; once in there, you can enjoy the retreat that comprises of attractions like beautiful well maintained lawns, canals, swimming pools, parks and a beautiful peaceful atmosphere. If you are visiting Kanpur with family, this is a great place to visit and enjoy the outdoor activities the retreat has to offer. The place also has a museum that enhances the experience of the retreat.

Go for a Walk in Phool Bagh

Go for a Walk in Phool Bagh:  Things To Do In Kanpur
Photograph by kanpurtourism.com

Phool Bagh is a beautiful modern park in the heart of the city and is also known as Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Udyaan. Back in the day, this park was also known as Queen’s Park and is well known historically as several political rallies and public meetings were held from the early twentieth century.  Locals usually go to this park to exercise and go for walks early mornings or evenings. Tourists visit to relax and spend some time relaxing in the lush green park, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the main attractions at the park is the 150 ft high Indian National Flag hoisted in 2017; the sight of which is enjoyed by many people who visit.

Shop Leather from Jajmau

Shop Leather from Jajmau:  Things To Do In Kanpur
Photograph by gallagher-photo.photoshelter.com

Situated on the banks of Ganga River is Jajmau, a suburb in Kanpur is known to be one of the oldest places inhabited in Kanpur. Jajmau is densely populated and is well known for the production of leather, in fact it is the largest producer in the country. Every Sunday morning at Jajmau, you will find exquisite leather goods that are unique and not found in other places. Some of these genuine leather products include items like bags, purses, shoes, jackets, accessories and a lot more things; these items are pure leather and very affordable. If you like to wear or carry leather and you are in the city, don’t forget to visit Jajmau to pick up some unique items.

Learn About Mythology at Valmiki Ashram

Learn About Mythology at Valmiki Ashram:  Things To Do In Kanpur
Photograph by kanpurtourism.com

Located on a hillock in Bitoor, Kanpur is the Valmiki Ashram which is believed to be the place where Sita took shelter during her exile. This hillock is believed to be the place where Rishi Valmiki wrote the epic Ramayana; and also the place where Ram's wife Sita gave birth to his children Luv-Kush. Here they grew up and learned about Ramayana as well.


The ashram is built on a higher point of the hillock which is absolutely serene and peaceful; there is a flight of staircase that has 48 steps leading to the ashram, therefore making it a remote place, away from the crowds of the city. This a great place to go find some peace and learn about Hindu mythology.

Relax at Moti Jheel

Relax at Moti Jheel:  Things To Do In Kanpur
Photograph by kanpurtourism.com

Moti Jheel in Kanpur is a beautiful sightseeing spot and also serves as a reservoir and also has a children’s park in the vicinity. Built during the British rule in India, the Moti Jheel is a recreational spot in the crowded city and a great place for relaxing. The Moti Jheel is well known as the Manchester of the East and is a perfect spot to go for a picnic with your family and friends. The Jheel was built into a reservoir in order to supply water to Kanpur Waterworks and later on with the approval of the government; the place was also set up to be a recreational zone and a place where children could enjoy.

Visit the Pious Brahmavart Ghat

Visit the Pious Brahmavart Ghat:  Things To Do In Kanpur
Photograph by inspirock.com

Located in Bithoor Kanpur, the Brahmavart Ghat is a holy ghat in the city, right beside the Ganges. This is the place where devotees of Lord Brahma take a ritualistic Bath in the Ganga River and then go offer their prayers at the wooden slippers altar. Apart from having religious significance, the Brahmavart Ghat is a popular tourist place due to its beautiful picnic spots and the amazing view of the early sunrise or even the sunset. You can take a boat ride on the Ganges and experience the beautiful sunrise early in the morning to get the best experience out of this place.

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