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Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva

Planning A Trip To Geneva? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Geneva

Geneva, Switerzerland's bustling city with the mighty alps at its backdrop, is filled with so many exciting and interesting tourist places to visit. From its unique museums to beautiful parks, from its remarkable nature trails to man-made monuments. The city has everything to offer. The list we share is what you can do within the main city limits, but don't forget to explore the countryside and towns just beyond the city as well.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva:  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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Lake Geneva is the largest lake in all of Central Europe and offers some of the most stunning views of the city and its natural beauty. It is located towards the north-east of the city. The lake connects Geneva with other lake-side cities like Lausanne. You can also see the coveted snow-covered Alps from here which makes for a very picturesque setting. The tree-lined promenade that runs around the lake, is a lovely place to walk and soak in the beauty of palatial townhouses and also nearby parks.

St Pierre Cathedral

St Pierre Cathedral:  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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The St. Pierre Cathedral is located on the highest point of Geneva's old town, just a 10 minute walk from Lake Geneva. It is a 12th century Romanesque church, which later became a protestant church during the protestant reformation. Don't forget to climb atop its towers to get some incredible views of the city and lake. The church has some enriching history and architecture behind it and is definitely worth visiting. It is the most important religious building in Geneva.

Jet d'Eau (Water Jet)

Jet d'Eau (Water Jet):  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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One of the most popular tourist spots in Geneva and definitely can be seen in most pictures or postcards, is the Water Jet located on the Lake Geneva. The water looks as though it is coming from within the lake itself. It attains a height of 140 meters. A stone jetty leads towards it and you can get near by if you are looking forward to getting fully drenched as it pumps out 500 litres of water every second! It is a crowded spot all through the day with an added ambience of hustle-bustle of locals and tourists during late evenings.

Quai du Mont-Blanc

Quai du Mont-Blanc:  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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Quai du Mont-Blanc is a great place to get some lovely views of Mont Blanc and thats where it got its name! You can get some very interesting clicks and it is a perfect place for an evening stroll  The promenade runs from the northern side of the lake. Walk along the path and you will come across a monument of Elisabeth, Empress of Austra, who was assassinated in 1898 in front of the Hotel Beau Rivage. Just after the promenade is the Brunswick Monument, which is a mausoleum modeled after the tombs in Verona.

Place du Bourg-de-Four

Place du Bourg-de-Four:  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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The famous Bourg-de-Four square was once a Roman marketplace. You can't miss out on this square once you are in Vieille Ville which is Geneva's Old Town or Historic Centre. It is the oldest square in the city and was an important market since 9th Century CE. The square is marked with a beautiful 18th century fountain and statue of Clementine. You can walk around the square and its adjourning alleys to enjoy some beautiful buildings with great architecture, restaurants, shops and cafes. Also within walking range is the Cathedral of St. Peters.

Patek Philippe Museum

Patek Philippe Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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Switzerland is famous for its watches and you can get a first hand experience of it at the Patek Philippe Museum. The building in which the museum has been constructed is an old watchmaking factory itself. The museum exhibits some old creations of the works of the Patek Philippe company, established in 1845 along with some other swiss makers. You will also get to see all the instruments that goes into watch making and if you are lucky, even catch a glimpse of a watch-maker working in the workshop and showing you how things are done! Another star attraction in the museum are the automated musical devices and portrait miniatures that are from the 16th-19th century

Art and History Museum

Art and History Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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This museum is one of the third largest museums in all of Switzerland. The museum's (Musée d'Art et d'Histoire) rich collection of exhibits is thanks to the merger of many regional museums as well as private collectors. You will find collections of Greek & Roman weaponry and treasures, Middle Eastern & Mediterranean antiquities, Pottery from Etruscan and Roman times and more. There are also some archaeological findings on display from the Paleolithic and the Iron Ages, that were found in and around Geneva. Many arts from the Renaissance & Gothic periods are also on display.

Parc Des Bastions & Reformation Wall

Parc Des Bastions & Reformation Wall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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Parc Des Bastions is just the right spot to relax and get a dose of peace and quiet, especially after a long day of sightseeing. Many cultural evens and festivals also take place here. It is a place for locals and tourists alike and filled with green lawns and cafes. There is also a children's play area. Also within the park is the Reformation Wall which is an absolute must visit. It is a monument that dipicts one of the most important moments of European History which is the Protestant Reformation. The wall was built in honor of the men who influenced this movement in the 16th century.

Palais des Nations

Palais des Nations:  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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Palais des Nations is a large complex of marble buildings and is home to the headquarters of the United Nations in Europe. It is also why the city has got its name as the Peace Capital of the world. You can do a guided tour of the buildings and learn about the process and works that are done here. The insides of the buildings are lined with some spectacular artworks, donated by different countries. Don't miss out in checking the Assembly Hall which has a seating of over 2000 people and is where all the UN meetings take place.

Jardin Botanique (Botanical Gardens)

Jardin Botanique (Botanical Gardens):  Tourist Places To Visit In Geneva
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The botanical gardens of Geneva was founded in 1902 and spreads over 28 hectares. It is definitely a lovely place to wander and soak in some beautiful floral beauty. They have over 14000 different types of plants and trees from across the world, exhibited in beautiful landscaped areas. By exploring the area you will find a large variety of plants, flower beds, ponds, rose gardens and even a small zoo! Drop by the Herbarium to witness a collection of over 6 million examples.

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