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How To Reach Geneva

Planning A Trip To Geneva? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Geneva

Geneva is located in the southern tip of Switzerland, close to the French border. It is the 2nd most populous city, Zurich being the first and is known as the Peace Capital of the world. It is surrounded by mountains on 3 sides and lies at the south-west end of Lake Geneva. Having such a picturesque location, Geneva has some stunning sceneries to offer along with being a thriving metropolitan and one of the top financial centres of the world. The fastest way to reach Geneva is by air, but there are other alternatives as well which are highlighted below.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Geneva
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Reaching Geneva by air is the fastest and most convenient option while travelling from India. There are no direct flights from India but from Mumbai and Delhi, you can get Swiss Air Flights with a stopover at Zurich. With the best flight-connection, you can reach Geneva in about 11 hours from India. There are flights to Geneva on a daily basis with all the top airline operators like Air France, Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Air, Lufthansa etc.


The airport is located less than 5 km from the city centre. There is a train service that runs every 30 minutes from the airport with a travel time of only 7 minutes.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Geneva
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Geneva is connected on the European Rail Network and is just a train ride away from many European countries. It makes for a very scenic journey and is a great option for those with more time on their hands as it is cheaper than air travel. Within Switzerland, you can reach Geneva via direct trains from cities like Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Biel/Bienne and while travelling internationally, there are trains from France, Belgium, London, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.


The train station is located within the city centre.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Geneva
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Driving to Geneva or anywhere in Switzerland for that matter, is known to be a real pleasure because of the modern, well-maintained roads and highways. Not only that, you will pass by some beautiful landscapes which will make the journey all the more pleasurable.


Remember, if you plan a road trip on your own, they drive on the right side of the road and you may require a motorway tax sticker on some of the border crossing points. There are frequent buses in and out of the city - France to Geneva being a popular route as the city is close to the French border. There are buses to other cities in Switzerland as well - Geneva to Zurich would take you around 3 hours and it is at a distance of 280km. Other international countries connected by bus are - Germany, Italy, The Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Netherlands etc.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Geneva
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Geneva is a bustling city and has all public transport systems imaginable, from Taxis, Trains, Boats, Trams and Buses. All the systems are convenient and easy to understand/use for tourists. The trains, buses and trams usually start service from 4 am and are frequent till about midnight. If you download the TPG app, you will get the timetables of all running public transport in geneva and be able to travel like a pro locally!


The old-town area of Geneva can be explored on foot, however, it is a little hilly. The rest of the city is mostly flat and exploring the city on a bicycle or segway is another easy, safe and environmentally friendly option. There are also mini trains with recorded guided tours that take you through the top sightseeing places of the city

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