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Geneva Weather And Best Time To Visit Geneva

Planning A Trip To Geneva? Here's a snapshot of Geneva weather and the best time to visit Geneva

Geneva, the second most populous city of Switzerland is home to many fine tourist sights, natural landscapes and is also a top business and financial centre of the world. It is known as the Peace Capital of the world. The weather in Geneva has varying levels of cold throughout the year - but the summers can get quite heated up too. There is a lovely breeze in the air from the nearby lake which Geneva enjoys all year round and you can expect a few days of rain every month! Inspite not having the most perfect tourist weather - it is one of the most sought after destinations for tourists from all over the globe. The best time to visit Geneva is from May to October, when the weather is relatively warmer, though this period can get quite crowded as well, espcially the summer months.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Geneva Weather And Best Time To Visit Geneva
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When the meadows turn green and the trees blossom, you know its springtime! Geneva sees an average temperature of 11°C in March which goes up to 19°C by May. The night temperatures are still quite cold and even in May, the average temperature is 8°C. Sometimes, it so happens that winter returns briefly in April, or summer conditions could appear even in early May. It can rain for an average of 10 days per month during this season, so don't forget to pack your umbrella if you plan ongoing.


Check out the exciting International Geneva Motor Show held in March every year. The biggest electronic music festival in Switzerland takes place between April and May every year known as Electron Festival. The Geneva Marathon is held in May.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  Geneva Weather And Best Time To Visit Geneva
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Summer in Geneva is definitely one of the best times to visit the city if you are okay with the throngs of crowds as well. If you want to beat the crowd, then avoid visiting between June and August. The weather is perfect for tourists who want to see the green sunny side of the city and have ample daylight. The average day temperature is 25°C while at night can still be chilly at 13°C. The rains throughout the year, so you can expect 7-9 days of rain every month even through the summer.


The Geneva Music Festival is held during May & June. A Sailing Regatta is held on Lake Geneva in June. The Montreux Jazz Musical Festival is held every July near the eastern shore of Geneva Lake. The Paleo Music Festival is found just on the outskirts between Geneva and Lausanne, also held in July. The Cine Transat is open for business (Open Air Cinema) from July to August

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn (September to November):  Geneva Weather And Best Time To Visit Geneva
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The fall season is a beautiful time to visit Geneva. September is still a little warm at an average of 21°C and crowds are slightly thinner as compared to the summer months. October too is a great time to visit, but post mid-October, the winds get chilly and the temperature drops down to 10°C in November. It's a good time to indulge in hiking and other mountaineering activities. You can expect 8 days of rain every month.


For music lovers, a jazz festival usually takes place in October every year and a musical competition called Concours de Geneve takes place in November. The Geneva International Film Festival takes place in November.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Geneva Weather And Best Time To Visit Geneva
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If you don't mind freezing temperatures and are into winter sports, then, of course, this is the best time to visit Geneva. The average daytime temperature during the winter months is 5°C and the night temperatures average at -1°C. While snow is usually what is expected during these months, nowadays, there have been months with less or no snowfall as well! But if you are lucky, you will get to see a splendid view of the city all covered in white.


A grand celebration of Christmas is definitely to be witnessed during this season. The Christmas market and fair starts November onwards and is filled with food, entertainment, music and lovely chalets set up near the lake selling arts, crafts and gifts. The festival of Lux also happens during December-January, where beautiful light displays and sculptures are set up around Geneva.

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