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Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich

Planning A Trip To Zurich? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and a tourist hub. The main language spoken here is German. Being a city that has seen settlements dating back to more than 6000 years ago, it has a beautiful blend of history, art and culture. From a plethora of museums, scenic and natural landscapes to thriving city life and beautiful architecture. Check out the important tourist places to visit in Zurich highlighted below.

Old Town

Old Town:  Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich
Photograph by https://jetsettingfools.com

Do a walking tour of Old Town and you will happily be immersed in a melting pot of social & cultural activities with a stunning medieval backdrop. Not only does it have the best shopping streets and top night clubs but it is rich with historical monuments such as the double towers of Great Minster, Peter's Church, the largest clockface of Europe, the minster of our lady and other spectacular buildings.

Fraumünster Church

Fraumünster Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich
Photograph by www.myswitzerland.com

Fraumünster Church is located within the Old Town in Zurich. It is often called Our Lady Minster. It was built by Louis the German in 853 for his daughter. The Chagall windows are what draws most tourists to this church - the 5 stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall is absolutely beautiful, each with a colourful depiction of a biblical story. The stained glass windows were installed in 1970. Also to be explored in the church is the Crypt museum.


Lindenhof:  Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich
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Lindenhof is located on Lindenhof Hill and it offers a vantage point view of Zurich in all its glory including the Old Town, Limmat river, Grossmünster Church, University, City Hall and more. It is also the location where a Roman castle stood once upon a time and where many historical events were held. Apart from the beautiful view, you can enjoy a game of chess in the park here and spend some quiet time.


Üetliberg:  Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich
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Zurich has its very own mountain in Üetliberg. Ride to the top to enjoy a magnificent view of the city and maybe even get a glimpse of the Alps at a distance. It is 2850 feet above sea level and there are many hiking trails and biking routes that you can explore. November is an especially popular time to visit the mountain and you might get to see a carpet of fog over the city.

Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich
Photograph by www.zuerich.com

A popular tourist destination is the Swiss National Museum which has a wide variety of exhibits from Switzerland's history to the present day. A tour of the museum takes the visitor on a journey from ancient times to middle ages and lands them in the 20th century. You will find a large collection of gothic art, liturgical wooden sculptures, carved altars and panel paintings. Other things to see are the Swiss furnishings exhibit, Armoury Tower, Coin Cabinet and a diorama of the Battle of Murten.

Grossmünster Church

Grossmünster Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich
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Considered as part of the Grand 4 churches of Zurich, the Grand Minster church, referred to as Grossmünster Church in swiss is Zurich's most famous landmark. The church was believed to be built on the site where the graves of Felix and Regula, the city's Patron saints, were found. Some of the things you must see within the church are the choir windows, Romanesque crypt, bronze doors, cloister Reformation Museum and the stained glass windows.

Rietberg Museum

Rietberg Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich
Photograph by www.hellotravel.com

This beautiful museum is the third largest museum in Zurich and is popular for its display of American, African, Asian and Oceanian art. It is located in Rieterpark where other historical buildings such as the Remise, the Wesendonck Villa, the Schönberg Villa, the Rieter Park-Villa can be found. It is one of the few museums in all of Europe that exhibit non-european artworks and is very interesting to visit.

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Zurich
Photograph by www.notabletravels.com

St. Peter's church is one of the four main churches of Zurich (the others being Predigerkirche, Grossmünster and Fraumünster) and is located in its Old Town. It is the oldest parish church of Zurich. While the church was built in the 9th century, it has gone through many changes over the centuries. Some of its original foundation from the 9th century along with the grave and monument of Zurich's first mayor in the outer tower wall from the 14th century shed light to its history. But the church is most famous for its large clockface which is the biggest in all of Europe, measuring 8.7m in diameter.

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