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Things To Do In Sigiriya

Planning A Trip To Sigiriya? Here's our list of top things to do in Sigiriya

Sigiriya is a town located in Sri Lanka’s North Central Province, a beautiful destination for travellers who have an avid interest in archeological ruins. A fortress, Sigiriya is encompassed with palaces and gardens that were built by King Kasyap in 5th century AD, post an unsuccessful attempt to kill & seize his Father and to prevent any future attacks. Sigiriya’s economy is totally tourism dependent. From serene boat rides to a stay in some beautiful destination hotels, from hiking, nature trails, hot air balloon rides to elephant safaris, here are some amazing things that you can enjoy at Sigiriya.

A Pleasant Hotel Stay

A Pleasant Hotel Stay:  Things To Do In Sigiriya
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While this really may not be an activity you can engage in, but it is a significant addition to your trip to Sigiriya. With Sri Lankan tourism being constantly worked on in terms of its service offerings, most luxury hotels have premium facilities and ambiance at low tariffs. For a 5-star or 4-star stay, you can expect a room rent of $100-$150 a night, in comparison to an exorbitant $500 somewhere else. Some mentionable properties in Sigiriya that would make your stay memorable include the Water Garden and Jetwing Lake Hotels, with beautiful views of Sigiriya Rock and villa-like rooms with either their private pools or a long swimming pool, with every room having a pool view, not to forget restaurants with buffet cuisines.

Local Delicacies

Local Delicacies:  Things To Do In Sigiriya
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If you would like to explore eateries aside from the delightful restaurants and food options available in your hotel then it is best to hit the streets to gorge on some spicy curries, especially the veg and non-veg Kottu. Sri Lankan cuisine comes close to the Indian South Indian fare but has its own indigenous touch to everything. 

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari:  Things To Do In Sigiriya
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Sigiriya’s also popular for 3 of the largest national parks in Sri Lanka, and the elephant safaris that happen there. Witness one of the largest gatherings of Elephants and be a apart of a day in their lives as they chow down the lush green grass, play around with their friends and dunk and drink in the lake. There are a variety of other species as well at the park to view and enjoy! 

Boat Ride

Boat Ride:  Things To Do In Sigiriya
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Take a boat ride in the lake with beautiful views of Sigiriya and the picturesque countryside. With some large lily pads in the lake and the gorgeous setting sun, you can look forward to a peaceful ride apt for quiet reflection.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride:  Things To Do In Sigiriya
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One of the best activities of your trip to Sigiriya, but an expensive one albeit, would be the Hot Air Balloon ride that you can sign up for with Sri Lanka Balloon, a government-approved enterprise which specializes in sunrise rides in Sigiriya. You will be bundled up in one of these balloons and taken over the lush landscape of this town, all windy hair and broad grins in tow. 

Open Jeep Tour & Cycling Trips

Open Jeep Tour & Cycling Trips:  Things To Do In Sigiriya
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What’s a better way of getting around a place than with a local, who will take you through the original villages of Sri Lanka, make you familiar with their lifestyle, their agricultural landscape, natural habitat and ancient ruins, all in the midst of thick forests, in addition to visiting the local markets that sell village groceries. You will also be honoured by their village hospitality. You can also explore the village on a bicycle if you enjoy riding and experience the rural life with a guide who will introduce you to the origins and history of the area, help you interact with villagers and treat you to some coconut juice to quench your thirst.

Nature Trail in Habrana

Nature Trail in Habrana:  Things To Do In Sigiriya
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A bush walk inside the lush forests of Habrana where you can expect to meet some elephants, enjoy watching the birds or witness the wildlife with an experienced villager is another highlight of things to do in Sigiriya. Mark the end of the trail with a sundowner by a beautiful lake or on a rock cliff.

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