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Sigiriya Weather And Best Time To Visit Sigiriya

Planning A Trip To Sigiriya? Here's a snapshot of Sigiriya weather and the best time to visit Sigiriya

An austere sanctuary, a rock art gallery and an invincible citadel, Sigiriya is most popular for its mysterious rocky outcrop, built in the 5th century AD in lieu of an anticipated conquest and is located upon a 656 ft high rock. With beautiful paintings of women adorning the rock, a graffiti wall that’s almost a 1000 years old, a lion’s paws and breathtaking views, Sigiriya is an archeological wonder.


The weather in Sigiriya is quite average with temperatures hardly varying. Given the humidity levels, the temperature is quite warm all year round, with considerable rainfall through half the year. The best time to visit Sigiriya is in July, then August and next January, during which time you’ll find all flights and hotel fares at their peak unless you book in advance. March is dull in Sigiriya, and hence quite easy on the pocket too.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May):  Sigiriya Weather And Best Time To Visit Sigiriya
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Spring in Sigiriya is low on business, which makes it an opportune time for good travel deals. March to May makes the weather quite warm on account of humidity and temperature fluctuation, with the highest temperature varying between 34.9°C and 32.2°C. Rains during this period is a usual occurrence with around 4-10 days of rainfall in each month. 

Summer (June-August)

Summer (June-August):  Sigiriya Weather And Best Time To Visit Sigiriya
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This is the best period for tourism in Sigiriya when summer is typically overcast, short & hot! With the humidity levels soaring, the highest temperature is 34.9°C in early April and the night temperature seldom goes below 23.7°C. Rainfall’s down to a bare minimum with only 3 days at the least in each month.

Fall (September-November)

Fall (September-November):  Sigiriya Weather And Best Time To Visit Sigiriya
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The fall season sees the temperature varying between 33.3°C and 29.7°C, making it pleasant weather to be in. There’s a considerable amount of rain or snowfall ranging between 4 days to a fortnight in a month, making it a slow season for tourism. 

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Sigiriya Weather And Best Time To Visit Sigiriya
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Winters are warm, wet and short as well, usually for a period of 2½ months, from 10 November-26 January. The average temperature stays at 29°C and the coldest day ends up being 28 January mostly. It rains or snows for almost 5-12 times in a month, making it the second-best time to visit Sigiriya.


With its temperate weather conditions, Sigiriya’s appropriate for tourism throughout the year. The warm weather gets challenging when you climb to the rock, as there’s a fair bit of walking involved. However, since the wind current is so strong, the harshness of the sun wouldn’t really bother as much. The best time to climb would be early mornings and evenings before 5 pm. After this time you can expect roaming elephants and wasps. Weekends are usually crowded and so are public holidays.

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