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Dambulla Weather And Best Time To Visit Dambulla

Planning A Trip To Dambulla? Here's a snapshot of Dambulla weather and the best time to visit Dambulla

With over 68,000 people living in Dambulla, most of the populace here’s Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamilians, Indian Tamilians, and Moors, with a majority being Theravada Buddhists and then Christians, Hindus, and Muslims. Sri Lankan people are very warm in their hospitality; and their traditions, religion and social skills are predominantly influenced by their religious beliefs & rituals. Although attuned to the Western culture, they don traditional wear during all local festivals and celebrations.


Dambulla has a tropical climate abundant with rainfall, which is heavy from April through January and the temperature is more or less consistent between 30°C-34°C at a maximum and 15°C-17°C on the lower side, for the most part of the year. Dambulla’s characterized mostly by two seasons: summer and monsoons. Tourism’s at its peak in July, followed by August and then January in Dambulla, while March is the least visited month. The best time to visit Dambulla is between May through October when the weather is great.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May):  Dambulla Weather And Best Time To Visit Dambulla
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With a combination of temperature and humidity levels, months of March to May are usually warm, when the maximum temperature fluctuates between 34°C and 32°C, following a similar pattern in the subsequent months. Rainfall occurs mostly between 4-10 days in a month, making spring the slowest season for tourism in Dambulla.

Summer (June-August)

Summer (June-August):  Dambulla Weather And Best Time To Visit Dambulla
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Mid-year in Dambulla is dry and witnesses high temperatures, with 0-3 days of rainfall from June to August. With an average temperature of 33°C on the high and minimum of 14°C, April’s the warmest month in the year, which makes summers the best time to visit Dambulla. You can expect a huge surge in the lodging and hotel tariffs.

Fall (September-November)

Fall (September-November):  Dambulla Weather And Best Time To Visit Dambulla
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The fall season in Dambulla witnesses temperatures oscillating between 33°C-29°C, which is rather pleasant, keeping the wind and humidity levels in mind. Rains or snowfall are significantly higher during this period with 4-14 days of wet period in a month. October receives the most rainfall in the year. Fall season slows down the incoming tourist traffic during this time, unless there is a cricket match scheduled in the town.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Dambulla Weather And Best Time To Visit Dambulla
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Dambulla’s perfect for warm weather enthusiasts with an average high temperature of 32.2°C and 28.4°C. Rains drench the town, for 5-12 days in a month on an average, making it the second busiest time in the year to visit the city.

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