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Galle Weather And Best Time To Visit Galle

Planning A Trip To Galle? Here's a snapshot of Galle weather and the best time to visit Galle

Located at the tip of the Sri Lankan coast, Galle may be known for its age-old Heritage site, but there’s so much more to this tropical paradise. Whether it is being privy to its Dutch architecture, going on solo hiking trips, camping at some of the world’s best landscapes or riding a bike for the adventure of a lifetime, Galle has some of the choicest activities you can experience during your time there.


Like most other tropical places, Galle too has tourist friendly weather conditions. Resplendent with amazing natural beauty, an abundance of wildlife and cultural riches dating back innumerable ages, Galle has a plethora of things to do and places to see for all kinds of luxury driven, adventure seeking and comfort loungers from all across the globe. There isn’t really one particular time to visit Galle, given the absence of a dry season in Sri Lanka. However, January-April and then mid July-September are considered the best time to visit Galle.

Dry Weather (December-May)

Dry Weather (December-May):  Galle Weather And Best Time To Visit Galle
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Months from December-May usually experience dry & hot weather in Galle, with the temperature fluctuating between 29°C -31°C and sporadic rains. This is also the best time to soak in at least 7 hours of sunshine every day, making it favorable for all outdoor adventures.

Spring Season (February-April)

Spring Season (February-April):  Galle Weather And Best Time To Visit Galle
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February to April is spring season in Galle, pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities, also conducive to be by the poolside or at the beach. April is the driest month of the year and hence, it is best to avoid sightseeing in the hours between 11 am-3 pm as the dry heat might get to you.

Wet Weather (May to November)

Wet Weather (May to November):  Galle Weather And Best Time To Visit Galle
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The South West Monsoons bring the temperature down and make May & June the rainiest months in Galle. It is best to be equipped with an Umbrella or Raincoat at all time during this season. July-September is the odd-shower season. October & November period experiences a heavy monsoon which is quite unpredictable and can vary between strong to patchy or none at times! These are not the best months to visit.

Most Pleasant Time (December-February)

Most Pleasant Time (December-February):  Galle Weather And Best Time To Visit Galle
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You can look forward to falling temperature, making it nippier in December through February with the snow or rains for roughly a week to 10 days in the month. With the monsoons weaning off and moving northeast, the beachside activities rise with the calm sea for and greenery is at its lushest best!


Compared to other Asian locales, Sri Lanka is indeed one of the leading all-year destinations for holidaying. As long as you keep in mind the South-Western rains between May-September and the dry spell between December-March, you are more or less sorted with the weather forecast in Galle. The beaches close to Galle experience the same weather cycle as the West Coast, hence you can expect to have the weather in Galle on its best behavior between November and April.

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