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Things To Do In Negombo

Planning A Trip To Negombo? Here's our list of top things to do in Negombo

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate and a mix of beautiful & scenic tourist attractions you can explore on your own, with friends or family. Negombo specifically is a lovely place to lounge back and enjoy a relaxing vacation amidst some really warm hospitality. Positioned on a lagoon’s shore, Negombo was a significant trading port to both the Dutch and the Portuguese in the old days. A short drive from the capital of Colombo, this gorgeous seaside destination is the perfect haven for travellers for a bit of tranquility and peace from the city chaos.


The quaint town of Negombo is like a blast from the past thanks to its Dutch flavor. With a perfect setting to relax and rejuvenate in, there are a variety of Ayurveda spa sessions and massages to pamper yourself with, amidst some other interesting things to do in Negombo.

Sailing into the Indian Ocean

Sailing into the Indian Ocean:  Things To Do In Negombo
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The Catamaran, typically used by fishermen in the area are mostly handcrafted, which makes each one unique, decorated with different color combinations. For about LKR 1,000 or so, enjoy sailing in a fisherman’s boat in the Indian Ocean, enjoying the serene ocean and the coconut plantations adorning the virgin beach.


Fishing:  Things To Do In Negombo
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Originally set up as a fishing village, Negombo has been the hub for fish trade for the local community. A fishing tour hence is a must to witness the fascinating visuals of the fishing business and the associating activities with the locals here. It is truly one of the best activities to engage in Negombo.

Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing:  Things To Do In Negombo
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With the right gear and training, there are some kite-surfing centers in Negombo that will help you learn the ropes and enjoy Kite Surfing for an adventurous afternoon.

Private Snorkeling Tour

Private Snorkeling Tour:  Things To Do In Negombo
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The sea here is shallow for the most part of the shore, protected by the coral reef, which has allowed many species of the aquatic world to inhabit the sea floor off the Negombo Coast. You can enjoy a private snorkeling session at the harbour, and be delighted to witness many beauties like the vibrant live corals, hermit crabs, large silver blue shoals, the clownfish and the pretty floral anemones that can be quite dangerous in their own way! 

Boating in the Canal

Boating in the Canal:  Things To Do In Negombo
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In colonising the country, the Europeans also made canals to transport goods from one post to another, which are now used for boating excursions for visiting tourists. With an experienced guide by your side, a boating tour covering Negombo city, Fisherman’s Bay, St. Mary’s Church and the Angurukaramulla temple will be a delight. The 6 hours of your journey will keep you engaged and captivated for long.


Cycling:  Things To Do In Negombo
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Enjoy the sights and different facets of the scenic Negombo on a bicycle tour, with over 4 hours of sightseeing, getting familiar with its history, interesting facts and lovely anecdotes in the company of a local guide, with occasional stops for a refreshment and local snack. Covering nearly 10 km, this tour is customised as per your convenience.


Shopping:  Things To Do In Negombo
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With an interesting assortment of jewellery and curios that are handcrafted, Negombo is quite a shopper’s paradise. The streets of Negombo beach are good to scan through and pick up stuff from, for dollar picks and other goods to buy at great bargains!

Romantic Dining at a Catamaran

Romantic Dining at a Catamaran:  Things To Do In Negombo
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Relish a dreamy & romantic barbeque meal with the love of your life aboard a Catamaran, with a 3-person crew by the beach to serve you and then leave you to your privacy. Honeymooners and couples find these dinners extremely relaxing and personally rejuvenating, basking in the leftover heat from the setting sun with winds whipping a cool breeze around. 

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