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Things To Do In Bentota

Planning A Trip To Bentota? Here's our list of top things to do in Bentota

Bentota is coastal town south of Colombo most popular for its beautiful beaches. its Lagoon and its estuary. The shape of the island is such that it allows for a great amount of water sports. It is no wonder then, it is known as the water sports capital of Sri Lanka. The water at the beach is calm and has a few places studded with corals and the likes. Additionally, to improve tourism, the Bentota National Holiday Complex has everything a tourist would want to make their trip comfortable, starting from eateries and accommodation to shopping complexes and water sport complexes. Below is a list of the top things to do when you are in the beach town of Bentota.

Sight Seeing

Sight Seeing:  Things To Do In Bentota
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Most tourists come to Bentota for its gorgeous beaches but any list would be incomplete without mentioning Bentota’s own sight-seeing spots. The homes of the architecture genius Geoffrey Bawa and his brother Bevis Bawa are always on the top of the list. The 20 acre Brief House that belonged to Bevis Bawa is known for its elaborate garden and the sculptures and other artwork that decorate it. The Lunuganga, overlooking the lake Dedduwa, was the estate of Geoffrey Bawa and it is a brilliant example of his craftsmanship. There are a couple of Buddhist temples in the region like Kande Vihara Temple and Galapatha Buddhist Temple that would be nice to visit. Both are quite different in style and age and have their own unique history.

Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing:  Things To Do In Bentota
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The exciting sport of wind surfing is widely practised in Bentota thanks to the calm waters of the lagoon. The water here is perfect, especially for beginners; and moreover a course here is rather affordable. There are a couple of centres offering the course and rents boards and sails. The Sunshine Water Sports Centre is the most popular choice as it has a VDWS certification.

Wake Boarding

Wake Boarding:  Things To Do In Bentota
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Another water sport that is quite prominent in Bentota thanks to its estuary is wake boarding. The many sports complexes it has arranged for the board and the motor boat required are great. They offer both a beginners course and a normal round for those already familiar with the sport.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving:  Things To Do In Bentota
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Though it is one of the more expensive courses, the underwater treasures awaiting you will make it totally worth the price. The scuba diving centres in Bentota are PADI certified and a course generally is about 4 days long. Canoe rock is the most popular dive site and it is a fairly large one. The coral reef and lobster valley are the main highlights of this dive site. A little south of this is the South Reef that is inhabited by many colourful schools of fishes.

Wave Surfing

Wave Surfing:  Things To Do In Bentota
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There are few places more suited for beginners than Bentota, especially because the beaches are sandy and do not have dangerous rocks. The waves may not seem as challenging to the more experienced surfers though. There are quite a few break spots on the beaches of Bentota. Again, like most water sports, a beginner’s course is available at the various water sport centres. The boards can be rented on hourly or daily basis as per your convenience.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing:  Things To Do In Bentota
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The Bentota Ganga and the Lagoon offer the perfect conditions for jet skiing. La Luna Water Sports centre is one of the top centres offering skiing opportunities. The Jet Ski comes in two power ratings; 700cc and 1100cc and they don’t differ in price by much. One trip usually lasts a quarter of an hour on average. Other rides are also available like water skiing, banana boat rides and so on.


Canoeing:  Things To Do In Bentota
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One of the most enchanting water sports, canoeing, starts in the lagoon and slowly proceeds to the sea through the estuary. The changing water texture and landscapes make the experience unforgettable. There are a few packages that you can choose depending on the duration you prefer. The sports centres provide safety equipment, necessary gear and everything else you would need. This is also a great opportunity to spot some aquatic life and indigenous birds.

River Safari

River Safari:  Things To Do In Bentota
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Though not as adventurous as the rest of the activities, you will surely find the river safari quite thrilling. The trip lasts a couple of hours and gives you ample opportunity to experience the wildlife of Bentota. The most spotted animals are crocodiles, snakes and the Asian water monitor. A number of birds can also be spotted as the boat floats through the mangroves and thick shrubbery on either bank.

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