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Things To Do In Trincomalee

Planning A Trip To Trincomalee? Here's our list of top things to do in Trincomalee

A possible site for the historic Gokana or the Great Chronicle and its Shiva Temple in the Hindu Scriptures, Trincomalee attracts travellers en route to the beaches of Uppuveli and Nilaveli, however, the town does have its own charm, an interesting community of people and ancient history to boast of. Home to some of the finest deepwater ports that span Sri Lanka’s Eastern Coastline, Trincomalee has a gorgeous stretch of white shores at the beach and dazzling coastal backdrop. There are more things to do in Trincomalee than just enjoying its idyllic beaches and here’s a snapshot of all that you can look forward to.

Snorkelling, Scuba Diving & Speedboating

Snorkelling, Scuba Diving & Speedboating:  Things To Do In Trincomalee
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Of the two marine parks in Sri Lanka Pigeon Island’s, one is situated a kilometer off the Nilaveli coast and spanning nearly 471.4 hectares. With some of the best remaining coral reefs in Sri Lanka, Pigeon Island was titled a natural reserve in 1963 and is the 17th national park in the country. A 3-hour adventurous ride is an excellent way to enjoy marine life that inhabits the shallow waters, a mesmerizing world below the blue surface of the sea with colorful corals, scurrying shoals of silvery fish, and beautiful clownfish.


A paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts, the clear waters at Pigeon Island make the activity easier to enjoy and safe from about a feet of water to nearly 7 feet. You can look forward to witnessing a variety of underwater life that includes coral gardens, colorful fish, eels, black tip sharks, huge sea turtles and more! For those who don’t enjoy snorkelling, a speedboat ride would be exciting. From swimming to the other side of the island to fishing in the ocean or windsurfing, you can indulge in some other water sports at Pigeon Island.

Dolphin & Whale Watching

Dolphin & Whale Watching:  Things To Do In Trincomalee
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Being one of the most popular seaside community in the country, Trincomalee is also known for its turquoise shallow waters and white sand beach. The period of July through September is perfect to go into the deep waters and enjoy watching the Dolphins and the Blue Whales, Sri Lanka’s marine giants. The whale watching and dolphin tours usually last for 4-5 hours. You can also catch sights of Sperm whales, Bryde’s Whales and rarely the Killer Whales during the tour. Among the dolphins, you can look forward to seeing the bottlenose species, spinners, Risso's and striped dolphins. Sri Lanka’s considered one of the best places to enjoy this activity and you can often witness super pods of dolphins to the extent of 40 at a time or even more!

Adventure Sports and Water Rides

Adventure Sports and Water Rides:  Things To Do In Trincomalee
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For those who prefer the thrilling adventure sports, there’s a list of activities to indulge in like water skiing, sea kayaking, diving and jet skiing. Trincomalee also has a water park, a fun site for family outings. Then there’s diving. The ocean floor hides in its lap many treasures which you can unearth by diving in and capturing the beautiful coral reefs and other dazzling & colorful marine life during the underwater diving activities. From Deep Sea Dives, diving for kids to Nighttime Dives, pick one and cherish an amazing experience for times to come.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs:  Things To Do In Trincomalee
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Make the most of Trincomalee’s traditions and take a Bath in the Kanniya Hot Springs, which is believed to have medicinal properties that the locals swear by. The springs have a tile floor and 7 artificial square shaped wells with waist deep water which is sourced from the natural springs. Each well has a slight variation in temperature.


Beaches:  Things To Do In Trincomalee
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The beaches near the city are renowned as the most pristine beaches in Sri Lanka. To the north of Trincomalee are two untouched and palm-fringed beaches ideal for rejuvenating your tired spirit, mind and body by the sea. 6 km from Trincomalee is Uppuveli, with clear emerald green water and gorgeous beach with golden sand and a mellow ambiance to boast of. With a lip-smacking display of delicious Sri Lankan cuisines, this laidback heaven is perfect for some volley-ball, whale watching or swimming escapades.


About 16 km from Trincomalee is the Nilaveli Beach, a soft sand coast ideal for sunbathing, with knee-deep shallow sea expanse, making it the perfect place to snorkel or go swimming. Nilaveli’s white sands span on both sides encompassed by lush greenery and palm trees and its name implies ‘open land of the Moon Shine’ in Tamil. While swimming at Nilaveli, you can witness vibrant coral reefs with sparkling tropical fish in calm waters. Tourists who love eating can find an unlimited array of seafood here with plenty of adventure sports to enjoy.


The Marble Bay Beach is another beautiful site in the country within Trincomalee’s natural port area, where you can see the sea’s surface shining like a marble during a bright day.


Golf:  Things To Do In Trincomalee
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On the east coast of the Island is the Eagle’s Golf course, which has a sparkling view of the Marble beach and its water vistas along with its well-maintained gardens. A golf course spanning 171 acres, the place tests its players with a variety of challenges like water hedges and sand bunkers. There’s a pro-shop at the Clubhouse with a range of golf accessories, apparel, and shoes, with accommodation for both members and players.

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