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Things To Do In Patiala

Planning A Trip To Patiala? Here's our list of top things to do in Patiala

Patiala is one of the largest cities in North India famous all over the globe for its clothing and penchant for handicrafts. A few things that define this crafty enthusiasm of the town include Parandi, Patiala Pagadi, and Jutti. Apart from these items, the city is famous for its larger than life Patiala Pegs and perfectly fitting Patiala salwar. Some of the exciting activities that tourists can partake in when on a tour of Patiala include traversing through wildlife reserves, stepping into refreshing gardens, shopping for traditional attire at one of the many street markets, or visiting a famous sports stadium. Visitors do not fall short of exciting activities to indulge in on their trip. Let us look at some of these exciting things to do when on Patiala grounds.

Traverse Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary

Traverse Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Patiala
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Situated within touching distance of Moti Bagh Palace, Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary forms one of the premier tourist spots in the whole of Patiala. Local inhabitants relate to this sanctuary as deer park because of the many deer that thrive within its grasslands. Some of the magnificent creatures found around Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary include Wild Boar, Black Buck, Jackal, Chital, Rhesus monkeys, Grey Partridge, Peafowl, Hog Deer, and Blue Bull. Apart from these animals, the Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary also nurtures refreshing flora like Eucalyptus, Neem, Teak, Bamboo, Beri, Imli, Lasura, Jamun, and Drek. Thanks to this wide variety of wildlife and flora population, the nature reserve forms a beautiful tourist spot for visitors.

Stroll through Baradari Garden

Stroll through Baradari Garden:  Things To Do In Patiala
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The rejuvenating surroundings of Baradari Garden offer tourists as well as local inhabitants a perfect spot for a morning stroll. Nature enthusiasts can find solace in the presence of a diverse assortment of flowers and plants. Perfectly nestled in the center of the city, Baradari Garden was constructed under the sovereignty of Maharaja Rajinder Singh. It is a peaceful experience when people spend their mornings at the Baradari Garden performing yoga. Apart from the garden's tranquil ambiance, tourists can also find some hotels in the vicinity that prepare delectable food items. The Baradari Garden has all the ingredients required to be a crowd puller and lure in families who wish to partake in picnic activities.

Walk toward Lachman Jhoola

Walk toward Lachman Jhoola:  Things To Do In Patiala
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Situated within proximity of Sheesh Mahal, Lachman Jhoola is a hilly area of Patiala that provides a stunning panorama of the surrounding cities below. Tourists have to make their way through an ancient suspension bridge to get to the Lachman Jhoola. This bridge may seem fragile from afar, but it boasts state-of-the-art architectural technology and possesses enormous strength. It is an incredible sight when you look down from atop this one-of-a-kind suspension bridge, luring in visitors from all over India. However, visitors should be careful not to run over the span but walk carefully to avoid slipping along the way. The perfect setting of this unique tourist spot makes it a photographer's paradise.

Venture into Darbar Hall and Museum

Venture into Darbar Hall and Museum:  Things To Do In Patiala
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Nestled atop the Bypass Road, Darbar Hall and Museum is an ancient remnant of an era where kings and queens reigned supreme over Northern India. Some of the highlights of the darbar's museum include wartime artillery, such as cannons and swords. This monument provides a sneak peek into the life and times of the royal regime of Patiala, alluring historians and art enthusiasts from all over the globe. With several architectural marvels spread across the darbar's expanse, ancient kingdoms come to life on a tour of Darbar Hall and Museum. While at the darbar, tourists can also hire a local guide to provide them with intriguing historical facts about the Darbar Hall.

Drop into Food Library Hotel

Drop into Food Library Hotel:  Things To Do In Patiala
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Placed atop the first floor of a burly building, Food Library boasts of some of the most delicious Punjabi food. The highlight of this restaurant's menu is the Dum-a-Dum Biryani, which is available in variants such as Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, and Vegetarian Biryani. In addition to these items, tourists can feast on Punjabi delectables such as Patiala Shahi Paneer, Tandoori Tikkas, and Dhals. The cooks at Food Library also let customers watch them flip, fry, or bake the traditional rotis or naans inside their open kitchen. Tourists can also catch a glimpse of the streets in the vicinity while feasting on tasty Punjabi food.

Intriguing National Institute of Sports

Intriguing National Institute of Sports:  Things To Do In Patiala
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Constructed in 1961, the National Institute of Sports was named after Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in the 1970s. The institute is famous as one of Asia's most prominent sports organizations. Situated inside the premises of the Old Moti Bagh Palace, the National Institute of Sports came under the control of the Indian government post-independence. The institute's vicinity is studded with several exceptional sports collectibles. Ranging from PT Usha's lightning-quick shoes from the 1986 Seoul Asiad to Major Dhyan Chand's gold medal from the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, the National Institute of Sports can amaze every intrigued visitor with its collection of sports memorabilia. Another unique collectible includes an exercise disc used by the Great Gama while performing squats.

Visit Dukh Niwaran Gurdwara

Visit Dukh Niwaran Gurdwara:  Things To Do In Patiala
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Located approximately 1 km toward the north-western end of the Patiala Bus Stand, Dukh Niwaran Gurdwara is one of the most famous shrines in the whole of Patiala. This shrine holds significant impetus thanks to the many miraculous healings performed by Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur at this very venue in the 1600s. Cultivating moral values among the faithful who visit the gurudwara, Dukh Niwaran Gurdwara is believed to possess a pond of which the waters heal devotees of their illnesses or ailments. To get a feel of the surroundings, tourists can also partake in the temple's activities, such as cleaning the gurudwara or feeding the poor. Tourists can visit during festivals such as Lohri, Basant Panchmi, or Gurunanak Jayanti to experience the cultural fervor of Patiala.

Cricket Match at Dhruv Pandove Stadium

Cricket Match at Dhruv Pandove Stadium:  Things To Do In Patiala
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Dhruv Pandove Stadium is a stunning cricket ground that forms home turf for the Punjab state's cricket team. This ground was named after a budding cricketer who passed away under unavoidable circumstances. Dhruv Pandove Stadium has played host to around 69 cricket matches over the last century and forms one of the oldest pitches in the whole of Punjab. It is always an altogether different experience when you sit inside a cricket stadium and watch a match in person as compared to being glued to the television at home. The ground staff at Dhruv Pandove Stadium and the curators spend several hours maintaining and developing this state-of-the-art cricket stadium, providing tourists as well as locals with a delightful opportunity to watch their favorite players go head to head.

Visit Arna Barna Chowk

Visit Arna Barna Chowk:  Things To Do In Patiala
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Arna Barna Chowk is a perfect spot for those tourists who nurture intellectual interests. This site is a one-stop-shop for tourists or locals who wish to purchase books on education and other fields. Some of the book stores found at this destination provide information about areas such as Medical and Engineering at inexpensive rates. Apart from books galore, Arna Barna Chowk also has a wide range of furniture stores that showcase exquisite interior decor items. The exciting part of this shopping experience is that tourists can bargain with the shopkeepers and try to get impressive discounts on the things of their choice. Avoid visiting Arna Barna Chowk during the summer season as the sultry climate and crowded streets tend to prove taxing.

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