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Things To Do In Jalandhar

Planning A Trip To Jalandhar? Here's our list of top things to do in Jalandhar

Jalandhar forms one of the most significant towns in the whole of Punjab, with the prestige of once falling under the Indus Valley Civilization of yore. Apart from its rich historical roots, Jalandhar also boasts of remarkable industrial prowess. Its exceptional development of sports equipment has helped make the town one of the commercially superior hubs of North India. When in Jalandhar, tourists can take a tour of the exquisite science center at Kapurthala, walk into a museum with artifacts related to Indian freedom struggles, partake in the cultural celebrations at Rangla Punjab Haveli, or get onto adventurous rides at the Wonderland amusement park. Let us take a look at some of the exciting things to do when tourists find themselves inside the beautiful city of Jalandhar.

Bustling Saidan Gate

Bustling Saidan Gate:  Things To Do In Jalandhar
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Saidan Gate forms an ancient entry point for one of the largest shopping complexes in the whole of Jalandhar. This gate is an intriguing remnant of the Kapurthala regime that ruled over Jalandhar during yesteryears. The spot is flanked by several street markets and shopping hubs on all sides. Owing to the varied collection of on-sale items at this junction, tourists can sprint around from one shop to the other throughout the day. While roaming across the area close to Saidan Gate, it is entirely natural to come across visitors belonging to different ethnic cultures. All of the markets here are uniquely interconnected through small lanes and offer visitors with some exciting traditional souvenirs to take back home.

Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Museum

Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Museum:  Things To Do In Jalandhar
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Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Museum is situated at Khatkar Kalian, the town where the forefathers of this Indian martyr resided in the past. Lying within touching distance of cities such as Nawanshahr and Chandigarh, too, this museum showcases remnants related to the life and times of Bhagat Singh. Some of the intriguing artifacts found here include documents written the great freedom fighter, photographs from his time in Jalandhar, his belongings, and a judgment photocopy of the infamous Lahore Conspiracy Case. One such intriguing remnant present at Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Museum is the pen used to write down death sentences for Bhagat Singh and his brave activists. History fanatics would love to dive deep into India's freedom struggle at this exciting museum.

Sanctifying Tulsi Mandir

Sanctifying Tulsi Mandir:  Things To Do In Jalandhar
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Dedicated to Vrinda Devi, the wife of the fallen angel Jalandhara, Tulsi Mandir holds religious importance for several Hindus across the whole of the country. According to some pandits, the Tulsi Mandir might have prevailed even before the town of Jalandhar came into existence. One of the prime attractions of this shrine is the gigantic bathing reservoir that flanks one side of the temple. Ancient folklore proclaims that the demon Jalandhar would bathe at this bathing tank during his lifetime. Every morning, the caretaker cum pandits offer praise and worship to the Gods and give blessings to the humble devotees who make their way into the sacred area. Tourists or locals can go back from this shrine feeling rejuvenated and refreshed with new vigor.

Cultural Fest at Rangla Punjab Haveli

Cultural Fest at Rangla Punjab Haveli:  Things To Do In Jalandhar
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Rangla Punjab Haveli provides tourists with a real Punjabi experience through its traditional village setup. Inside the premises, visitors forget about the outside world as they are taken back in time to an era of Punjabi folklore. The local inhabitants present at this unique village layout are often found playing marbles, weaving, dancing to upbeat Punjabi music, or fetching water the traditional way, from a well. To bring in genuinely everyday experience, authorities have specific areas of the Rangla Punjab Haveli, uniquely committed to creating kitchenware out of brass and recreating prototypes of the traditional subedar settlements. Every evening, tourists who visit the spot can be entertained by puppet shows, pottery, magic shows, and rides atop camels and horses.

Venture into Nikku Park

Venture into Nikku Park:  Things To Do In Jalandhar
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Situated right at the heart of Jalandhar city, Nikku Park provides families with a beautiful spot to spend their evenings together. One of the main attractions at the park is the high-spirited bull ride, which lures in several visiting kids. Nikku Park forms a natural breeding ground for several animal and bird species. This means that nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers can manage to spot and capture amazing eyeshots of these beautiful creatures while in the garden. Apart from these essentials, the water fountains spread across Nikku Park's expanse only underline the garden's scenic grandeur furthermore. Visitors can choose to feast on street food at the food stalls anytime they get hungry too.

Wonderland Amusement Park

Wonderland Amusement Park:  Things To Do In Jalandhar
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Wonderland is a fantastic water park situated approximately 6 km away from the main bus stand of Jalandhar. This exquisite amusement center offers tourists an exciting collection of water as well as joy rides. Apart from the fascinating trips on offer, Wonderland also provides refreshing food at its dining hall, splendid shopping opportunities at its shopping stores, and several other entertainment options for amusement. Spanning an 11-acre expanse, the main highlights of this amusement park include the impressive wave pool from its water park and the magnificent rain dance setup where tourists can cheer to Punjabi music. Other entertaining options around the park comprise a haunted house, bumper cars, a boating experience, and flying jets.

Step into Guru Gobind Singh Stadium

Step into Guru Gobind Singh Stadium:  Things To Do In Jalandhar
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The Guru Gobind Singh Stadium plays host to several sporting and cultural events organized at the state as well as the national level. One of the prestigious events held at this remarkable sports complex includes the 2010 Kabaddi World Cup. Capable of accommodating approximately 22,000 spectators, Guru Gobind Singh Stadium's complex comprises double-storied pavilions that rise to a height of 311 feet. The state-of-the-art seating arrangement includes seats coated with steel canopies and RCC slabs. The prime play zone consists of a 400-m long, athletic track and a football ground. It is an exceptional experience to witness a sporting event held post-sunset here, as the splendid floodlights make the sophisticated look extravagant.

Walk into Nehru Garden

Walk into Nehru Garden:  Things To Do In Jalandhar
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Jalandhar being famous as one of the cleanest towns in the whole of India, it is no surprise that the refreshing Nehru Garden resides here. Constructed during the reign of the British empire over North India, it is considered to be one of the oldest parks around town. The British named the Nehru Garden Company Bagh when they first built it, with the name being changed post-independence. Some of the exciting sections of the park include a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, a clock tower, and a library. Nehru Garden is situated within the Cantonment Territory of Jalandhar and provides easy accessibility for tourists from nearby bus stations or railway stations.

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