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Things To Do In Zirakpur

Planning A Trip To Zirakpur? Here's our list of top things to do in Zirakpur

Zirakpur is famous among North Indians as the "Wedding Capital" of the northern hemisphere of India. Almost three-fourth of the collection of wedding halls and resorts spread across the surrounding hamlet are present inside Zirakpur's vicinity. Tourists who visit this town during the peak seasons for weddings, especially months belonging to the winter or summer season, are sure to watch fireworks light up the skies every now and then. Brimming with rich cultural activities and lush greenery, Zirakpur offers tourists with a truckload of things to take up on their trip of the town. Visitors can either visit a sacred gurudwara that emanates Sikhism, play a wonderful game of golf at a splendid golf course, spend refreshing time at a nature park, or discover an ancient monument of yore. Let us look at some of these interesting things to do when placed within the city of Zirakpur.

Step into Funcity Amusement Park

Step into Funcity Amusement Park:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Funcity is one of the most significant water and entertainment parks around Zirakpur. Situated in the northern hemisphere of India, this amusement park extends across a 43-acre expanse of picturesque grasslands. Funcity comprises a splendid water resort and an entertaining amusement center. Famous as Wunder Park, the water park here hosts an activity pool, six landing pools, 17 water slides of varying sizes, and a wave pool. Water rides that tourists would love to include the Red Dragon Slide, Pendulum, Well Shower, Crusader, and Bowl Speed Slide. Funcity also boasts of a delightful amusement park with exciting hydraulic rides such as Crazy Cars, Spin-o-Spin, Grand Prix, and Dream Boat.

Explore Cactus Garden

Explore Cactus Garden:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Cactus Garden, better known to the state officials as National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Centre, forms one of the largest nature parks in the whole of Asia. This garden boasts of a splendid reserve of more than 3,500 plant species across its grasslands. Uniquely, Cactus Garden nurtures endangered plant species that include several varieties of succulents of the Genus Caralluma origin. Cactus enthusiasts and botanists from all over the world visit this garden to explore the different succulents and cacti here that breed medicinal traits within them. Visitors who visit during the summer season have the opportunity to witness the annual Cactus Show. Some of the stunning plant species that thrive within Cactus Garden's expanse include Aloe Ferox, Aloe Speciosa, Notocacti, Astrophytum, and Mamillarias.

Refreshing Morni and Tikkar Tal

Refreshing Morni and Tikkar Tal:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Located in the low-lying region of the Shivalik Ranges, Morni is a perfect tourist spot thanks to its pleasant and welcoming weather. Tourists can take up exciting rock-climbing and trekking ventures amidst the splendid natural panoramas of the city. Located approximately 45 km away from Zirakpur, this tourist place is interestingly perched about 3,600 ft above sea level. Visitors can view a refreshing collection of plant species across the hillocks, including pines, neem, pipal, amaltas, jamun, jacaranda, and oak. Apart from aromatic and radiant plant life, Morni also boasts of a stunning reserve of wildlife and bird species. It is fittingly considered a birdwatchers' haven thanks to the presence of bird species such as dove, quail, and sand grouse. Animals like sambhars and hyenas also dwell within the vicinity.

Invigorating Nahan Kothi

Invigorating Nahan Kothi:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Situated approximately 26 km away from Zirakpur, Nahan Kothi is a majestic monument that boasts of historical roots dating back to the 19th century. Prince Surjan Singh and Bir Singh constructed the architectural masterpiece during the tyrannic reign of the British colonial forces in India. This hilly region belonged to the state of Haryana during those days. Nahan Kothi derived its name from the Himachal Pradesh of yesteryears, which was familiar to local inhabitants of North India as Nahan at the time. It is believed that apart from forming a defensive fort against intruders, the monument also created a resthouse for Maharajas, who were on hunting ventures. Thanks to its ancient architectural style, historians find their visit to Nahan Kothi very intriguing.

Playtime at Panchkula Golf Course

Playtime at Panchkula Golf Course:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Panchkula Golf Course is situated approximately 14 km away from the satellite town of Zirakpur. Constructed in 2003, this golf course extends across a 135-acre grassland, allowing enthusiastic golfers to play to a par of 72. The Panchkula Golf Course comprises 18 holes and forms part of a more massive sports multiplex. The golf course here holds striking similarities to those in Scotland thanks to the breeze roaring in from the Ghaggar river and the smoothly rising fairways. The presence of the Shivalik Ranges and River Ghaggar in the background only adds topographical beauty to the Panchkula Golf Course terrain. This golf course proves testing for budding as well as experienced golf players with its tricky terrain that could even mean perishing shots that drop the ball into the neighboring river. Tourists could indulge in a fun golf session at this splendid sports complex.

Visit Gurudwara Nada Sahib

Visit Gurudwara Nada Sahib:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Gurudwara Nada Sahib is ideally nestled along the embankments of River Ghaggar. Situated approximately 11 km away from Zirakpur, this sacred shrine formed a resthouse for Guru Gobind Singh when he stopped by on his trip to Anandpur Sahib from Paonta Sahib. This distinct event occurred post the Battle of Bhangani that took place in 1688. It is believed that the local ruler named Nadu Shah and his staunch companions assisted the Guru and his compatriots with milk and food to survive. Bhai Motha Singh recognized the significance of this sweet gesture by the people of Nada Sahib and commemorated the Guru's visit here by raising the Gurudwara Nada Sahib shrine. Several Sikh followers throng the gurudwara day in and day out to pay their respects to Guru Gobind Singh.

Rejuvenating Time at Ghaggar River

Rejuvenating Time at Ghaggar River:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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The area along the flanks of Ghaggar River forms a beautiful natural haven for local inhabitants as well as tourists visiting the city of Zirakpur. This intermittent river distinctly has far-spreading waters that even tread across the borders of India to neighboring Pakistan. Known to flow at its best only during the monsoon season, Ghaggar River is believed to have formed an abode for the flourishing Harappan Civilization of yore. Even today, significant remnants of that ancient community prevail at the riverbed of this river. Geophysical researchers found that the end of the Harappan Civilization was brought about when the Ghaggar River ceased to receive water from the monsoon precipitation. These ancient historical aspects if the Ghaggar River and its serene surroundings make it a perfect tourist destination.

Lush Green Butterfly Park

Lush Green Butterfly Park:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Situated approximately 13 km away from Zirakpur, Butterfly Park is a refreshing nature reserve. The park's 7-acre expanse nurtures attractive butterfly species. Tourists can find nectar and host plants cultivated across Butterfly Park to cater to the hunger pangs of these beautiful creatures. Some of the host plants thriving in the garden include Citrus, Salix, and Mango. On the other hand, nectar plants such as Marigold, Antrinium, Zinnia, Sweet peas, Pansy, Dahlia, and Cosmos are found at particular times of the year. Tourists can take up guided tours of Butterfly Park to understand the intriguing life cycle of a butterfly. Some of the colorful butterfly species found here include Tailed Jay Butterfly, Angled Castor, Blue Mormon, Common Blue Bottle, Commander, and Ape fly.

Tranquil Nirjhar Vatika

Tranquil Nirjhar Vatika:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Situated around 11 km away from Zirakpur, Nirjhar Vatika is a lush green park brimming with a serene ambiance. Tourists, as well as local inhabitants belonging to different sets of ages, visit the garden to experience its tranquility. Right in the center of Nirjhar Vatika, lies a splendid artificial waterfall that lures in inquisitive children with ease. The waterfall brings into being a tranquil lake over which tourists, as well as locals, can stroll and enjoy the fantastic view of the waters below. The summer season attracts several kids to Nirjhar Vatika, with the little ones relishing the opportunity to have a refreshing dip into these serene lake waters. Apart from arrangements for resting, strolling, and picnicking, tourists can also dine at one of the delightful restaurants in the vicinity.

Fun-filled Children Traffic Park

Fun-filled Children Traffic Park:  Things To Do In Zirakpur
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Children Traffic Park is located approximately 9 km away from the beautiful town of Zirakpur. The authorities at this delightful garden impart useful knowledge about the traffic rules to be followed while on the road. Children from all over the city and Punjab come here to learn about the road norms in a fun-loving manner. The highlight of Children Traffic Park is the life-like prototypes of actual traffic signals set up within the vicinity, with youngsters relishing the chance to cycle through the park while following the significant road rules. The rejuvenating atmosphere of Children Traffic Park means that tourists can saunter through lush green pathways regularly. Also, the Traffic Police Cell located in the vicinity helps instill a thorough understanding of traffic norms and accident scanning among students.

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