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Things To Do In Ludhiana

Planning A Trip To Ludhiana? Here's our list of top things to do in Ludhiana

The city of Ludhiana is famous all over the globe as a top manufacturing center of India. Nestled along the rims of River Sutlej, the town has continuously garnered recognition for its remarkable hosiery industry, the memorial war museum, and the age-old relics of the Lodhi regime. Ludhiana has somehow managed to preserve its old-fashioned charm, maintained healthy spirituality, and kept up with the developing times of modern-day India. Some of the exciting activities that tourists can take up when in Ludhiana include venturing on a tiger safari, catching a glimpse of lightning-quick deer at Deer Park, watching a movie at a traditional cinema, or spending an intriguing day at one of the eye-catching museums. Let us take a look at some of these things to do when on a tour of Ludhiana.

Step into Hardy's World Amusement Park

Step into Hardy's World Amusement Park:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Hardy's World Amusement Park perfectly stands en-route to the Ludhiana-Jalandhar Highway of Punjab. Located approximately 7 km away from the central area of Ludhiana, this water park provides tourists with several thrilling rides such as the pendulum, sun & moon, motorcycle, and the roller coaster. Water slides and exciting wave pools thrive across the park's expanse. For those who wish to stay on land, Hardy's World Amusement Park offers other options such as the caterpillar ride, an elevated ride atop a wooden ship, swinging chairs, superbikes, a toy train, hobbling on top of a bull, jamming cars, and horseback merry go round. The water park also hosts a unique aqua pool that caters to the needs of kids, in addition to the spooky horror house and the playful rain dance.

Enthralling Tiger Safari

Enthralling Tiger Safari:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Founded in 1993, Tiger Safari is a serene nature reserve that pulls in crowds of all age categories. Situated on the Grand Trunk Road approximately 6 km away from the city of Ludhiana, Tiger Safari is a splendid picnic junction for locals as well as tourists. As is evident from its name, the park forms a superb rehabilitation and preservation center for the national animal of India, the tiger. It is a stunning sight to watch these magnificent creatures bathe in the water or resting peacefully under the shade of the trees. Other animals that grace the area around Tiger Safari include blackbucks, peacocks, and rabbits. Spread across a 25-acre expanse, the safari park offers visitors with a refreshing breath of fresh air and invigorating wildlife to be amazed about. Apart from the summer season, the stunning flora and fauna of Tiger Safari can be witnessed all around the year.

Visit Nirmal Palace Theatre

Visit Nirmal Palace Theatre:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Nirmal Palace Theatre in Ludhiana offers tourists as well as locals who are Bollywood fanatics with a conventional cinema experience. Even though this cinema maintains its traditional touch, it also boasts of the state-of-the-art seating arrangement, Dolby all-encompassing sound systems, and modern projection systems. The seats at Nirmal Palace are wide-angled and follow authentic ergonomics, offering visitors a great view of the movie screen. Tourists can even opt for a better experience by taking up the balcony seats at the theatre, which provides viewers with a luxurious experience. Nirmal Palace Cinema screens movies in different languages such as English, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Stroll through Museum Of Rural History Of Punjab

Stroll through Museum Of Rural History Of Punjab:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Museum Of Rural History Of Punjab proves to be a delightful tourist spot for those visitors who wish to gain insights into the historical roots of Punjab. Renowned Punjabi, Khushwant Singh, helped commemorate the museum atop the beautiful Punjab Agriculture University's campus in 1974. Museum Of Rural History Of Punjab showcases impressive artwork and other artifacts that depict the incredible cultural heritage of Punjab that has prevailed over the centuries. The museum is surrounded by a splendid 100-yard pathway, while attractive parks and water channels lie along the borders of the museum. Museum Of Rural History Of Punjab also portrays traditional musical instruments, Harappan pottery and coins, and handicrafts woven by the locals.

Venture into Deer Park

Venture into Deer Park:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Situated approximately 20 km away from the central area of Ludhiana, Deer Park is thronged by locals as well as tourists throughout the day. The park is popular among the local inhabitants as a perfect spot for jogging and picnics. Some of the exciting animals that thrive across Deer Park's expanse include porcupine, sambar, rabbits, blackbuck, and spotted deer. Apart from these mammals, feathered friends such as grey partridge, budgerigar, and red-headed parakeet also thrive around Deer Park. People who wish to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset around Ludhiana must make it a point to take a morning stroll through this park. It is a perfect chance to spend time amidst mother nature's beautiful creations.

Attend the High-spirited Rural Olympics of Ludhiana

Attend the High-spirited Rural Olympics of Ludhiana:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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The rural town of Qila Raipur in Ludhiana hosts one of the most offbeat festivals in the whole of Punjab and India, the Rural Olympics. Situated approximately 15 km away from Ludhiana, Qila Raipur commemorates the rural sports festival across its wheat- and mustard-covered expanse in February. The Rural Olympics was inaugurated in 1933 and witnesses all the male inhabitants of the Punjabi families competing in several sports activities. During this sports extravaganza, athletes from all around Ludhiana, other parts of Punjab, and the neighboring states also come in to showcase their proficiency in the sports events of their forte. To go with this, locals also present traditional Punjabi dance forms and folk music to entertain the crowds.

Explore Pavillion Mall

Explore Pavillion Mall:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Bharti Realty Ltd. constructed the Pavillion Mall of Ludhiana close to the heart of the fountain chowk. Spanning a 500,000 sq ft expanse, the mall offers both tourists and locals with ample opportunities to spend leisure time and splendid opportunities to shop their hearts out. Pavillion Mall boasts of more than 100 premium retail units and also comprises a food court that extends over 17,000 sq ft. Apart from these amenities, the mall also hosts a stunning movie theatre that allows visitors to pick and choose between movies showcased at one of its seven screens. Another essential factor that highlights Pavillion Mall's status as one of the famous tourist spots in Ludhiana is that it is one of the selective retail outlets in India that has been given a Gold rating.

Refreshing Nehru Rose Garden

Refreshing Nehru Rose Garden:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Situated right in the central area of the city of Ludhiana,  Nehru Rose Garden spans a whopping 27 acres. As is pretty much evident from its name, this park nurtures approximately 1,600 kinds of roses. It was a breathtaking sight when the water fountains arranged across the extensive lawns light up with radiant colors and zippy music. The Nehru Rose Garden proves apt for fitness freaks thanks to its unusual setup comprising ample space for walking and jogging too. Additionally, the park also boasts of a splendid planetarium at its entry point, a mini zoo, and peaceful boat trips across the artificial pool. These factors help make the Nehru Rose Garden a perfect picnic getaway for all visitors.

Historical Punjab Agriculture University Museum

Historical Punjab Agriculture University Museum:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Punjab Agriculture University Museum is located in the outlying districts of Punjab. The museum showcases several cultural artifacts from the bygone eras of Punjab's rural areas. One such peculiar highlight of the museum's traditional remnants is the way it depicts age-old rural houses of Punjab that are bound by water bodies on either side. Tourists who come to the Punjab Agriculture University Museum get an opportunity to explore the horse farm, cow farm, and goat farm spread across its expanse. The several prototypes resembling small water reservoirs, mountains, and rivers form the famous attractions of the museum. To further engage tourists in the cultural tradition of Punjab, the Punjab Agriculture University Museum also hosts age-old musical instruments such as vanjhili, sarangi, nagara, and tumba.

Walkthrough Phillaur Fort

Walkthrough Phillaur Fort:  Things To Do In Ludhiana
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Phillaur Fort forms a remarkable tourist spot in Ludhiana thanks to its incredible Italian-style architecture. Situated approximately 14 km away from town, this fortress is ideally nestled along the embankments of River Sutlej. Phillaur Fort gets its name from the city where it resides, the town of Phillaur that was also popular as "Phulnagar" in the bygone era. Built by Governor Mokham Chand, under the supervision of the reigning king, the fort has each of its entry points named after towns such as Lahore and Delhi. The towering wall that encompasses the fortress stands at a staggering 4.7 m. One of the prime attractions of Phillaur Fort is the structure called Phillaur Sarai, which was constructed by the great Mughal ruler, Shah Jahan.

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