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Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala

Planning A Trip To Patiala? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Patiala

The one-time princedom of Patiala boasts of firm cultural and historical heritage. Once looked after by Maharaja Narendra Singh of the Jat community, this town was fortified to protect it from invaders. Thanks to this fortification activity, several majestic monuments prevail across Patiala's expanse, whether it may be ancient fortresses or grand royal palaces. Apart from its architectural prowess, Patiala is also known to entertain visitors through its shopping and social hubs. Some of the exciting tourists places of Patiala include busy market areas, magnificent forts, princely houses, and charming cinema houses. Let us walk through the different tourist places to visit when in Patiala.

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Constructed in the 19th century, Sheesh Mahal formed a significant part of the Old Moti Bagh Palace in those days. The striking monument is popular among locals as well as tourists as the "Palace of Mirrors." Sheesh Mahal is studded with several fresco style paintings that were put up under the supervision of Maharaja Narinder Singh. Inside the stunning interiors of the palace, an art gallery showcases royal treasures such as coins, paintings, and intricately carved artwork. One of the many magnificent figurines that grace the premises of Sheesh Mahal include Francis Derwent Wood's 1903 statue of the honorable Queen Victoria. The tranquil lake waters that surround the palace add to its splendid beauty.

Old Quila Mubarak Market

Old Quila Mubarak Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Old Quila Mubarak Market is a vibrant street market of Patiala that offers tourists as well as local inhabitants with a bright collection of traditional accessories. Several stores located along the flanks of the streets provide colorful paranda and nalas. Punjabi women love flaunting their paranda and nala to assert a style statement and raise the beauty quotient. Other fascinating accessories that Old Quila Mubarak Market has on offer include Punjabi Jutti or Punjab-style shoes and traditional bangles. Tourists can pick and choose from a delightful assortment of exquisite ornaments and bright handmade fabrics. This traditional attire can form a remembrance of the cultural fervor tourists experienced on their trip to Patiala when back home.

Bahadurgarh Fort

Bahadurgarh Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Situated approximately 6 km away from the central area of Patiala, Bahadurgarh Fort is a majestic fortress. Built by Nawab Saif Khan, a brave Mughal ruler, during the 16th century, the fort was later revamped by Maharaja Karam Singh in the 18th century. Bahadurgarh Fort is spread across an expanse that spans 2 sq km and encompassed by a moat and two circular walls. The fort received its name in honor of Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur, who spent time at this fortress before moving to Delhi in his final days. The structure comprises an age-old Sikh shrine called Gurdwara Sahib Patshai Nauvin. The interiors of the Sikh temple provide a glance at the beautiful architectural prowess of the Sikh community. Every year, the gurudwara lights up with religious fervor during the festival of Baisakhi.

Qila Mubarak Complex.

Qila Mubarak Complex.:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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The Qila Mubarak Complex lies bang in the middle of Patiala city perched atop a 10-acre dry land. The ambiance around this familial fortress of the Patiala maharajas has an Arabian touch to it with latticed galleries and soaring buttresses. Tourists are allowed to stroll in between the magnificently constructed outer and inner walls. Located approximately 2 km away from the Patiala Bus Stand, Qila Mubarak Complex comprises the prime palace area known as Qila Androon, the Darbar Hall, and the guesthouse that is known as Ran Baas. The architectural design of the complex forms an amalgamation of both Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles. Apart from these features, a section of the Qila Mubarak Complex also contains Gothic style gateways built by the British during their reign over the complex.

Phulkari Punjab Government Emporium

Phulkari Punjab Government Emporium:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Phulkari Punjab Government Emporium is a splendid shopping center for those tourists who wish to return home with traditional Phulkari apparel. Put as is evident from its name, Phulkari resembles a design that fills dupattas and shawls with intricate flowery patterns. This shopping hub is famous for the beautiful assortment of suits prepared using this age-old style of embroidery. Run by the Punjab State Government, Phulkari Emporium pays utmost importance to the quality of the Phulkari dresses they make, with ample measures undertaken to test the material before it is shipped out. Some of these radiant dresses are even brought in from overseas. Tourists can treat themselves by returning from Patiala with a colorful Phulkari dress of their own.

Kali Devi Mandir

Kali Devi Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Kali Devi Mandir is an ancient Hindu shrine that was constructed to honor and worship Maa Kaali. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, a great Sikh ruler, helped build this temple during the 19th century. Ancient folklore narrates that the maharaja built this fort to shield the town from flooding and offered sacrifice to the Goddess every year. The sacred figurine of the Goddess Kaali stands at a staggering height of 6 ft and forms the center of attraction of this temple. The Paawan Jyoti, also famous as the holy fire, is revered by the local inhabitants too. Beautifully constructed out of marble alone, the Kaali Devi Mandir is an architectural masterpiece. Tourists would be taken aback by the impeccable frescoes, stunning murals, and intriguing inscriptions carved upon the walls of this delightful shrine.

Qila Androon

Qila Androon:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Qila Androon can be reached by passing through a grandiose gateway. The compound comprises a staggering set of 10 courtyards across its expanse from north to south. Each of these rooms has a unique size and architectural style. While some of the courtyards may be gigantic, some of them may be as small as a storeroom. It is incredible how the entire Qila consists of these entirely interconnected smaller rooms resembling an organized maze. Each of the courtyards has a distinct name, such as Rang Mahal, Jalau Khana, Chand Mahal, Treasury and Prison, Sheesh Mahal, and Toshakhana. One exciting fact about the Qila Androon is that 10 of the smaller compartments here have been refurbished with mirrors and gilts and incredibly painted frescoes.

Jalau Khana and Sard Khana

Jalau Khana and Sard Khana:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Jalau Khana and Sard Khana previously formed a summer holiday home for the Patiala royal families as well as the British government during their reign over Patiala. Jalau Khana is a fascinating structure that forms an abode for intriguing artifacts that belonged to the royal families that spent their time here over the centuries. The umpteen art galleries here offer tourists with a sneak peek into the cultural heritage of the maharajas and their queens of yore. Sard Khana, on the other hand, accommodates a wind tunnel that facilitates incoming of refreshing breeze into the ground floor of the building. Tourists can also choose to hire a local expert to enlighten them with all the folk tales related to these stunning fortifications.

Chandni Chowk Market

Chandni Chowk Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Chandni Chowk Market is a major shopping hub for the men and women of Patiala. Tourists, as well as locals, can get their hands on traditional Punjabi suits that comprise intricate embroidery. Several stores along the street also provide a wide range of fashion and beauty products. The lanes that host the shops of Chandni Chowk Market are crowded for most parts of the day. Make it a point to be careful with your belongings and travel here in a group to be alert. The bustling streets of Chandni Chowk provide tourists with a short trip into the cultural history of Patiala and the vibrant dressing style of the Punjabis that has prevailed around this city for many decades.

Tagore Cinema

Tagore Cinema:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala
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Tagore Cinema is one of the prime cinema houses in Patiala with a cordial and fun-filled atmosphere to behold. Most of the locals in town prefer watching a movie at this theatre, thanks to its state-of-the-art seating arrangement. Tourists who visit Tagore Cinema can afford to watch movies in extreme comfort, with the recliner seats providing a royal experience. At interval time, tourists can walk off to the beautiful food court here and feast on some appealing delectables on offer, sipping on thirst-quenching beverages at the same time. Feel the cultural fervor of Punjab by watching a Punjabi movie unfold at one of the movie screens of the Tagore Cinema. The theatre showcases Punjabi movies in succession every day.

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