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Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot

Planning A Trip To Pathankot? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Pathankot

Pathankot is a city that is sure to please the hearts of tourists with its cool breeze that is a culmination of the lush green vegetation that prevails here. Flanked by the remarkable Himalayas on one side and the impeccable Shivalik Ranges on another, the town forms a significant convergence for the North Indian states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu And Kashmir, and Punjab. Pathankot is blessed with several tourist places such as tranquil holy shrines, grandeur historical monuments, bustling shopping centers, and peaceful dam areas. While a trip to Laxmi Narayan Mandir could leave visitors taken aback by spiritual glory, a trip to the Shahpurkandi Fort would leave them amazed with architectural brilliance. Let us skim through the different tourist places to visit when on a tour of Pathankot.

Laxmi Narayan Mandir

Laxmi Narayan Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Situated approximately 16 km away from the central hub of Pathankot, Laxmi Narayan Mandir is perfectly nestled amid the Ranjith Sagar Dam colony. This famous shrine of Pathankot pays tribute to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu as its main idols. Apart from the original statues of the principal deities, the temple also houses a gigantic figurine of Lord Hanuman around the quadrangle. Laxmi Narayan Mandir is surrounded by lush greenery and offers devotees with a peaceful atmosphere while offering their prayers to the almighty. The shrine also harbors other well-sculpted idols of Hanumanji, Vishnu, and Laxmi around its entry gates. The splendid palm trees that flank the temple premises create a picturesque environment throughout the shrine area.

Shahpurkandi Fort

Shahpurkandi Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Shahpurkandi Fort is an architectural masterpiece constructed by Jaspal Singh Pathania, a valiant Rajput Chief of yore. Christened after the might Mughal monarch, Shah Jahan, this fortress helped maintain dominance over areas such as Kangra and Nurpur. Shahpurkandi Fort is blessed with natural beauty thanks to its perfect positioning along the low-lying hills of the Himalayas. The fortress also allows tourists to catch an excellent overview of the beautiful River Ravi flowing below. Blessed with detailed carvings and brilliant architecture across its interiors and exteriors, Shahpurkandi Fort is a delightful tourist spot. The remnants of the illustrious Pathania regime that prevailed within this fort centuries ago provide visitors with an intriguing knowledge of Pathankot's rich history.

Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple

Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple is an ancient shrine that forms an abode for revered deities such as Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Hanuman, and Goddess Parvati. Perfectly nestled along the flanks of River Ravi, this temple has religious connections to the epic events from the Mahabharata. It is believed that the Pandavas camped at Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple during one of their refugee escapades. The shrine and the caves within the vicinity are chiseled atop rocky hummocks. One of the eye-catchers around the Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple includes a beautiful marble Shivling branded by a copper yoni. The temple caters to devotees 24 hours a day.

City Center Mall

City Center Mall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Situated around the Gandhi Chowk, City Center Mall forms one of the largest shopping malls in the whole of Pathankot. Comprising several state-of-the-art shops and stores that have been put up by some of the topmost brands around the globe. Some of the exciting items on the shopping list available include beauty, household products, and accessories. City Center Mall also boasts of an in-house theatre named Miraj, where tourists can enjoy Bollywood movies to the fullest. Miraj Theatre offers visitors luxurious seating arrangements and a high-quality sound system. Once done with the movie theatre, tourists can satisfy their hunger pangs by eating some Chinese and South Indian food. Children can also have fun by engaging in some exciting games available at the games arcade.

Nagni Mata Temple

Nagni Mata Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Nagni Mata Temple is a famous shrine that is located approximately 35 km from the heart of Pathankot. This temple pays tribute to the revered Goddess Nagni, who is known as the queen goddess of all the lethal vipers and snakes that dwell within the vicinity. It is believed that a truckload of snakes throngs Nagni Mata Temple during specific periods of the year to worship the goddess. The stunning figurine of Goddess Nagni that graces the temple complex is perfectly nestled inside a sanctum and secretes water from time to time. One of the tourist attractions around the shrine includes a hot water spring that the locals believe remarkably tends to heal even the most poisonous snake bites. Thanks to its beautiful religious spots, Nagni Mata Temple is flooded with devotees all round the year.

Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Kareri Lake is a tranquil water body located at a high altitude within proximity to the Dhauladhar Ranges. Forming a source of fresh water, the lake is perched atop a dizzying height of approximately 2934 meters from the sea level. As Kareri Lake is shallow, tourists can often see the water bed of the lake through the water. The snow that melts from the neighboring ranges brings water to this lake. Apart from its scenic and tranquil surroundings, Kareri Lake also offers tourists with exciting trekking environs around its expanse. The lake goes into a frozen state between December and April. Devotees can also find solace at a nearby hill temple once they are done with their trekking experiences.

Ashapurni Mandir

Ashapurni Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Ashapurni Mandir is an ancient shrine from Pathankot that forms an abode for the revered Mata Ashapurni. Renowned among the local inhabitants as a powerful goddess, Mata Ashapurni is believed to have miraculously fulfilled the needs of one too many devotees. The shrine authorities organize Kanya Poojas daily and attempt to cater to the hunger pangs of all visitors through their free meal offerings. Tourists who visit Ashapurni Mandir during the festival of Navratri are greeted with enthusiastic festivities and prayerful proceedings. The shrine's atmosphere turns refreshing thanks to the reverberating chants of holy mantras across the premises.

A Trip to Ranjit Sagar Dam

A Trip to Ranjit Sagar Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Ranjit Sagar Dam is perfectly nestled atop River Ravi and provides all those who visit with a stunning overview of Pathankot's landscapes. Thanks to the heights that this dam scales, it has received exceptional acclaim as the tallest gravity dam in the whole of Asia. Abundant vegetation and a refreshing atmosphere make the area around Ranjit Sagar Dam a bright picnic spot. Tourists, as well as locals, would love the prospect of getting away from the claustrophobic urban environment and spending a peaceful time in the company of serene Mother Nature. The only sounds that you can hear around the dam are those of the gushing river waters, the pacifying forest breeze, and the regular twittering of the birds.

Kali Mata Ka Mandir

Kali Mata Ka Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pathankot
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Dedicated to the mighty Goddess Durga, Kali Mata Ka Mandir is a beautiful shrine from the city of Pathankot. The temple was built by an affluent local of Pathankot after he received guidance around the construction of the sanctuary from the powerful goddess in subsequent dreams. The original figurine of Goddess Durga is decorated in the traditional Shringar style every day, and the devotees make their devout prayer offerings. Kali Mata Ka Mandir is a sheer sight of beauty during Navratri with thousands of pilgrims coming by to pay their tribute to the goddess. Built through the course of just one year, Kala Mata Ka Mandir also houses other sacred statues of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Hanuman, and the sanctified navagraha.

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