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Things To Do In Kushinagar

Planning A Trip To Kushinagar? Here's our list of top things to do in Kushinagar

Kushinagar is one of the top four Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the world as this is the site where Lord Buddha attained nirvana and finally rested in peace. Kushinagar is visited by many throughout the year, especially during Buddha Purnima, the city sees a lot of Buddhists as well as people from other religions coming together to celebrate this auspicious day. Other than visiting the Buddhist Temples, there are many more things to do in Kushinagar. When you are taking this trip, don’t forget to go to the beautiful parks like the Japanese park and the peaceful meditation centers to calm your mind and get some peace and quiet. Below is a list of activities to indulge in during your trip to this pious city of Kushinagar.

Relax at the Meditation Park

Relax at the Meditation Park:  Things To Do In Kushinagar
Photograph by kushinagaronline.com

Built as an Indo-Japanese project in 1992, the Meditation Park or the Japanese Meditation Park is a garden that was excavated along with the remnants of the Buddha period in Kushinagar. It is a very peaceful place to relax with the most serene surroundings. This park is one of the most beautiful parks in Kushinagar with artificial lakes, a variety of flora sal trees, colourful flowers and a lot more. The park is situated right beside the Mahaparinirvana Temple, where Lord Buddha attained Nirvana. The park’s proximity to the beautiful temple and the serene atmosphere it creates makes it a great place to visit and meditate and be one with nature.

Attain Blessings from Lord Mahavir

Attain Blessings from Lord Mahavir:  Things To Do In Kushinagar
Photograph by samacharnama.com

Pawanagar is a place of great religious significance to both Buddhists and Jains. Located on National Highway 28, Pawanagar is 22 km from Kushinagar. A temple has been constructed in this place to mark occasion that Lord Mahavir left his physical body and attained Nirvana in 543 BC. It is also said that Lord Buddha would accept mushroom meals from his disciple on his way to Kushinagar. Pawanagar and the temple it houses are visited by thousands every year. Diwali and Karthik Purnima are celebrated in the temple in Pawanagar with much zeal and enthusiasm and is one of the best times to visit this town.

Visit the Modern Chinese Temple

Visit the Modern Chinese Temple:  Things To Do In Kushinagar
Photograph by kushinagaronline.com

As you enter the gates of the city, the beautiful Chinese Temple will definitely catch your eyes. It is amongst one of the modern temples in Kushinagar, constructed in a Vietnamese and Chinese style of architecture. This structure also known as the Lin Sun Chinese Temple is quite different from the other temples; the statue of Buddha inside the temple has a Chinese image and is built in Chinese style. Besides this, the temple has models of other significant Buddhist temples Kushinagar, other cities in North India and Nepal. The temple premise also comprises of a school, a Dharma Hall and a meditation hall.

Meditate at Kurukulla Asthan

Meditate at Kurukulla Asthan:  Things To Do In Kushinagar
Photograph by nativeplanet.com

The Kurukulla Asthan is a meditation center that is dedicated to Aadi Shakti, also known as Kurukulla Devi; the first and the original power of the universe. This peaceful place is situated on a bank of a river, inside a thick forest, making it apt for meditation. It is said that this structure was built by Nagarjun on the banks of a river that is 8 km from Kasia Tamukhi road. The Kurukulla Asthan is a popular place for locals as well as tourists who seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here people often come to relax, meditate and regain their peace.

Attain Peace of Mind at Sidhua Asthan

Attain Peace of Mind at Sidhua Asthan:  Things To Do In Kushinagar
Photograph by nativeplanet.com

Sidhua Asthan is a temple located at a place called Siddhanath and is a place where saints attained perfection in their understanding of spiritualism and religion. This is an ashram where you can indulge in meditation and attain some peace of mind. The structure houses temples dedicated to other Gods like Goddess Durga and Hanuman; it also has a yagyashala, a place where prayers are offered over holy fire. The Asthan opens early in the morning by 4 am and people are allowed to get in and meditate. Important festivals are celebrated there with a lot of enthusiasm.

Visit the Sun Temple

Visit the Sun Temple:  Things To Do In Kushinagar
Photograph by kushinagaronline.com

Located 17 km from Kushinagar in the town of Turkpatti is the beautiful Sun Temple. In the ancient times, excavations were carried out and two statues of the Sun God were found, which are now placed inside this temple. These statues are made of black stones by the locals of area during the era of the Gupta dynasty. Later on in 1981, the temple was renovated and opened to the public. If you are visiting, it is said that Mondays and Fridays are the most holy days to visit the temple and attracts a good amount of people coming to see the temple and worship the Sun God.

Worship Lord Shiva at Kuber Asthan

Worship Lord Shiva at Kuber Asthan:  Things To Do In Kushinagar
Photograph by tamkuhionline.in

The God related to wealth and money is Lord Kuber and he was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Hence, he constructed this Asthan and dedicated it to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated 9 km from Padrauna on the Radrauna-Turkpatti road. This Temple is a place where Shivratri and other festivities are celebrated by locals as well as devotees of Lord Shiva visiting from different places. Devotees from all over the country visit the temple during auspicious months to offer water and milk to Shiv Lings that are established inside the temple.

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