Things To Do In Dhamtari

Planning A Trip To Dhamtari? Here's our list of top things to do in Dhamtari

Dhamtari is one of the most visited places in Chhattisgarh due to its lovely range of forests, wildlife sanctuaries with unique creatures, some of the largest dams in the vicinity and so much more. There are several attractions to see when you are in this district, but apart from that there are many things to do in Dhamtari as well; some of them include visiting serene temples that have ancient history related to them, visiting villages that exhibit the local life in the region as well as visiting wildlife sanctuaries that have an array of unique as well as endangered flora and fauna. Let’s look at some of the activities that you can indulge in while you are in Dhamtari.

Attend Aarti at Karbeshwar Mandir

Attend Aarti at Karbeshwar Mandir:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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The Karbeshwar Mandir is located a little far from Dhamtari District in Raipur, but is one of the famous temples around the vicinity. This temple has a shrine of Durga Maa, who is highly respected amongst devotees coming from different cities and different beliefs. The temple has simple architecture with a shrine of Goddess Durga that is adorned in saree and jewellery. Aarti takes place every morning and evenings and this is the best time to visit the temple to get an authentic feel of the place.

Visit Sundarganj Menonnite Church

Visit Sundarganj Menonnite Church:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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Founded in 1900 the Sundarganj Menonnite Church is a famous church in Dhamtari district and is visited by people of different faiths. This church is a part of Mennonite World Conference of India and is a popular attraction in Dhamatari. This is the place where the Bishop resides and overlooks all the happenings of the church. There are about 3500 members of the church who religiously work towards the betterment of the church. If you are looking to visit different religious places, make sure you go to this church to experience something new. The church is well lit during different festivals and is most visited during Christmas.

Feel Religious at Hanuman Mandir

Feel Religious at Hanuman Mandir:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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The Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir in Dhamtari district is a famous hanuman mandir to go to amongst the other ones in the vicinity. The temple is simple and houses an orange coloured idol of Hanuman sitting at the center of the temple. It is said that this is one of the places where Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman spent a good amount of time while they were on exile and hence it is quite significant religiously. You will also find a bug idol of Hanuman inside the temple which is beautifully made. The temples is situated in a hilly area amidst green forests and is a great place to visit for religious purposes as well as being one with nature.

Visit Quaint Villages Nearby

Visit Quaint Villages Nearby:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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Absorb the local culture of the district by visiting some of the most beautiful villages in the vicinity of Dhamtari district. One of the famous villages to visit is Dondki, a village which is quite close to Sitanandi Wildlife Sanctuary. The inhabitants of the village are primarily tribal people who have a different style of living and eating. The villagers are pretty simple in nature and are proud of their history. Their main occupation is agriculture and their economy thrives on this, therefore most people are farmers in the village. Along with this, the women of the village make handicrafts and jewelry that are sold to tourists visiting the village or transported to markets in nearby cities.

Witness Hanuman Idol at Ram Janki Mandir

Witness Hanuman Idol at Ram Janki Mandir:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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The Ram Janki Mandir in Dhamatari district is particularly very famous due to the huge Hanuman mandir that is housed inside the temple. It is said and believed that the Hanuman idol in the temple grows every year and was quite small when it was first brought inside the temple, but now it is quite huge. People flock to this temple in order to see the miracle with their own eyes and seek the blessing of the almighty as well. This temple is located on Dev Shri Talkies road in Dhamtari district and is easily accessible. The temple itself is quite simple, but once you enter its premises, you will feel a sense of peace.

Go Camping in Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Go Camping in Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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If you’re visiting Dhamtari, you must visit the Sitanadi Wildlife Santuary, which is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in the vicinity. This wildlife region has some of the most unique animals and plants that are native to the region. Going camping in such a place only makes the trip more exciting. You can find help at the reception of the sanctuary and ask for camping facilities. Many a times the sanctuary will give you all the camping supplies like tents, campfire logs etc. This is a good way to be close to nature and do something out of the way with your family. This will appeal to people who want a thrill out of life.

Go on a Safari

Go on a Safari:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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Going on a wildlife safari has always appealed to nature enthusiasts. Even in Dhamtari, you can enjoy a safari in one of the most important sanctuaries of the region, the Sitanadi Wildlife sanctuary. The authorities of the sanctuary will help you and assign you and your family to either a personalized safari or a group safari where you can see animals right in front of you in their natural habitat. It is a different kind of fun to watch these animals, both dangerous and docile in their natural state without disturbing them. The safari is also a great time to do some wildlife photography to keep memories of your trip for later; you can see animals like lions, tiger, barking deer, gharials and a variety of birds too.

See the Traditional Hitali Village

See the Traditional Hitali Village:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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Located in the sub district of Nagri, Hitali village in Dhamtari consists of a population of 427 people. The village is situated in the rural area of the district and has only 103 families living in it. This is a small and most people living in it are dependent on farming for their livelihood. The village is surrounded by greenery and fresh air which is refreshing for anyone coming from the city. When you visit the village, you can enter houses of people who are cooking scrumptious meals that are cooked authentically. You can speak to the villagers to know more about the history and they will tell you stories of the region, which are quite interesting. While the men do farming, females in the village occupy themselves in sewing of handmade clothes, handicrafts and manufacturing jewellery.

Take a Boat ride on Mahanadi River

Take a Boat ride on Mahanadi River:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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Once you are done touring around the entire district and nearby areas, it is time to relax; take a boat ride on the Mahanadi River that passes through the region of Dhamatari to end your trip on a good note. You can find people giving boat rides and to groups or individuals across the river and back to the starting point. It is fun to go this boat ride as you can see a few temples at the ghats; these ghats are best visited early in the morning or late evening during aartis. Get a pious feel on your boat ride as you see priests chanting mantras to the fragrance of incense sticks in the air.

Go Bird Watching

Go Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Dhamtari
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If you are an avid bird watcher and observer, head over to the Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary to watch different species of birds. The Sitanadi Sanctuary has been named after the Sitanadi River that passes close by to it and this is the spot where all the birds flock. It is said that there are more than 125 species of birds in that sanctuary, both native as well as migratory birds that come in for breeding purposes especially in the winter time. If you are lucky, you can spot the Green Munia Amandava Formosa which is quite rare to see. Along with it, you can see many other endangered species of birds as well.

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