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Things To Do In Bankura

Planning A Trip To Bankura? Here's our list of top things to do in Bankura

Bankura in West Bengal is a fascinating tourist destination that has much to offer its travelers. One comes across some absolutely stunning architectural monuments and temples, terracotta sculptures and natural beauty here. From making a customery visit to the temples to trekking and hiking up the hills or having a picnic on the banks of a river, there are lots one can do in Bankura and the neighboring towns and villages. Tourists can indulge in shopping as there are many handicrafts and saree that are locally made and make beautiful souvenirs. Let us take a quick look at the things tourists can indulge in while they are in Bankura.

Hiking in Susunia Hill

Hiking in Susunia Hill:  Things To Do In Bankura
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Susunia is a 1500 feet hill in the north-western part of Bankura. Covered with rich flora, fauna, towering trees and medicinal plants, the hill is a popular destination for hikers and trekkers. It is a beautiful trekking trail and reaching the top of the hill can be quite exhausting but refreshing experience at the same time. So when in Susunia, if you are up to it, give trekking a shot and come back loaded with memories. The view from atop the hill is a sight to behold.

Trekking in Biharinath Hill

Trekking in Biharinath Hill:  Things To Do In Bankura
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Biharinath Hill in Bankura is the tallest hill in sub-Himalayan region of the state. It lies between the Purulia hills and Damodar River and a favored spot for trekking among enthusiastic trekkers. This hill also boasts of rich flora and fauna and the green cover is extremely enviable. Here trekkers will come across blooming Palash and Shimul flowers that are not found everywhere and it looks magical.

Visiting Joyrambati

Visiting Joyrambati:  Things To Do In Bankura
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For those living in Bengal, Joyrambati needs little introduction. It is the birth place of Sree Ma Sarada Devi, wife of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. The devotees of the Holy Mother flock to this village all through the year to pay their homage. There is a Matrimandir that is dedicated to her where she is worshipped. When in Bankura, a visit to Joyrambati is recommended, to up your knowledge in history as well as local culture.

Exploring the Gems of Bishnupur

Exploring the Gems of Bishnupur:  Things To Do In Bankura
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Bishnupur is extremely popular among tourists for the stunning terracotta temples that the place boasts of. The artistic excellence and skill that is reflected in these sculptures is breathtaking. They are among the best in the country. Apart from the numerous temples tourists will find terracotta artifacts and jewellery that is made here. Apart from terracotta works, Bishnupur is famous of Baluchari sarees that are woven here.

Visiting Second Largest Dam in the Country

Visiting Second Largest Dam in the Country:  Things To Do In Bankura
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If you want to feast your eyes on the stunning dam and the surrounding scenic beauty, visit Mukutmonipur. Lying at the confluence of rivers Kumari and Kangsabati, Mukutmonipur is a popular destination for tourists visiting Bankura. The Kangsabati River originates in the Chota Nagpur Plateau in West Bengal and flows through Purulia, Paschim Medinipur and Bankura and final empties int Bay of Bengal from Mulutmonipur. The dam is the second largest earthen dam in the country. There is an 11 km long road over the dam which has a small hill, Pareshnath hill. There are many Jain and Hindu deities found scattered in the open.

Touring the Famous Terracotta Temples

Touring the Famous Terracotta Temples:  Things To Do In Bankura
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Bankura is most popular for fabulous ornamental terracotta temples that are found here. The intrinsic works, the craftsmanship is noteworthy. When visiting Bankura, one of the first things to do is go temple hopping not so much for religious reasons as for architectural and artistic reasons. Madanmohan Temple, Lalji temple, Jorbangla temple to name some of the most popular temples one comes across here.

Go Picnicking in Jhilimili

Go Picnicking in Jhilimili:  Things To Do In Bankura
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Want to spend time out in the open surrounded by nature then go picnicking in Jhilimili, also known as ‘Darjeeling of South Bengal.’ A 70 km drive from Bankura will take tourists to an amazing place complete with hillocks, dense forests and Kangsabati River flowing through it. The natural beauty is intoxicating and the banks of the river are a popular picnic spot for tourists.

Eating in Bankura

Eating in Bankura:  Things To Do In Bankura
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Tourists will not find any fancy restaurants or fine dining options here. The restaurants here are basic offering delicious Bengali food. There may be some eateries where one may find North Indian dishes but they are rare and don't serve the most authentic North Indian food. Bankura is famous for sweets like Mecha Sandesh and Pera. If you are feeling adventurous you could try their local alcoholic drink Mahua, which is very popular around the region.

Shopping in Bankura

Shopping in Bankura:  Things To Do In Bankura
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Shopping in Bankura is an experience and you will come across some beautiful stuff to take back home. You must pick up those lovely terracotta jewellery pieces and artefacts that are easily available across Bankura. There are many wooden and terracotta decorative items that you can get for your homes. The most popular are horse statues. Dokra works, bamboo handicrafts and stone carvings are very famous around here. Bishnupur is also famous for Baluchari sarees that are woven here in Bankura. They come in beautiful designs and bright colours, and you must pick one up before leaving.

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