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Saputara Weather And Best Time To Visit Saputara

Planning A Trip To Saputara? Here's a snapshot of Saputara weather and the best time to visit Saputara

Saputara is an unspoilt, charming little hill town that offers a pleasant weather through the year, come summer, monsoon or winter. The hill station has a plethora of charming nature spots be it the waterfalls, little lakes and lush verdant forests that are endearing no matter what the season be.


Summers are moderately hot, while monsoons are lush and green, and winter the best of all seasons, is cool and pleasant and is considered the most ideal season for a trip to Saputara. But the other seasons do not fall behind, for the hill station celebrates every season with a lively and merry festival of culture and adventure. Read on to check out the best season that Saputara has to offer.

Summer (March - May)

Summer (March - May):  Saputara Weather And Best Time To Visit Saputara
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In spite of being a hot season, Saputara is moderately warm when compared to the plains. And you have tourists heading to the little hill station during summer vacation. The temperature averages about 32°C and you might not feel the heat oppressive, considering that there are charming places like the Sunset Point, Rose Garden, Saputara Lake and Gira Falls that you might enjoy visiting during summer.


Summer holds a special treat to the tourists with the colorful Dang Darbar, a tribal festival celebrated by the Kumbis, Gamits and Warlis of Ahwa region of the Saputara Hills in Dang district, completed with tribal dances and traditional feasts. If you are visiting Saputara about March or April, do not miss joining in the Dang Darbar. Summer is off season and you could enjoy the solitude.

Monsoon (June - September)

Monsoon (June - September):  Saputara Weather And Best Time To Visit Saputara
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Monsoon showers turn the region a lush and luxurious green. If you love to enjoy a holiday in the monsoon in the midst of virgin nature, Saputara is just the place for you. The showers are quite moderate in July and August, and is reasonably rainy though humid, the rest of the monsoon months.


What adds joy to the beautiful seasons at Saputara is the Saputara Monsoon Festival organized by the Gujarat government of tourism. You could participate in a variety of cultural events and go off on organized trekking trails or indulge in water sports that are bound to make the monsoon at Saputara a memorable one. Keep an umbrella or raincoat handy.

Winter (October - February)

Winter (October - February):  Saputara Weather And Best Time To Visit Saputara
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Winter has a beautiful unhindered charm as far as the seasons go in Saputara. The days are warm with the temperature ranging about 31°C, but the nights could be cold and you might want to carry suitable winter wear for the nights. Winters are the ideal months for a variety of adventurous sports like parasailing or kayaking as well as go karting or bike riding.


Check out the popular Paragliding Festival of Saputara that attracts tourists and adventurists to the hill station in December or January. Winter’s the best time to go off on a bird watching adventure. Places like the wild tribal regions of Dang and the Purna and Vansda National Parks abound with a variety of birds migrating in for winter.

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