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Porbandar Weather And Best Time To Visit Porbandar

Planning A Trip To Porbandar? Here's a snapshot of Porbandar weather and the best time to visit Porbandar

The climate of Porbandar is pretty moderate. The city lies beside the Arabian sea and so it experiences a temperate climate because of its location. The good thing about Porbandar’s weather is that the climate hardly gets any extreme. As the city is harbored on the coastal lines of Gujarat, the place remains suitable for holidaying almost throughout the year. The interior regions of the city have a moderate temperature whereas the areas surrounding the coastline are a little humid. Except for the summer, the weather in the city remains quite gentle and makes for good time to visit Porbandar

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Porbandar Weather And Best Time To Visit Porbandar
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The summer season in the whole of India is known for being extreme. Therefore, Porbandar has hot summers as well. Interestingly, it is the only time of the year when the temperature is extreme. Else, the remaining 8-9 months are pretty good for traveling. The summer season generally starts from the month of March and spans till the end of June. March is still good but the temperature increases from April and it gets really hot here in May and June. The temperature often touches the 40 mark. However, due to school and college vacation time, many people still visit the place. So if you’re one of those, ensure to fill your bags with light clothes.


Temperature range: A minimum of 26 °C and a maximum 40 °C

Monsoon (July - October)

Monsoon (July - October):  Porbandar Weather And Best Time To Visit Porbandar
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The monsoon season in Porbandar starts from July and continues till September and October. Porbandar receives rainfall through the south-west monsoon which is unpredictable in nature as often it rains heavily on some days, while it’s completely dry for weeks. But when it rains, it rains really heavily with strong winds and thunderstorms occasionally because of it being near to the Arabian sea. Nevertheless, the climate doesn’t get extreme and therefore, a trip can be planned during this time. Generally, July and August are the two months when it rains heavily. So plan a trip accordingly and ensure you have read the weather forecast.


Temperature range: A minimum of 24 °C and maximum 30 °C

Winter (November - February)

Winter (November - February):  Porbandar Weather And Best Time To Visit Porbandar
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The most pleasant time of the year starts from the month of November and lasts till February and early March. This is indeed the most favorable time to explore this glorious city. You surely going to enjoy being here at this time. The winters aren’t too cold so it isn’t that extreme, unlike some other parts of Gujarat. The beautiful weather blends brilliantly with the city’s offering. Shopping, eating, visiting places, taking selfies and group pictures, simply an ideal time for a stay. 


Temperature range: A minimum of 10 °C and a maximum 24 °C

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