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Things To Do In Porbandar

Planning A Trip To Porbandar? Here's our list of top things to do in Porbandar

The white city of Porbandar attracts thousands of travelers every year. Being famous as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, this city flatters the heart of every globetrotter and leaves no room to ask for more. This is a perfect destination for spending amazing times with family, kids, and friends. Filled with numerous temples and equally well complemented by serene beaches and stunning architecture, a trip to Porbandar will be an experience of a lifetime. It's a remarkable tourist destination for people who love history, ancient architectures, craftsmanship, shopping, and eating.


From a dozen things that you can do here, attending the Madhavrai Fair celebrated in March/ April, along the coast at Madhavpur near Porbandar, should not be missed. Below we present a brief overview of other things that you can do in the city.

Experience the Beauty of Ghumli

Experience the Beauty of Ghumli:  Things To Do In Porbandar
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Ghumli’s picturesque beauty is the talk of the town, amongst visitors and locals who look forward to spending a good time with the ancient architecture. The astonishing part of these age-old creations is that they are still intact. When you get here, you will wonder how these structures managed to remain intact for decades and centuries. While you are here, do not forget to stop at some of the popular temples including Navlakha Temple, Vindhyavasini Temple, Ashapura Temple, and Ghumli Ganesh Temple. Then, you come to the prime attraction of this place that is the Jetha and Vikia stepwells. For those who seek adventure, a trek in the wildlife sanctuary to spot some wildlife animals is a great idea.

Sight Rare Species at the Bird Sanctuary

Sight Rare Species at the Bird Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Porbandar
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The smallest bird sanctuary of Gujarat is in Porbandar which is home to over 150 species of birds. Moreover, it is the only bird sanctuary in India where human and nature creates a unique atmosphere. This bird conservation is spread across in a small area of 1 sq km and houses a lake that attracts thousands of migratory birds such as pelicans, avocets, spoonbills, jacanas, whistling teals and many more. This offers a unique opportunity for bird lovers and others to click some amazing pics of birds in action. So include visiting the Porbandar Bird Sanctuary in your things-to-do list.

Explore the Madhavpur Beach

Explore the Madhavpur Beach:  Things To Do In Porbandar
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At about 40 km from the Porbandar city center and after driving for some 45-50 minutes, you come to Madhavpur. It’s a small but culturally important village in the state of Gujarat lying along the seashore. The beach here offers a superb and peaceful view of nature. The shacks at the beach offer cold drinks and coconut water. Also, a camel ride is another thing that a lot of people like doing here. It is suggested to carry your food because the place is not much commercialized and so no restaurants are available nearby. The seawater runs deep and getting deeper into the water is not recommended as there are no lifeguards. This beach was filmed for shooting a Maruti Ciaz commercial lead by Ranvir Singh. Also, try visiting this place during the sunset to a scenic view of the sun hiding in the sea.

Relish the Sudama-Krishna Friendship

Relish the Sudama-Krishna Friendship:  Things To Do In Porbandar
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We all know that Porbandar is the place where Mahatma Gandhi was born. And as per Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Krishna’s childhood friend Sudama was also born here. This temple is dedicated to Sudama and the idols inside the temples will remind you of history’s greatest non-materialistic friendship between Sudama and Lord Krishna. This temple is also the oldest temple in the city and the maze which is located inside the temple premises is quite interesting.


It is said that if you can pass through the maze, all your sins will be wiped off and you will attain moksha. The surrounding of the temple and the premises is decently maintained and it’s very peaceful. You can spend hours sitting in the garden and premises peacefully. Overall, this is a must-visit place for anyone who happens to visit Porbandar.

Pay a Holy Visit to Khimeshwar Temple

Pay a Holy Visit to Khimeshwar Temple:  Things To Do In Porbandar
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The historic Khimeshwar Temple is a dedication to Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati. It is said to be 1600 years old and is situated on the Porbandar-Dwarka highway, near the Kuchhdi village. It is believed that during Mahabharata times, the Pandavas stayed here for a while when they were on their journey of vanvaas. Here they performed the rituals and worshipped Shiva. Therefore, this place became a holy spot and a temple was constructed as a memorial. The area is very peaceful and the sweet sound of birds can relax any weary soul, mind, and body. To add to this, there’s also a beach to enhance the beauty of this temple. The beach is very clean and well-maintained. So this temple is worth a visit.

Admire the Beauty of City’s Hidden Gems

Admire the Beauty of City’s Hidden Gems:  Things To Do In Porbandar
Photograph by www.guidetogo.in

The European styled mansion that sprawls with a large garden at the edge of the sea, Huzoor Palace is the crown of the town. With several wings in a zigzag formation with gardens and fountains, the palace was built by Rana Natwarsinji in the 20th century. The palace has a very modern structure, crowned by trussed timber roofs and balustraded terraces offer a stunning view. The family of the Maharaja still resides here so entry for outsiders is prohibited. The palace also offers a stunning view of the beach and the sea. A short walk from the Huzoor Palace will lead you to Daria Rajmahal. It has a unique style of architecture that resembles a seamless blend of Indian, Arabic, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture. Nothing remains of the Darbar hall now. Nevertheless, the place still looks fabulous and is now turned into a college. 

Shop Colorful Fabrics and Artisanal Jewelry

Shop Colorful Fabrics and Artisanal Jewelry:  Things To Do In Porbandar
Photograph by k6u8v6y8.stackpathcdn.com

This section is for shopaholics. It is rightly said that no trip is complete without shopping. So let’s discuss what Porbandar offers for shopaholics. The authentic and colorful bazaar or the markets of the city can be compared with any best market of Gujarat, be it, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, or Surat.


The city’s local markets offer a wide variety of cotton fabrics and all the Gujarati styled, traditional items that you always wished to buy. From bandhani to colorful sarees, skirts, suits, Gharcholu, and odhani, the list of items to buy can go on and on. Apart from that, legit Gold, Silver, Kundan, and Jadau jewelry are also available at the display for buyers. They are beautifully designed and ladies can spend hours searching for what’s best to buy. Besides, you will also find great deals while buying electronic products. You can also shop at the malls for branded items. But the excitement of shopping at the local bazaar and the variety of available items simply cannot be compared with anything. So roam around in the market and see what all you can fill your bags with to your way back home as souvenirs.

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