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Nice Weather And Best Time To Visit Nice

Planning A Trip To Nice? Here's a snapshot of Nice weather and the best time to visit Nice

Nice is a glamorous yet elegantly simple city located along the south-eastern coast of France. Situated by the Mediterranean Sea, it is part of the French Riviera and a well-frequented holiday destination among Europeans. With the rising popularity of French vacations among Indians as well, Nice features as one of the top summer destinations to holiday in.


There was a time when Nice was typically seen as only a winter destination when tourists from colder cities would arrive to escape from the bleakness of their own winters. But today, the warm Mediterranean weather of Nice has gained worldwide recognition where visitors can enjoy the attractions of the city almost all year long. Whether you are an art lover or a shopping enthusiast; a foodie or an adventure junkie; there is so much to explore in Nice that people of all ages and from all backgrounds will find themselves coming back for more after their first trip to this evergreen city. Here is an account of some of the best times to visit Nice.

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August):  Nice Weather And Best Time To Visit Nice
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Unlike Indian summers, the summers in Nice are generally warm and one of the busiest tourist seasons in the year. The average temperature highs are around 27⁰C with lows in the range of 20⁰C. If you are looking to work on your tan this is the best time to head to the beach and enjoy the sunny weather. During the evenings, the north winds blowing over the Mediterranean Sea can turn the weather slightly chilly even in summers, so it is advised to pack extra layers. The only downside to visiting in summers is that since it is one of the peak seasons, tourists can expect competitive rates in all establishments; whether they are hotels or restaurants. The beaches are also quite crowded and if you prefer a vacation in solitude, it is best to avoid visiting during the summer season.

Autumn (September – November)

Autumn (September – November):  Nice Weather And Best Time To Visit Nice
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September is one of the best months to visit Nice. The peak summer season starts to recede and the weather begins to cool down, yet remains warm enough to enjoy the beaches. Majority of the tourists have retreated from the city by now and the accommodations become comparatively cheaper as well. Autumns are also the rainiest season in Nice with temperatures that range around 15⁰C - 20⁰C on an average. The rest of the season remains sunny and warm till around November; this is when the temperature starts to dip considerably with frequent rains, marking the end of tourist season in Nice.

Winter (December – February)

Winter (December – February):  Nice Weather And Best Time To Visit Nice
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With cold days and even cooler nights, winters in Nice get quite chilly with temperatures ranging between 5⁰C - 13⁰C. The overall weather still remains mild enough to enjoy sightseeing during the day, although visiting the beaches might not be a very good option during the winters. Rains are quite common in this season as well, although they are less frequent than during the autumns; snowfall may be seen once every few years. Tourist crowds are minimal during winters and if you want to escape the busy months and peak rates in all commercial establishments, winters can be a good time to visit as well.

Spring (March – May)

Spring (March – May):  Nice Weather And Best Time To Visit Nice
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The early days of March are still recuperating from the chill of winters when spring sets in sometime in the latter half of the month. When spring season is at its peak, the city takes on a striking and lush appearance with greenery that stretches far and wide. Usually much drier than the autumn season, the weather in spring is predominantly temperate that makes for a great vacation period. The city prices are relatively more manageable as well, but as May begins to arrive the hordes of tourists start arriving too; it is advised to avoid the month of May if you are looking to avoid the crowds.

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