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Antibes Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Antibes? Here's a detailed Antibes tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
19.6° C / 67.2° F
Current Conditions:
Clear Sky
Best Months To Visit:
May to September
Recommended Duration:
1 to 2 Days
Nearest Airport:
Nice Cote d'Azur International Airport (17 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Gare d'Antibes

Antibes is a small seaside resort located in the southeast region of France, in the Alpes-Maritimes department of the French Riviera. The town of Juan-les-Pins is situated close to Antibes and forms a part of the commune, and is a spot that is visited just as much by tourists as is Antibes. Established sometime in the 4th-century as a Greek colony, Antibes was mostly a trading port until it gained popularity around the 19th-century when wealthy nobles from across the continent became drawn to its natural beauty and began building luxury vacation homes here.


Today, the second largest town on the French Riviera is home to the largest marina on the coastline as well; Port Vauban has been attracting large vessels of all kinds from the Roman times. The pricey yachts are a testament to the kind of visitors that frequent this town, while the old town exudes an other-worldly charm that is quite the opposite of Antibes’ fashionable image. To be a part of the flourishing tourism in this town, follow this travel guide to plan your trip to Antibes.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Antibes Tourism And Travel Guide
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By Air:

There are three international airports located close to Antibes. The nearest one is the Nice Cote d’Azur International Airport located around 17 km away, with the Cannes-Mandelieu Airport located a little further at 22 km away. While the Nice Airport services several major airlines from around the world, the Cannes Airport is primarily meant for private jets. The Marseille-Provence Airport is located around 2-hours away from Antibes and can also be used to reach the town via air. All the aforementioned airports have shuttles, buses, taxis and airport transfers available to reach Antibes in a convenient manner.


By Rail:

The local train station, Gare d’Antibes, connects the town to nearby destinations like Nice, Cannes, Marseille etc. The SNCF rail network can be used to get to Antibes from other French cities, while the TGV train is the fastest way to get here from Paris – in about 5 hours. Use the Trenitalia train service if coming in from Italy. Ventimiglia is the first stop in Italy after the French-Italian border.


By Road:

Hitting the road to reach Antibes is most conveniently done either via taxi or local bus services. The roads around the French Riviera are prone to traffic jams so it is best advised to not drive a car into the town.

Weather & Best Time to Visit

Weather & Best Time to Visit:  Antibes Tourism And Travel Guide
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Summer (June – August):

Summer is peak tourist season in Antibes. With average temperatures in the range of 25⁰C-35⁰C and little to no chances of rainfall, the weather is perfect for indulging in water sports and enjoying the town’s beach scene. Be prepared to pay high rates in all hotels and commercial establishments during the busy summers.


Autumn (September – November):

With temperatures hovering around 23⁰C in September, it is still warm enough to enjoy Antibes during the early autumn season as well. While the weather is still great, the peak summer crowds have left by the time autumn arrives, which also brings a drop in the hotel rates making this a great time to visit for people looking to enjoy Antibes in seclusion and on a budget.


Winter (December – February):

The average temperature in winters dips to lows of 10⁰C-4⁰C, which makes this season an unsuitable time to plan a trip to Antibes. Most of the hotels and restaurants remain closed during this time as well due to lack of business. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the only time in winters when there is some amount of activity seen in the streets and markets.


Spring (March – May):

The spring season in Antibes implies mild weather with occasional rainfall. Temperatures begin to rise gradually starting with March and the flora around town bursts back into life after the gloomy winters. If you don’t mind occasional rain and would like to gain the advantage of lesser crowds, spring can be a good time to visit Antibes as well.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Antibes Tourism And Travel Guide
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Stroll through Cap d’Antibes:

Cap d’Antibes is a small piece of land that runs between Antibes and the nearby town Juan-les-Pins. This picturesque region is known for its scenic beauty and numerous seaside hotels where visitors can spend anywhere from a few hours to a few days amongst the Mediterranean coastal beauty. The Thuret Botanical Garden and the La Garoupe Chapel are other attractions of Cap d’Antibes.


Explore Vieille Antibes:

Antibes’ old town is a maze of cobblestone streets and narrow paths that wind through ancient buildings, amazing restaurants and local markets that sell all kinds of fresh produce. Visitors can make use of guided walking tours available on select days of the week and get to know the soul of Antibes through a leisure stroll across the old town.


Visit Picasso Museum:

The Picasso Museum was established in the ancient building Chateau Grimaldi in 1966. The famous artist Picasso had spent six months in the castle in 1946 and created some amazing pieces of art while he was here. He donated a good number of his artworks to the town and after his death, his wife donated some more. Today, the museum holds 245 items of Picasso’s art, apart from additional exhibits that belong to other artists from the 20th and 21st century.

Where to Shop

Where to Shop:  Antibes Tourism And Travel Guide
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Like most other French Riviera resorts, shopping in Antibes is usually associated with luxury boutiques and designer brands. Indulgent shoppers will find ample opportunities to buy expensive clothes, jewellery and shoes in the luxury shops here, but for some real Antibes shopping, head to the old town where you’ll find bookshops and little artisan shops. The markets are also a great place to purchase local produce and even souvenir items that you can carry back home with you.

Where to Eat

Where to Eat:  Antibes Tourism And Travel Guide
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The culinary scene in Antibes includes a wide range of seafood, Michelin-star restaurants and a heady mix of traditional cuisines served with a variety of innovations. Some of the best gourmet eateries here that also boast a Michelin star are Restaurant de Bacon, which is known for its selections of fresh fish; Le Figuier de Saint-Esprit, famous among celebrities as well; and Les Pecheurs, which specialises in grilled Mediterranean fish.


If the ones mentioned above are a little too pricey for your taste, some affordable yet equally brilliant French restaurants that are a must-try in Antibes are Le Rocher, Le Zinc, Le Petit, and Le Vauban. One of the best features of all dining places in this town is the spectacular ambience offered in each restaurant, whether it’s a high-end one or a budget-friendly option.

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